How does Parental Remote Work on a Kids Electric Car in 2022?




Parental remote work on kids cars

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The way a parental remote work on a kid’s electric car is that it allows parents to safely take over a kid’s car and navigate them, especially a toddler below 3-years. Use a parental remote to take over navigation and prevent a child from driving into dangerous zones.

Today, many kids’ cars have remote control capabilities. You may ask how do parental remote works on kid’s cars? 

Well, a switch on the dashboard allows for the selection between remote and manual modes. 

To activate the parental remote control, one would have to select the remote mode that then automatically overrides manual control of the wheel.

The parental remote control is one of the safety features buyers consider these days in kids’ cars. Parents retain control of the vehicle and their peace of mind, while kids enjoy the ride with guaranteed safety.

But how does the parental remote function work?

Parental remotes on kids’ cars work through radio frequencies.  The feature utilizes universal radio frequencies like many other remote-controlled toys and drones home.  The remote control function is made possible by critical components, including a transmitter, receiver, motors, and a power course.

The transmitter is the RC device that you hold in your hands when controlling the car. This thingamajigger sends radio waves to the receiver.

The receiver is an antenna-on-circuit-board contraption that receives the radio wave signal and activates the motors following the transmitted command. The engines then turn the wheels and steer the car, and that’s where the RF magic comes to life.

The power source is usually a set of battery packs that can be rechargeable or primary cells, which by chemistry and design cannot be recharged. In most cars, the motor designed to be radio-controlled helps in steering.

There is a secondary source of power for locomotion.

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Bluetooth remotes

The second most popular parental remote control system in kids’ electric cars is 2.4 GHz Bluetooth. This is a low micro frequency that falls in the same lot as your garage door openers and car toys.

Some Bluetooth remote controlled cars can be driven to a range of 1 km.

There is less chance of interference when it comes to the Bluetooth remote-controlled function. The technology solves the interference problem by sending out dull signals of about 100 milliwatts.

That limits the range of your kid’s car to about 200 meters while locking out RF transmissions from other devices. You might also appreciate that with Bluetooth controlled cars, you will still have control of the car through obstructions such as walls.

If you are buying two or three electric ride-on cars for your kids, you might want to consider Bluetooth remote control technology. No two cars can interfere with each other thanks to the spread-spectrum frequency hopping technology.

You could have ten or more cars in the playground, and all of them will use randomly selected frequencies, each with a different range.

The transmitters change frequencies 166 times per second, ultimately reducing the chances that two transmitters will be on the same frequency at one time. The same spectrum-hopping technology reduces the risk of interference from mobile phones and toy cars.

If there is any interference on a given frequency, it lasts for only a fraction of a second.

Bluetooth remote control transmitters have the same control functions as RF transmitters. You get buttons for forward, reverse, sideways, and breaking.

These devices are battery-powered, and they automatically establish a connection with the car when you power it on.

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Radiofrequency remotes and parental control

The transmitter device is a parent’s hand is powered mostly by a 9-volt battery. Most cars operate on a 27 MHz frequency, which in other vehicles is 49 MHz.

These are the two pairs mostly allocated to essential consumer use from walkie-talkies to door openers and kids’ cars. Your kid’s car will come with a label that shows the frequency they operate in.

Since the cars and RC toys and gadgets all use the same universal frequencies, there are bound to be radio frequency interferences. You may find that your remote control transmitter device unintentionally controls your neighbor’s kid’s car.

As a possible solution to this problem, some manufacturers utilize both 27 and 49 MHz in the same vehicle. If there are many kid’s cars running on 27 MHz in the playground, you can switch yours to 49MHz for your kid’s safety and your sanity.

From the remote to the car the distance can vary, if you want specifics we have more info here.

How do you remote control your kid’s ride-on car?

Electric cars that feature the remote control configuration, as earlier explained, are easy to control wirelessly. Your transmitter could be the full function controller or a single function controller.

A single-function controller controls the forwards and reverses movements of the car. To stop the car, you have to turn it off by pressing the power button.

