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Are Ride On Cars Safe?

Yes, they are safe. Fisher-Price spends a lot in research and development to ensure Power Wheels are safe for kids. Some of the safety features include parental remote controls, safety belts, and a spring suspension system. Overall, you have nothing to worry about as long as your child is driving on a flat surface in a safe location.

Are you looking to buy a ride-on a kids’ car? If yes, you would surely come across Power wheels. It is a ride-on car brand that has been around for almost two decades.

Whether you’re going with Power Wheels or any other ride-on car, you would have the question, are kids ride-on cars safe?

We will answer that in more detail.

You need to refrain your children from using them on steep terrain. Some adult supervision is always advisable when your kids are riding these cars. Apart from that, the ride on kid’s cars is safe.

You might be thinking, what about Power wheels in particular?

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Are Power Wheels dangerous?

No, Power wheels are not dangerous. When you check the track record of the past 15 years or so, there has never been an accident. It clearly indicates that these are safe for your kids.

Of course, safety varies from one ride-on car to another. Even if you compare the same models of Power wheels, the safety features can vary from one car to another.

We know that you might be thinking, what safety features are necessary?

We will share with you a list of such safety features below. When buying a ride-on car for your kid, you need to look out for these features.

Safety features for the ride on cars:

Did you know that different ride-on cars come with different safety features?

Most parents are not even aware of the safety features present. Without knowing about the safety features, making an informed decision is not possible. Today, we will share some of the safety features which brands like power wheels and others use to make the ride on cars safe.

• Seat belts:

Whether it is a car for kids or adults, seat belts play a significant role. Simply put, they can protect your kids against any shocks or impact. The mere presence of seat belts can make the ride-on car much safer.

Additionally, you have to look at the comfort, length, and locking mechanism of the seat belts. The seat belt should be comfortable to wear. The length should be adjustable according to your kid.

More importantly, the locking mechanism matters a lot. It will keep the seatbelt in place. If it stimulates the locking mechanism of a standard car seat belt, it is an advantage.

Analyzing the seatbelt available on these few parameters will help you choose the kid’s car with the safest seat belts.  If the seat belts don’t match what you are looking for you can always upgrade the seat belts yourself.

• Spring suspensions system:

You might find an uncanny similarity between the safety features of a ride-on car and that of your actual car. It is because the same features can make the kid’s cars safer as well.

Without considering the suspension system of a ride on a kid’s car, you cannot choose one. The ideal choice should be a spring suspension system.

There are shock absorbers, springs, and linkages that reduce any impact or shocks. With such redundancies, you can be sure that your kids will be completely safe while using such a ride-on car.

Sure enough, you might have to shell out something extra for cars having such a sturdy suspension system, but it is well worth it.

• Parent remote control:

How about taking control of your hands?

No, we’re not asking you to ride with your kids in the cars.

Power Wheels and various other rides on cars come with a parent remote control. The parent remote control is an override mechanism. It allows you to stop the car and control its speed from a distance. 

Of course, your kids will be using the car under your supervision. Having an additional controller in your hand provides an added layer of safety. Not all vehicles come with a remote, you can always add a remote but it is expensive.

With the most ride-on cars in the segment using at least one of these features, you need not worry about safety. These features certainly make these cars safe. 

Here is a list of 10 ride on cars that come with parental remotes and compares all the features so you can spot exactly what you are looking for.

But wait, there’s more!

However, these are not the only tips to follow while buying a safe ride on cars for kids.

We would share some buying tips below, which will allow you to choose the safest ride on cars available.

Safety tips for buying ride on toy cars:

Choosing between different power wheels ride on cars is not that easy. Especially when you do not know the safety tips that you should follow while comparing them.

We will help you with the same so that you can choose the safest power wheels cars for your kids.

1. Choose cars with excellent traction:

As a general rule of thumb, a ride-on car with heavy-duty tires is always preferable. The tires should consist of textured patterns to provide proper traction. The larger the tires, the better it is.

The tires are not only responsible for traction but also for the ride quality. The tires can easily muffle the unevenness of the terrain. When that happens, your kids will experience a much smoother ride. They will not have to worry about jerks or any other kind of shock. 

Therefore, tires with excellent traction and textured pattern can make the ride-on toy cars safer. You should choose one with such tires.

2. Make sure the frame is sturdy:

The frame of the ride-on car is what makes it safer. Without finding out more about the frame quality, choosing a ride-on car is a mistake.

Ideally, the metal frame makes the ride on cars safe. Apart from metal construction, any other frame cannot guarantee the same level of protection.

A metal frame can absorb maximum impact. While the frame might deform a bit but your kids will be entirely safe.

Does that calm your nerves?

