Can Ride On Kids Cars Get Wet and Stay Outdoors? 9 Fixes!




Can Ride On Cars Get Wet

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Can Ride On Kids Car Get Wet And Stay Outside?

Not for long durations. Ideally, ride-on cars should not remain out during wet weather conditions. Electrical components in toy cars can get rust or damaged due to contact with water. Therefore, you should store ride-on cars indoors when the weather turns into rain or snow. 

Kid’s cars have redefined the way kids play. With each generation, ride-on toys have evolved and accommodated top-notch features.

Without compromising on fun and providing an immense learning experience, toy manufacturers have come a long way. 

But still, there are a few questions that people have in their minds about these cool new toys.

Can RC ride on cars get wet? Will it start again after it gets wet?

These were some of the questions that anybody may have in their mind. To be precise, if a ride-on somehow gets wet in the rain, it may work. But, it isn’t recommended.

You need to dry the battery, the compartment, and charge the battery. If that doesn’t work, you have to visit a service provider. Continue reading the article to learn more about that in greater detail.

Ride On Weather

Can you keep the Ride-On Kid’s Car outside?

If you are thinking about storing your kid’s toy car outside your home and in an open space, it is advised not to do so. Even the manufacturer of that toy car won’t recommend you to store the toy outside your home.

If you have a garage it is recommended to use storage racks that keeps the cars up in the air and away from the floor.

Also, you may have seen a powered toy car working even it was buried under snow, though we don’t recommend Power Wheels in snow.

But, the car won’t work for a long time and it will eventually stop. The ride-on toy can become wet by rain and while washing. If somehow the battery comes in contact with water, it may lead to some severe issues. The water can cause the power elements present inside the toy to corrode.

This way, the toy may not indicate any problem after getting wet, but after an interval of time, it will show the damage being done. Hence, during rainy or snowy weather, you need to keep the power toy inside your home or underneath a protecting cover if stored outside the home.

Ride On Rain

Are Ride-on Kid’s Car Waterproof and Stay Outdoors?

Any kind of toy intended for kids is prone to damage. A toy, no matter what it is, will likely malfunction or break at the hands of a kid.

And, kid’s ride-on cars are no exception. However, the ride-on cars are made quite durable, but they are not waterproof.

Almost every part of these toys is made of plastic. Although a small quantity of water may not be able to cause severe damage to the exterior, it can harm the electrical system in the power toy.

The same thing goes with the Power Wheels in snow as well.

While there are plenty of power toys that can withstand snow and perform well, but it is not recommended to operate them under such conditions. Snow can damage the battery along with the exposed wires present in the battery compartment.

Hence, it is not at all recommended to keep the power toy outdoors in wet conditions. All the important components in the vehicle like the electrical system will get affected by running water or snow.

Do you need a car cover?
You’ll need a car cover to keep the car dry. Here is a full guide with multiple options we recommend – Car Cover Buyers Guide.

How can you clean your ride-on without any damage?

Ride-on is battery-operated toys that allow your kids to experience driving at a tender age. And, like all toys, Power Wheels have to be disinfected and cleaned to keep fresh.

Cleaning becomes more important if the vehicle isn’t washed for a prolonged time.

Washing the toy helps to keep them looking new and keeps your kids away from germs. First of all, remove any kind of debris or other objects before cleaning.

Check the storage areas like the trunk where debris may have been stashed away.

Remember that if water gets in contact with the electric system in the ride-on car, it can create bigger problems. Although it is not a good idea, there are some people who use a hosepipe to clean the toy vehicle.

Bear in mind that you need to maintain a dry battery pack.

Take a bucket of warm water and add a little mild dish detergent to get the cleaning done. Take a very small amount of bleach and pour it into the bucket.

Bleach helps to eliminate any kind of mildew or mold. Wash the ride-on toy with hand towels dipped in that soapy water.

Squeeze and twist the towels before washing the toy so that any electrical component underneath the toy doesn’t get soaked with water. Clean all the visible parts of the toy. Fill the bucket with clean water.

Dip the towels and wipe off the soap on the toy.

After that, spray the disinfectant over the surfaces and allow them to dry. Don’t forget to unhook the power toy from the charger before washing it.

What happens when the ride-on car isn’t starting after getting wet from staying outdoors?

If you came to know that your power car is not able to start after getting wet outdoors, you have to follow some procedures. Take the battery out from the battery compartment. 

Pat dry, if there is still moisture on it. Connect the terminals of the battery in the compartment. Charge the battery completely. After that, the vehicle should start. 

If not, you have to perform a detailed analysis and visit the service provider further. You may need to replace the wiring and get an electronic speed controller.

How can you store the ride-on car for your kids?

Buying you are planning to buy a drivable toy car for your kids, you have to find and allot a specific area in your home. This space will be utilized by the toy to store it when your kids aren’t playing with it.

Have an idea of the car you are buying and choose the space that can fit the vehicle with ease.

Remember that some toys are quite big and require plenty of space. You can keep the car in your garage, in the basement, in your kid’s room, or any other place that can protect the toy car from outside elements that can damage the car.