On the other hand, the multifunction controller has several controls, including forward and reverse, left and right, forward and right, forward and left, reverse and left and reverse and right. The car stops when you don’t press any buttons on the transmitter device.

Are there alternatives to the radio frequency mechanism in kids’ cars?

Radiofrequency remote control is the most popular design approach that manufacturers use to give parents control over their child’s safety. Nonetheless, some models use Bluetooth and mobile app remote control functionalities. Let’s see how this works.

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RC Ride on cars

SmartPhone remote control

One of the latest ways parents remotely control their kid’s cars is via an app. There are many such apps on Google Play and the Apple store.

Nonetheless, your kid’s car has to come readily configured for this to work, and at the moment of writing this, not many are. How do you know if your Kid’s car has a smartphone remote control function?

Cars that use the app-assisted remote control function will have a picture of a smartphone on the product itself or in the product specs.


Do remotes come with a kid’s ride-on car?

Your kid’s ride-on car comes pre-assembled, and the remote control function is readily configured. The package includes the remote control transmitter and sometimes battery packs.

The only time you would have to be concerned about adding a remote functionality to a kid’s car is perhaps when dealing with old manual models.

So, the first thing to do at the store or when the car gets delivered to you is to check whether it has the right remote control components. Turn it on to see whether the remote function is responsive. From then on, you can follow the product manual to learn how to use it.

Can you put a remote control on power wheels?

Most ride-on kids’ car manufacturers have shifted production to remote-controlled models. Nonetheless, there are still many battery-powered power wheels in the market.

If you have one of these for your kids, you could easily switch it up to remote control. Let’s find out how that is done.

There are many ways to remote control your power wheels, provided you have the right remote control components. Keep in mind that by the end of your project, the sum spent on materials could be more or just about equal to the total cost of a new RC car.

Here is what you need:

· Power wheels batteries
· Screws
· Light switches
· Power Wheels toy car
· Battery holders
· RF transmitter and receiver

Other must-have items for the conversion project include:

· Handsaw
· Soldering Iron
· Wire cutters
· Electric Tape
· Screwdrivers

Step 1: Deconstruct your power wheel

Take it apart, not every part, just parts that may stand in the way; back bars, seats, and windshield. You should be able to access the car’s hardware with ease.

Take off the steering wheel using the hand saw and remove the gas bars and all wires leading to it.

Step 2: Attach the servo to wheels

Remove the battery and the screws on the shifter. Remove the connectors and cut all wires between the toy car and the battery connector.

Move the battery to space under the seat at the back of the vehicle. Next, reconnect one of the wires you cut to the battery connector and then screw the other cable to the servo.

Step 3 Connect the servo to receiver

Connect the servo to the RF receiver to complete the remote control configuration. Before reattaching the battery pack, check to ensure that the remote function can turn on and off.

If you followed the product installation guide, your servo should move right and be easily maneuverable by the remote controller.

Why is my remote control car, not working?

There could be many reasons why your remote-controlled car is not working. First, check your batteries to ensure that they have a charge and that they are rightly positioned.

If you have been using the same batteries for a whole week, the solution to this problem can easily be that you need to get new batteries. Follow the battery replacement guide that comes with your car. 

If it is just the remote that is not working you also want to make sure you put in the AA or AAA batteries.  Once they are properly seated in the remote you will want to pair the remote control to the car.

The other reason may be a loose connection in the control circuit. The remote functionality works when power flows between the receiver and the servo component of the car.

If the wires are disconnected, the signal from your transmitter can not reach the wheels. To solve this problem, you might have to replace the entire circuit board.

It could also be that your remote transmitter gadget is the faulty culprit. If you have another RC car nearby, try working it with the same device. If it doesn’t work, you should get the equipment checked.


Parental remote in a kid’s electric car works via radio frequencies. Some models use blue tooth and app connectivity for this functionality.

It is a critical safety solution, especially for learning and for kids with troubled motor skills.

How does Parental Remote work on a Kids Electric Car in 2020

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