10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying A Ride On Car




Things I wish I knew before buying a ride on car

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Here are all the things that you need to consider before you invest in a kid’s electric ride-on car

  • How to take care of the battery
  • Safety features 
  • Battery voltages 
  • Various sizes 
  • Colors and prices 
  • Imperfections 
  • Cleaning process
  • Product delivery
  • Personalizing license plates 
  • Extended warranties

Before being elaborate it is important to get a notion of a kids’ electric car. If you visit buyer’s guides you can find attractive kid’s electric cars on display.

These are toy cars that your kids enjoy the most if you purchase one for them. These cars run on electricity. If you have a spacious apartment or if there is a spacious backyard adjacent to your house then your kids can have a super fun time riding these toy cars. 

If you have a kid at the house like your child, grandchild, nephew or niece then read this blog as it will help you in your journey of purchasing the best kids electric car. Every buyer wants to know about the item, he or she is investing in.

Therefore, if you are interested to procure kids’ electric cars then you need to know a few important facts about the product that you are buying.

Apart from the electric vehicles, there is available a host of other toys including balance bikes, kids’ bikes, pedal cars, kids’ helmets, pedal cars, skates, skateboards, unicycles, tricycles, scooters, and related equipment.

The following are some of the important points that you need to consider while you are purchasing electric cars from the market for your kid.

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How to take care of the battery that the electric car is using

If you are investing in an electric toy car for your kid then by common sense you can understand that the toy runs on electricity. If that is the scenario then from where can you obtain the electric supply for your toy car. Yes, you guessed it right. You need to use electric batteries to power your toy car. 

If you use electric batteries for your toy car then understand that you need to take good care of the batteries that your electric car is using. Below is a list of how you can take care of the batteries that your electric car is using.

Speaking of batteries make sure you have extra for the parental remote as they rarely come with the AA or AAA batteries needed to power the remote.  Some ride-on cars also need batteries for exterior lights, not all but make sure to check if they do especially if the lighting is on the top of the car.

Things to do after you purchase an electric toy car

Following is a list of things that you need to be doing after you have bought an electric toy car from the market:

  • Understand that the battery and the electric toy car motors are expensive toy parts. Having a larger battery will allow you to do things like ride on the grass.
  • Charge the battery after 24 hours
  • Charge the battery after every 3 weeks. If the battery is not in use for a long time or is securely stored then also don’t forget to charge the battery after every 3 weeks.
  • Inspect the batteries visually monthly to make sure that there is not any leakage or there are not any loose cables.
  • It is recommended not to undercharge the batteries that are used in the electric toy car. This is because if the batteries are undercharged then it shortens the lifetime of the battery.  Also, don’t want to overcharge the battery.
  • It is advised never to store the battery in a cold/damp environment or outside, it is recommended to use storage racks.
  • The kids not be encouraged to ride the electric car if the voltage of the battery drops below a specific value.
  • Purchase batteries for the remote control AA or AAA.
  • Get to know how difficult the assembly of the ride-on car will be.
  • If you plan on modifying the Power Wheels in the future to do things like pulling a tractor it is always recommended starting at 24 volts it will save you a lot of work replacing everything later.

Ultimate Buyers Guide for Ride On Cars
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Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying A Ride On Car


Ride on cars are safe but there are things you need to know to make sure you cover all of your bases.  We already have a full article if you would like to go further into this.  “Are Ride On Cars Safe?

When purchasing some ride on cars come with parental remotes and some do not.  It is recommended you know how the parental remote works.

Different voltages

If you are using electric batteries in an electric toy car then understand that there are numerous types of voltages. There are batteries with 6V, 12V, 24V, and 36V ratings. In this context, it is important to understand that the current that is flowing through a circuit depends on the voltage.

For higher voltage ratings, the current flowing through the toy car circuit board is higher. If you want to understand the differences between the batteries with different voltage ratings then visit relevant websites available online.

In this context, it is important to understand that higher voltage does not imply that the electric toy car is powerful. It does not enhance the power of the toy car vehicle. Then what difference do different voltage batteries make?

If the batteries have a higher voltage rating then those batteries last for a longer duration of time upon full charge. A higher voltage of a battery also determines its effectiveness during the battery lifetime.

The higher the voltage of the battery that is used in the toy car, the more expensive is the toy car. Therefore, if you are using more than 24V in the toy car then that toy car uses two batteries instead of one battery.

The size

If you check out the online store selling toy cars then you will find that the size of the toy cars can be larger than what you may expect. Similarly, the toy car size can be smaller than you think. Therefore, it is very important to check the measurements of the toy car before investing in it.

There are selected websites that furnish the toy car measurements in the product description section. Such data often proves to be immensely helpful for buyers of toy cars.

If you are using toy cars in your house then it is recommended that you first measure the size of the toy in your house, make sure that the toy car fits in your house premises. Also, measure the toy car keeping in view the measurements of your kid. These tips help you to get the best deal for the money.

If you visit an e-commerce website like Amazon and take a look at the toy car models then you can find that car models are having two seats. But if you take a closer look at the car models then you find that there is only one seat in the electric cars.

The different car models have headrests for design purposes. The headrests are non-functional.