On the flip side, one of the common reasons why some people don’t buy a battery-powered car for their kids is because of the lack of storage space. Not everyone has a garage or convenient place in their homes where they can keep the toys locked away.

Fortunately, you can keep the toys out in the open with safety. You can protect the toy from rain and snowfall by covering it with a tarp outside your home.

However, it is recommended to store the battery in a separate space to prevent it from freezing.

Kid’s ride-on toy car cover

The cover is made from durable polyester material of the highest quality. As such, the cover can protect the kid’s power toy car all year round after being stored.

This cover protects the car from the harmful UV rays of the sun and prevents the stickers, decals, and colors of the vehicle from fading.

This specific cover is designed to fit in almost every toy car. This cover slips on and off the toy car with ease, and there is no need for extra strings.

The elastic hem keeps the cover in a tight position in windy weather. When dirty, the cover could be easily wiped clean.

It is easy to fold and you can easily store it away when not needed for some time. This durable cover fits perfectly on different shaped toy cars from popular brands.

Protect your kid’s expensive ride-on car with a car cover.

What will you do when the ride-on kid’s car gets wet and stops working?

When you find the toy car isn’t working after getting wet while staying outdoors, you can contact your nearest service provider. But, if you like to experiment with new things and get the toy fixed, here are the steps that can help you restore power to the toy car.

1. Analyze if the battery is dead or working

This is the first step you need to consider. It may be likely that the battery is gone. But, batteries are expensive.

That’s why you need to have a good look at the battery and find out whether the battery is working or not before buying a new one.

2. Try with a similar battery 

If you have a battery with a similar voltage, replace it with the wet one. After inserting the battery if the ride-on car starts, it is proved that the battery in the car is dead.

But, you don’t have to throw the battery then and there.  If you need any help with getting a replacement battery, we have a full guide.

Dry the battery along with the charger. Charge the battery for two days in a row and try it again on the toy car. If the result is the same, you need to replace the battery.

3. Test with a voltmeter

To find out whether there is an issue with the battery or charger, a voltmeter is needed.

4. Testing the charger 

Connect the charger to the mains. Keep the voltmeter knob to 20DC. Take the electrodes and interact with the terminals of the charger.

If there is a negative reading, change the electrode terminals.

The reading should be above 6 volts for a 6V charger and over 13 volts for a 12V charger. If the voltmeter indicates lower readings, there might be a problem with the charger, and may need to replace.

5. Testing the battery 

Take the electrodes and interact with the terminals of the battery. Point the terminals properly and when you get a negative reading, flip the electrode.

The reading should be a minimum of 5 volts for a 6V battery.

And, over 10.5 volts for a battery with 12V power. If you find variations in these readings, you need to replace the battery with a new one.

Yet, you can try for another last time before buying a new one by charging the battery for another 2 days straight.

6. Check the parts 

When you find the battery is giving proper readings but still you are not able to start the ride-on car, it is likely that one or more of the vehicle’s parts are not working. You may replace those parts one after another taking into consideration the cost.

If you have another toy car that has similar parts, you may test with them. Or else, you have to buy them one by one.

7. Inspect the foot pack

There may be debris around this part that may have accumulated over time. This can make the toy car function improperly.

You can try cleaning the part. Yet, if the problem still persists, you have to buy a new one to replace it.

8. Inspect the shifter

It comprises two different switches, and they may get damaged through regular wear and tear. Buy a new pair and replace them.

9. Inspect the gearbox

The gearbox is positioned next to the rear wheels, and they are difficult to replace. To get the gearbox, you have to open the entire wheel hub along with the wheel.

Then you will see the gearbox.

Still, having issues?  We have a full guide of Ride-on toy fixes to resolve them.

How to maintain ride-on toy cars

It is pretty common to hear cases where kids destroy expensive toys within a day after receiving them. Because of this, parents need to know certain tips and tricks for maintaining expensive toy cars.

Read the manual 

Since these cars are battery-operated, it is better to know their operation for a smooth performance. The manual contains the dos and don’ts that are very important.

Teach your kid how to operate

You have to guide them in every possible way so that they can operate the toy with convenience. Also, teach them some maintenance tips like how to wash the ride on car.

Take care of the wheels

Regularly check the wheels for balance and safety. If they are worn out, replacing them should be important.

Mind the battery 

Avoid overcharging the battery and keep an eye that it remains safe from water spills. Refer to the manual and observe the recommended actions.

Keep the exterior clean

It is good to clean the car’s body thoroughly at regular intervals. Gently wipe its body with a damp cloth daily.

As the ride on gets older paint will fade, we do recommend updating the vehicle with your child’s favorite color and painting the ride on.


It is recommended not to wet the ride-on kid’s car. And, if you place it outdoors, don’t forget to put a cover on top of it.

Also, while washing the car won’t make use of the hose because it may damage the electrical system. If the car isn’t working, get in touch with a local service provider and get the job done.

Can ride on kids cars get wet

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