Can Power Wheels Go On Grass? How to Ride Power Wheels on Grass




Can Power Wheels Go On Grass

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Yes, Power Wheels can go on grass but depending on the landscape different vehicles will be needed. If the grass is flat, dry, and short any vehicle can handle it for a small time but 24 Volt Batteries are recommended especially if the grass is high, wet, or hilly. Having Rubber tires or adding traction will help greatly.

If you know a child who has been asking for a Power Wheels toy, it is important that you consider the terrain where they will be playing with their new toy. Can Power Wheels go on grass?

Best Power Wheels for Grass
Check out our Best Power Wheels for Grass.

Can Power Wheels Go On Grass

Yes, but there are some precautions to take beforehand. The first thing you need to do when you’re going to ride on grass is to make sure that it’s not too high of a lawn.

If there are clumps of dirt or high spots that stick up then this may cause problems for the wheels and motor. 

You may also have wet grass which can cause the wheels to spin if they don’t have traction. Caution on this as Power Wheels are not meant to get wet and can cause damage to the electrical system.

There are tons of Best Power Wheels for Grass on Google and to be honest, the reviews are not that good.

Yes, most will work somewhat on grass for a little while but you need a stronger kids car to keep the fun going as the battery fades out, so please take a look at our list as it will handle even more than just grass but also hills and rough terrain.

A few things to consider about the Power Wheels you are looking at.

Battery Voltage

If the vehicle only has a 6V battery it will have problems with the battery power and speed on a lawn. If you have a 12V battery then this will work better but if it is 18V or even 24V then that would be even better. 

My son has a Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader Ride On and he loves it but our yard has slight bumps and after a few months of playing now the 6V battery can no longer make it up those small bumps basically making the vehicle undrivable.

I’m currently considering modifying the ride-on car or purchasing him another one. [Update] – Tobbi sent us a 12V Jeep and it performs great in our backyard. Tobbi Kids Cars have a huge amount of vehicles that can handle the grass.

Tire Material

If you don’t grip onto the grass, you won’t go. Most people insist on getting Power Wheels that have 4×4 and have rubber wheels for off-road for your yard and this can be great.

However; it is not cheap and not needed if you don’t have rough terrains. 

A great tire hack for Power Wheels is adding rubber to the tires after the fact, keep in mind there has to be enough room in the wheel well for this addition or you may be able to sand it down.

Weight Limit

Always check the weight limit of the Power Wheels for your kids. If they are over or close to the weight capacity of the Power Wheel it will move very slowly or just won’t move at all, on any surface.

It’s a good idea to try to get one with some room from the capacity. That way if they grow more they can still enjoy the toy for more than one season.


The amount of money you spend on Power Wheels is what you get back. You can spend almost a thousand dollars and have a vehicle that is as real as ours.

If you have a high budget I would consider vehicles with rubber wheels as they will handle rough terrain a lot better than plastic. 

For parents who are buying for children and want to spend a reasonable amount of money, I would recommend starting with something like the Fisher-Price Power Wheels that has a 12 Volt battery or if you want to bump it up a 24 Volt battery.

The Brand

For years now everyone classifies all ‘ride on cars’ as ‘Power Wheels’. It is important to know that Power Wheels is a specific brand within the industry. 

They are a subsidiary of Fisher-Price, which has been in business for over 100 years. Fisher-Price was founded by Hermann Wendel and Edith Quimby on November 15th, 1930 when they filed the trademark ‘Power Wheels’.

With that said Power Wheels are a great brand but there are others out there that need to be considered. I have a full list of ride-on vehicles that I put together that will handle grass no problem and you can choose which will be best suited in your yard.

They are all 24V batteries which are important because the more volts there are, typically the more power and speed they have. 

The majority of them also come with speed control so you can turn that down if needed. If you do have a very flat well-cared lawn you can also go with 12V Ride On Cars.

How to Ride Power Wheels on Grass

Once you made sure to get the right Power Wheels for grass. Riding Power Wheels on grass is easy. Just use your hand to test if the grass is wet or not before going any further.

If the grass is not wet the next step is to make sure you fully charged your Power Wheels, if it’s a brand new ride on you have to charge the battery extra the first time.