If you are looking forward to investing in a 2 seater car model we have a full guide with info like maximum height, maximum age, colors, the number of seats, etc.

Colors and pricing

Many make assumptions that all car models are available in a wide variety of colors and they have the same price. However, this is not the case.

There are many retailers of toy cars, a certain type of colored products don’t sell at all.

There remain chances that few colors like pink, black, white, and blue colored toy cars are the most expensive. The enhanced price of the car does not imply that these toy car models take more cost to manufacture but it is based on the product popularity and supply and demand of the products.

The car finish is not smooth

If you want to purchase toy cars from the market then understand that the car and motorbike bodies have imperfections and that their finish is not as smooth as silk.

People who are interested to invest in toy cars expect that cars have a perfectly smooth body and that there is not a spot or blemish in the car body. However, the reality is different. Toy cars don’t have a silky-smooth finish.

In this context, it is important to understand that toy car bodies are built with plastic. Few industries, toy car manufacturers use plastic that is without post-process. Therefore, in most instances, it is observed that the toy cars don’t have a silky smooth finish.

Cleaning process of toy cars

If you are using toy cars then you know by now that they are manufactured using plastic that is not processed well and this gives rise to imperfections in the car body. Repeated use of toy cars results in the accumulation of dust particles in the imperfections on the car body.

Therefore, one needs to clean the toy cars from time to time so that they can be used for a long period. To clean the toy car water is not used directly on the product.  

It is because the important parts of the car are the motor and they must not get wet during the cleaning process. If the important parts of the toy car like the motor get wet then the longevity of the item is very much diminished.

Water is not directly used to clean the toy cars as the critical components that constitute the toy cars are not waterproof.  Learn more in our article “Can ride on kids cars get wet and stay outdoors?“.

The ideal way to cleanse the toy is to use a wet cloth followed by the use of a dry cloth. The dry cloth gives the toy a shine.

It is also recommended not to polish the toy car using chemicals. This is because certain chemicals could have a corrosive effect, they can be too abrasive or may remove the paintwork of the car body.

Product delivery

Retailers of toy cars often maintain e-commerce websites where they sell products online. The toy cars that are sold have prompt delivery of the products.  Our site concentrates on products that are delivered very fast and often free shipping.  It was fast when I purchased my son this tractor ride-on car!

This is primarily because online retailers often work with the 3rd party courier services to deliver the products to the buyers. The product delivery often depends on factors like the amount of workload present, the number of available drivers, and weather conditions.

Therefore, there are retailers who because of the above-mentioned factors can’t guarantee same-day product delivery. 

However, observations suggest that a majority of the customers who have invested in toy cars get their products delivered on the next day provided the order is placed before 1 pm on the previous day.

The buyers can personalize the toy car license plate

Cars have number plates. On similar grounds, manufacturers of toy cars prefer keeping number plates to lend a more realistic look to the toy car. There are many manufacturers of toy cars. Similarly, there are a host of retailers available.

Not all retailers provide a service to personalize the number plate of the toy car. Those who provide services to personalize the number of plates seek charges.  We have a whole list of accessories at the bottom of this article for you to check out.

Therefore, before purchasing a ride of the toy car the buyer needs to make sure that he or she checks with the retailer whether the service to personalize a number plate is available for free.

Therefore, before purchasing your next ride on make sure that you check with the retailer if the cool service is available with that person.

Car buyers can buy an extended warranty

Often people fail to realize that most retailers can buy an extended battery warranty for the toy car. This is mainly because the batteries that are used are in the toy car are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and if they are it’s 6 months max.

If your battery is not able to charge or recharge within 12 months then by buying a warranty you can get a cover for a battery replacement within 12 months of purchase.

Many retailers of toy cars offer such services as does Amazon. Therefore, if you want to invest in a toy car then you should purchase the warranty just make sure to know the terms and conditions.

Additional features that a toy car has

A toy car manufactured by popular manufacturers has a host of features that make it popular among kids. Most electric ride toy cars come with media players and this implies that the kids taking a ride can also listen to their favorite music while using the toy.

Besides having a media player, a toy car is known to have other attractive features like Bluetooth, radio, USB input, preset sounds, SD card for storage purposes.

Power Wheels are hard to drag and put away. Another cool feature is some Power Wheels even have a lift handle and an extra set of wheels so it is easier at the end of the day.

This article lays out the 10 important things that you require to consider before investing in the toy.

Tips for purchasing toy cars

This blog highlights Things I wish I knew about buying a ride-on car, it highlights some of the tips that you can use to purchase toys. You need to know that several car manufacturers are hugely popular for manufacturing high-quality kids’ toys. Some retailers sell toys to customers.

You can go through the product descriptions, product features, compare them by visiting multiple websites, or just take a quick look at our buyer’s guide that has all these features laid out in a nice table or more in detail later on. 


While you buy a toy for your kid try to make sure if important components of the toy car have a warranty on them and check reviews to see what the majority of buyers are saying about the electric car. 

If you are seeing a very low number of stars that is not a good sign and again I would recommend you to our site where we review the best we can find.

If you get warranty services on the batteries or motor that is used in the toy then it is a plus point.  After having ascertained all the important stuff that is required for a toy car purchase, then your us online and check out the best buyers guide that fits your child’s needs.

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Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying A Ride On Car

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