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Power Wheels Storage Shed

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Power Wheels need storage areas, especially during the wet seasons when a child won’t use them. You can install overhead garage storage racks to hold the toy cars when they are not in use. Overhead garage storage helps parents organize a garage without taking up storage space on the garage floor. 

You can find some heavy-duty overhead garage storage racks that will come in handy in winter. It isn’t a must that you have the storage racks for Power Wheels mounted in your garage. 

You can mount the storage racks on the ceiling of the storage shed you build. The overhead storage racks can add a new level of storage space in the shed.

Make sure the Power Wheels and battery are stored correctly.

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Benefits of Storage Racks for Power Wheels

The most significant benefits of purchasing storage racks for Power Wheels are keeping the garage floor clear and having a dedicated spot to store the toy cars. Many parents have to store Power Wheels on the patio or squeeze the vehicles in the garage.

It becomes a little hectic to maneuver around the toy vehicle during the wet seasons. 

Parents who have 2-3 Power Wheels have toy vehicles taking up valuable space that you need to park your car. All parents can agree that it isn’t fun to wipe the snow off your car every morning because there is no parking space in the garage. 

By buying Power Wheels storage racks, you will have enough space in the garage for your car and the toy cars. Every vehicle stays protected against the weather elements and the possibility of robbery. 

Some people think you can just keep your Power Wheels outside during the cold and wet times. This is really bad for your ride-on car.

Feel free to read more about why you should not keep your kids car outside.

Buyers Guide

It would help if you considered a few factors when purchasing or building storage racks for Power Wheels to ensure you use something that works for you. Here are some of the things you need to check before making a purchase. 

Weight Capacity:

Although most power wheels weigh less than 30LBS without a battery, you should find a rack that has a high weight capacity. Storing 2-3 Power Wheels on a rack for 3-4 months can take its toll on the shelf.

Ensure you go for something with a maximum weight limit of over 200LBS. 


On average, Power Wheels dimensions are roughly 46” L x 30” W x 33” Height for the bigger models. You need a storage rack that is at least 50″ x 32″ x 35″ to be able to store Power Wheels on the rack. 

The length can vary from one manufacturer to the next, and a more extended rack won’t hurt. Overall, it would be best to consider the dimensions before purchasing to ensure the toy car will fit. 


Most parents opt to do the DIY installation when it comes to storage racks for Power Wheels. It would be best to select a product that provides mounting gear and accessories for easy installation.

It will save you a trip to the local hardware to buy the necessary accessories for the installation. 


Most overhead garage storage racks are made of steel and have a powdered paint coating to prevent rusting. Steel or any metal is an excellent choice for parents looking for a permanent storage option for power wheels.

Storage Rack Kits

The most effortless DIY storage shed idea for Power wheels is to purchase overhead garage storage racks and install them. They look great, and they do not take any square footage on your garage floor like standing racks. 

Here are three of the best overhead garage racks for Power Wheels.

1. FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Piece Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Overhead Garage Storage Racks
FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Piece Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Dimensions: 96” x 48” x 40”
Materials: Heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel

The racks have a steel frame and an integrated wire mesh at the base that can hold all types of storage items.

It has a maximum weight load of 600LBS, and you can place several Power Wheels on the two racks. 

You keep your garage floor clear when you use the ceiling racks to store your Power Wheels when not in use. A step-by-step manual with diagrams is included to help users install the racks with ease. 

The frames have clean lines that will match any theme in the garage. You have vertical supports in three areas to ensure that the racks are sturdy. 

All the mounting accessories are available in the package. You can use your drill to install the FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Piece Overhead Garage Storage Racks on your ceiling and stylishly store your Power Wheels.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to assemble
  • Looks great in most garages
  • Mounting instructions aren’t clear

2. SafeRacks – Two 4ft x 8ft Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit

Overhead Garage Storage Racks
SafeRacks – Two 4ft x 8ft Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit

Dimensions: Two Racks 4ft x 8ft
Materials: Alloy Steel

You can install the rack about 12-45 inches from the ceiling, depending on your storage needs. There is plenty of storage space to hold a couple of Power Wheels during long storage. 

