Why are Power Wheels Hard to Drag & Put Away

  • By: Kevinsmak
  • Date: January 12, 2023
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Power Wheels are hard to move when the ride-on is not moving because the brakes are on when the gas pedal is not engaged. This causes the vehicle to be dragged with no help from the wheels when put away. Alternatives do have a lift bar and an extra set of small wheels similar to a suitcase on wheels.

You may have noticed when the Power Wheels are done for the day or the battery is completely drained, they are very hard to move. It is usually assumed that most of these would just roll right along as you drag it to put it away in storage.

Well, that’s not how it works. Let’s talk about why and what options you have.

Why are Power Wheels Hard to Move When Not in Use

The majority of all ride-on cars are very hard to move when you want to put them away. Simply put, the wheels will not spin, so it will be harder to pull them when they are done for the day.

I would recommend if there is battery power left, have the child drive it close to where it will be stored till next time. That way, you don’t have to pull it that far.

The reason it is hard to pull is that the brakes are on by default when the gas pedal isn’t pressed. This makes the wheels resist and you are dragging the unit as a whole.

Not to mention most of these toys are between 50 – 70 pounds, so dragging that much weight is not easy.

It is also worth mentioning when you are dragging the Power Wheels this way, there is extra tension on the wheels themselves, and it could damage the motors, especially if moved a great distance. I know this is hard not to do since they do weigh so much. Just keep it in mind. Maybe you can place something that slides under the wheels for less resistance.

Another option is most ride-on cars have 2 motors and they are both on the same side, usually the back. If you can identify where the motors are, try dragging the ride-on car from the opposite side. This will help to not damage them in any way, hence, prolonging the overall life of the car.

Power Wheels that are Easy to Pull & Put Away

There are Power Wheels that are much easier to put away but you will find it mainly in the more expensive models as it is an extra feature that the cheaper ride-on cars will not have. 

There are two things that can be included to help:

Lift Bar – This is where you can grab with your hand so you can pull the car

Extra Small Wheels – There will be extra small wheels similar to a suitcase on wheels.

This makes it much easier to put away as you just grab the lift, and then the wheels on the other side will help move the vehicle along. Some brands may even put this on both sides so you can choose which side you want to drag it from.

How to Store Power Wheels

There are lots of ways to store Power Wheels and it really depends on how long they will be stored. If you are just putting it away for a few days, it’s fine to plug it in till the battery is fully charged, don’t overcharge the battery. Then unplug it and wait for the next use, but if you are storing it for the winter you will want to prepare it correctly and even remove the battery.

We have a full article on how to store Power Wheels that can give you step-by-step instructions to make sure you don’t miss anything.


With this newfound knowledge, you can try to spare your children the ordeal of dragging Power Wheels across the yard by having them drive up to the shed instead. Knowing this can help you avoid putting unnecessary stress on the wheels, which is especially important if the motor is attached to them.

We have so much more about Power Wheels and a great place to start is things I wish I knew about Power Wheels.

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