To avail of this degree of safety, choose a ride-on car with a metal frame.

3. Choose one with an efficient suspension system:

You cannot be 100% certain that your kids will always use the ride-on car on flat terrain. If the terrain is a new one, it can lead to jerks, shocks, and other such problems. In this case, the suspension system can come to the rescue.

Ride on cars with spring suspension systems and other such efficient systems can reduce the jerks and shocks. An efficient suspension system will help your kids enjoy the experience. As a parent, such a suspension system will give you comfort and confidence.

Before you buy a ride-on car, you cannot ignore checking the suspension system. If you cannot find much information about the suspension system of the ride-on car, it doesn’t have a reliable one. In that case, you can skip that car and go with a more reliable option.

4. Do not forget the seat belts:

We stated above as well, the seat belt plays a crucial role in ride-on cars. While we will not elaborate much on seat belts but you should only buy a ride on a kid’s car if it has seat belts.

5. Go with a car with an ergonomic seat:

Did you have this in mind?

An ergonomic seat plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of your kids. In the absence of an ergonomic seat, already your kids will be in an uncomfortable posture. Any jerks, shocks, or even small collisions can cause an injury.

On the other hand, if the seat is ergonomic and comes with a seatbelt, your kids would be well protected. The proper posture will shield your kids from the impact.

An ergonomic seat adds a lot to the safety of the car. That is why the 5th tip on our list is to always choose a kid’s car with an ergonomic seat.

6. Check the maximum speed before buying:

Jerks, collisions, or injuries, you can avoid all of this just by following this one simple tip.

Do not buy a ride-on car without checking its maximum speed!

You might be thinking, what should be the maximum speed of a ride-on car to ensure safety?

Ideally, it should not be greater than 5 mph to 7 mph. At that speed, jerks, collisions will not cause any damage. When you couple this with the sturdy metal frame tip above, you can ensure proper safety for your kids. 

To better equip you we have a full Power Wheels for different ages guide.

7. Make sure the car can carry the weight of your kid:

Did you know that ride-on cars have a weight limit as well?

Depending on whether such a car can sit 1 or 2, the weight limit can vary. In the case of a sitting capacity of 2, the weight carrying capacity is in the range of 120 LBS to 150 LBS. For a solo ride-on car, the weight carrying capacity can range from 60 LBS to 80 LBS.

Checking this specification is vital. Only when there is a lot of margin between your child’s weight (his/her companion in case of dual capacity) and the maximum weight carrying capacity of the kid’s electric car, should you buy it. Otherwise, you should look out for an option that can handle more weight.

The reason for the same is all the safety features of the car perform according to the textbook only when the weight in the car is lesser than the maximum threshold. So, instead of taking any risk, it is better to ensure that the weight carrying capacity of the ride-on car is much higher than needed.  

We have a full guide on ride-on car weight limit if you would like more information on this.

8. Go with Power Lock brakes:

No discussion about ride-on car safety is complete without taking the brakes into account.

After all, the brakes are responsible for stopping the car. Power lock brakes have a patented braking system. These can allow your kids to stop the car in no time.

When buying any ride-on car or Power wheels, it is advisable to choose one with power lock brakes. If you’re buying some other brand, choosing a car with an equally efficient braking system is a must. Efficient brakes alone can make the car exponentially safer.

These are the safety tips that you should add to while buying a ride-on kid’s car.

9. Equipment:

Due to most Power Wheels only going about 5 MPH most people do not purchase helmets, gloves, or pads for ride-on cars.  That’s not saying you shouldn’t, I think it depends on your situation. 

If you have a faster ride-on car or an area where more than one kid rides on them then a helmet wouldn’t hurt if they run into each other.

Ride-on cars can go fast if you get them for older children commonly the 24V, 36V, and 48V batteries.  When you invest in these types of vehicles for ages 8 and up you should get safety gear for your children. 

Not only that you should check how fast this ride-on goes and compare the speed with local laws in your area to see if there is anything stopping them legally from riding it. 

10. Location:

Where you drive the Power Wheels is very important for safety. Try to avoid areas with pools, sharp hills/cliffs, and any obstructions that the child can run into especially at eye level.

Keep in mind Power Wheels are not allowed on highways and most public roads so it’s best to use them on private property, backyards, parks, and even inside if you have enough room.


With our guide above, choosing the safest Power wheels car or another ride-on car for that matter is easy. It is time to watch your kids enjoy the ride on car experience without having your heart in your mouth. 

Supervising them in Power Wheels should be an enjoyable experience for you as well. When you choose the ride-on car using our guide above, you can have an enjoyable experience along with your kids.  Now that you are well informed it is now time to find the Power Wheels for your child’s age group.

Are ride on cars safe?

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