The maximum weight limit for the racks is 600LBS, which is impressive. It is an excellent way to store stuff in the garage without having to pack in the driveway. 

Accessories for the rack include rail hooks, deck hooks, and utility hooks so that you can organize other items in the garage. The racks create a storage area that can hold many items that lay around the garage. 

Storage hooks are ideal for bikes, skis, hoses, chairs, tools, and golf bags, among other things. 

You will get all necessary mounting gear like bolts and other knick-knacks in the SafeRacks – Two 4ft x 8ft Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit arrive. They arrive in two separate boxes, and you need to confirm you receive both packages.

Use the instruction manual in the boxes to assemble and mount the storage racks in your garage.

  • Racks are spacious and heavy-duty
  • High maximum weight limit
  • An excellent way to store Power Wheels
  • Easy for one person to assemble
  • They are pricey
  • The instruction manual is unclear

3. FLEXIMOUNTS 3X6 Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead Garage Storage Racks
FLEXIMOUNTS 3X6 Overhead Garage Storage

Dimensions: 72” x 36” x40”
Materials: Heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel

The racks have sturdy steel frames and an integrated mesh at the base to hold your toy cars. It has a maximum weight limit of 450LBS, which can handle several Power Wheels during storage. 

You can store Power Wheels during winter without worrying about the storage rack coming apart after a while. 

The height is adjustable between 22-40 inches. Set the height of the storage rack depending on what you intend to store up there.

It has enough space left on the rack to add storage boxes if you have one Power Wheels vehicle. There is a DIY step-by-step guide for installation if you feel up to it.

All mounting accessories are included in the package. You will be able to assemble and install the FLEXIMOUNTS 3X6 Overhead Garage Storage using tools available in the garage like a drill. 

Overall, you will have a top-quality storage rack for Power Wheels long storage.

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and durable
  • High storage capacity
  • Provides value for money spent
  • Installation instructions are not clear

What Do You Need for the Storage Rack Installations?

You will need a drill and a tape measure for the installation of overhead garage storage racks. Use a tape measure to mark the location of the storage rack before you begin the installation process.

Highlighting where the rack will go ensures that you will install it well when it is straight. Drill with care to not damage your ceiling as you install the storage racks for Power Wheels.

It is essential to note that drilling on the top is different than drilling on the wall. It would help if you had goggles to keep the dust particles away from your eyes as you work.

You can also use a mask to avoid inhaling the dust as you drill. 

All the mounting accessories are in the packages, and you only need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the mounting process.

Alternatively, you can find an installation video online and watch it to get an idea of how to go about the installation.

Are There Storage Rack Alternative Ideas?

If you are handy with the hammer, saw, and drill, you can build wooden shelves to hold your Power Wheels. Timber is a readily available material, and most parents have tools that can build wooden shelves.

You can even request your supplies to pre-cut the wood to the size that you prefer.

Building a wooden storage rack for power wheels allows you to customize the shelves however you see fit. Also, you can create a high wall shelve or a low wooden shelve, depending on what you like.

Additionally, wood can increase the appeal of your garage or your storage shed. 

One of the easiest ways to utilize extra space in the garage is to build stackable shelves that you can use to store Power Wheels. It is a good idea for parents who have multiple power wheels that need an ideal storage location.

Furthermore, you can also use Power Wheel car covers to keep them from getting dirty and wet when stored. We don’t recommend storing them out in the cold but if you have no other options then this is a must.


Most parents want storage racks for Power Wheels because the toy cars can look messy when they lay around the garage. A rack makes it simple to organize the garage and ensures that you have space to park your vehicle. 

A storage area is more critical when you want to store power wheels for longer durations. It takes away toy cars from high traffic areas and ensures that your vehicles are safe while in storage.

Hopefully, you have a good idea of how you will be storing your Power Wheels for extended periods in the storage shade.

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