12 Things Power Wheels Come With

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  • Date: July 21, 2022
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Power Wheels come with a car charger and a car battery. Most ride on cars do have fuses though they can be built into the car or battery itself. Things that are optional are governor (two speeds), seat belts, battery indicator, remote control, shocks, radio, and headlights.

Power Wheels. They are the best thing since sliced bread! Okay, so maybe they’re not that great, but I’m going to tell you 12 things Power Wheels come with and why they make life a little easier for parents.

Do Power Wheels Come with Batteries?

Yes, most Power Wheels are battery-powered, so they come with lead-acid accumulators or Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries.

You should charge a new battery for at least 18 hours for the first charge. Charge the battery for 14 hours after each use.

You, however, need to be careful not to overcharge the battery. You should never leave the battery charging for more than 30 hours.

Note, however, that most Power Wheels do not come with remote control batteries. These have to be bought separately.

If you would like to get an extra battery and charger you can find them here.

Do Power Wheels Come with a Charger?

All Power Wheels come with a charger specific to the type of battery. Some chargers have an auto-shut-off feature.

If the battery is fully charged, the charger will switch itself off. You should always read the user manual, so you know how to use your charger.

Do Power Wheels Come Charged?

Most Power Wheels do not come charged, so you need to charge the battery for 18 hours before giving it to your child.

However, some Power Wheels with Lithium-Ion batteries come charged, so you should ask to ensure you are not charging an already charged battery.

In addition, some Power Wheels come partially charged. In this case, you may need to charge the battery for less than 18 hours before using it.

Do Power Wheels have a Governor (Two Speeds)?

Different models of Power Wheels come with different speed options. There are those that have a single-speed option while others have two or three speeds.

While not all Power Wheels come with a governor, most of them have one. The governor is a device that limits the maximum speed.

This is usually handled by a screw called a lock out screw that just needs to be taken out to increase to the faster speed. Read more about lockout screw here.

If your child uses Power Wheels at anything over the regulated speed, it can cause damage to both your child and their toy.

You should always make sure you buy a good brand of Power Wheel with safety as one of its priorities. This will ensure all mechanisms are in place to prevent accidents.

Do Power Wheels have Seat Belts?

Yes and no. Some brands of Power Wheels have seat belts for the safety of your child.

In addition, all Power Wheel drivers need to wear a safety helmet and wrist guards, these are also not included with the purchase of a new toy car.

Before buying a Power Wheels toy, check to ensure it has all the safety features you would expect. Look for a good brand to ensure these features are in place and working properly.

Do Power Wheels Come with a Battery Indicator?

Yes. Some of them do have an indicator to tell you how much charge is left before it goes flat but that’s mainly reserved for the higher end models.

This means they can plan accordingly to the amount of time they have left ont he indicator. Keep track of how long the toy lasts and if it say lasts 60 minutes and the power is down to half way then you know there is 30 minutes left till the fun is over and it’s time to return to the charger.

You can also install a battery indicator yourself as a DIY project.

Do Power Wheels have Fuses?

As noted earlier, most Power Wheels are battery-powered. And as with any electrical system, fuses play a critical role in safety. So, yes, Power Wheels come with built in thermal fuses.

Check with user manuals for information on how fuses work and where they are located within each model of Power Wheel. You should replace the fuse as soon as possible after they have blown, so you don’t run the risk of overheating the motor.

This could be dangerous not only for children but also adults who may come into contact with these parts while the vehicle is switched on.

Do Power Wheels Come with a Remote?

Not all Power Wheels come with remote controls. However, most of the toys, especially those meant for smaller kids, often come with an easy-to-use remote control so that parents can control the speed.

This helps teach children about responsibility as they learn to use a controller and also allows parents to join in with playtime after all, nothing beats racing around together on those long summer days.

Do Power Wheels Come Assembled?

Some Power Wheels come fully assembled, while others need some help from parents to put together. However, most toys are easy enough for parents to assemble quickly.

You might want to check that all the pieces are included in the box before you start the project.

Do Power Wheels Come with a Radio?

Yes. Most of the Power Wheel comes with a radio but some do not. The radio is easy to use and has educational content, and allows your child to play music as they drive the car.

Make sure to check if the radio or music hookup is available in the option you are looking for. Even some of the higher models decide to not include the radio so they can offer other features.

Do Power Wheels Come with Headlights?

While not all Power Wheels toys come with headlights, some do, and this is a great safety feature as it allows your child to drive around even at night. Be sure to check which models come with headlights before buying your toy.

They may also include LED’s on the wheels, under the car and tail lights. You can even DIY LED install if you want a nice side project.

Do Power Wheels have Shocks?

Many of the Power Wheel toys do not have shock absorbers or suspension systems, but some do, and this is essential for a smooth ride on any type of terrain.

This feature also ensures that children are safe as they drive around their neighborhood streets, parks, or even in the backyard at home. Most cars around the $300 and up area start to include shocks.

Check which ones have suspension systems to ensure you get maximum safety features when shopping for new car toys.

What Extra Stuff Do You Need When Buying Power Wheels?

Most Power Wheels come with everything you need though there are a few small things they don’t. If the Power Wheels comes with remote control the majority of the time the batteries are not included.

Most of the time these are AAA batteries.

Other times you may want to buy some stickers and decals for the Power Wheel to enhance the fun.

Safety gear and accessories like air horns, custom license plate, or police outfits[bottom of page] are also other cool things to get to fit the theme of a ride-on car.

Final Thoughts

Power Wheels come with a lot of features aimed at making them realistic and even fun to drive. Check out the model you like and see what comes with it before making your purchase decision.

You also want to ensure the toy has enough safety features so that you give your child the best experience possible. We have the best Power Wheels buyer guides that easily show you if these options are available!

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