Now that you are all set make sure the yard is clear of any dangers. That means no cars, sharp objects, or other hazards.

When you are ready to start go ahead and put the Power Wheels in the grass and explain to your son how to go forward, maybe have them get on and push the foot pedal so they can see how it works. 

If the child is too young then you will want to make sure you get a 12V Ride On car with Parental Remote Control, it’s great because you drive for them and they just go along for the ride.

When they are of age and ready to take the next step they will let you know then you can keep the remote by your side in case of a quick stop or turn is needed. 

It’s important to supervise the children when playing with their electric vehicles no matter what age they are. As they get older the vehicles tend to get faster and reach a new maximum speed. 

The majority of 12V and 24V Power Wheels have speeds of 2.5 mph and 5 mph, you can set the Power Wheels to the lower speed till the kids learn the electric ride. Once they get used to the Power Wheels you can change the speed option to 5 mph and they can rediscover the toy all over again and have a lot of fun.

Best Power Wheels for Grass

If you are looking for a list of the best Power Wheels look no further. There are many different models like Power Wheels Dune racer, Power Wheels Jeeps, Power Wheels SUV’s and Power Wheels ATVs. Power Wheels models usually don’t come with seatbelts but you can always install them

We do recommend it as safety features on a Power Wheel are important. You may consider purchasing a helmet for safety. Most say it is not needed but I do think it depends on the speed of the vehicle, location where driving and the motor skills of the kid driving.

The majority of these vehicles will have a spring suspension system and a power lock brake system.

Power Wheels Dune Racer

These Power wheels are for the kids that love to feel like they’re driving a dunes racer. The tires on this vehicle have deep narrow treads and of course, it is orange with black racing stripes, which makes them look fast even when sitting still!

You can easily switch between high speeds or low.

Power Wheels SUV

These Power Wheels are for the kids that love to feel like they’re driving an SUV. The tires on this vehicle are wide and come with deep treads, so it can easily ride over rough terrain without getting stuck!

Power Wheels ATV

These Power Wheels are for the kids that love to feel like they’re driving an ATV. The tires on this vehicle have deep treads and are brown with tan accents, so it also looks great no matter what the terrain is!

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

These power wheels jeep wranglers come in pink for all of those who want something a little more girly for their kids. They have a fun design with different textures and colors, perfect to keep your child interested in riding them!

Will Power Wheels Ruin my Grass?

Yes, Power Wheels can ruin grass but it depends on the power and tire makeup. A 6V Power Wheel will not harm your grass. A 12V or 24V Power Wheels there is more chance it can harm your grass but it will depend on the tires.

If the vehicle has generic plastic wheels you shouldn’t have any issue, however; if you have rubber or pneumatic tires prolonged driving on the same area will rip up the grass leaving only dirt.

For example, the 12V vehicle above with rubber tires in the picture did rip up our grass but mainly when turning and not on the straightaway.

There are also plastic tires that have rubber spikes added for traction. These can also hurt your grass but will take longer than pure rubber or pneumatic tires.

Also, if you add traction on your own this can possibly harm the grass depending on how it was added.

Not All Power Wheels are Made for Grass

With Power Wheels being the brand, not all of them are made for grass. If you follow the buyer’s guides we linked in this article it will make sure you find the right one that can handle it.

Again I would stay away from 6 volt battery and prefer to start with 24 volt battery unless you have a nice flat lawn that is properly groomed.

The manual also says that you should never let kids under the age of six rides on grass or dirt because they have weaker muscles and will often lose control before even getting off a hill! It’s always best to err towards more safety than less when it comes down to making sure your child has fun in their power wheels. 

Purchasing one with remote control will help as long as they can stay secure with seatbelts. Of course, you should always consult the manual for any questions and make sure to keep your power wheels in good condition.


Most of the Power Wheels vehicles that are on the market can go on flat grass for a limited amount of time but it is a big improvement if you at least aim for getting a 12V battery or more for the Power Wheels.

Kids love ride-on toys and they want to go on rough terrains such as dirt, grass, or gravel.

A huge advantage of getting a 24V battery is the Power Wheels will have enough power for future modifications. One of our favorites is to add a hitch to the Power Wheels so they can have a trailer that you can fill with grass or leaves to help dad or mom around the yard.

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