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To pair a remote with ride-on cars, start by turning off the toy car. Long press the pairing button for about 3-5 seconds or until an LED light starts flashing. Switch on the vehicle for automatic pairing happens when the LED light stops flashing and steadily. The parental remote control is ready for use.

Many ride-on cars come with parental remotes to allow parents to override manual controls if a child is heading towards danger. Most parental remote controls have a range of 50-100 feet to let parents take over the vehicle from a distance.

The remote control takes away the need for a parent to follow a child all over the backyard when using a ride-on car. 

You can sit at one location with a remote control close to you, watching your child drive around the compound or park. However, many parents have a problem pairing to remote control to a ride-on vehicle for the first time.

This article will tell you how to pair a parental remote control with most ride-on cars in the market.  

Interested in how parental remotes work? We have all the info that explains it easily for you.

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What do You Need to Know?

Most remotes do not come with batteries to run them, and you will have to buy them separately. Some manufacturers provide batteries for remote controls from the factory.

Check the description of a ride-on car package’s contents to see whether the toy car remote comes with batteries. 

The kinds of batteries that parental remote controls use are AAA or AA, depending on the toy car’s brand and model. It is advisable to buy several pairs of batteries and keep spare ones at home just in case the current batteries run out.

Ensure you confirm the sizes that your remote control batteries before you make a purchase. 

Steps to Pairing a Ride on Car Remote Control

Pairing a remote control to a ride-on vehicle is simple, and most instruction manuals include instructions on how to pair remotes. There are a few general rules that you can follow to pair a toy vehicle with various brands.

You can use the methods for Power Wheels, Best Choice, or Costzon ride-on toy vehicles that come with remote control. 

  • Start by turning off the vehicle before attempting to pair it to the remote control. Some models will require you to turn on the car to pair the parental remote. Confirm the state that the vehicle should be in when starting the pairing process. 
  • Press the button to turn on the remote control. Wait until you see a blinking LED light that indicates that the remote control is ready for pairing. 
  • Turn on the electric toy car and press the pairing button. 
  • The LED lights will flash quickly when the pairing is happening. Wait until the LED lights stop flashing and have a steady light. A steady light indicates that the vehicle and car are fully paired and ready for use. 
  • Test the remote control and see how the vehicle responds to your command inputs. Try to go to the left, right, forward, or reverse to see how well the vehicle navigates using the parental remote control. 

It takes a little patience to pair to a remote control for any electric toy vehicle. You have to wait for the pairing button to do its thing.

Don’t forget to test the remote control to see if it works. If it doesn’t work, you can start the process all over again. 

Once you are satisfied that the remote control works, turn it off and store it conveniently until you need it.  It’s also important to make sure you assemble the ride-on car correctly.

Can You Put a Remote Control on Power Wheels?

Most Power Wheels toy cars come with remote controls, but you can add a remote control with a few tweaks to a vehicle without the parental remote control. Several components make up the popular 2.4 GHz parental remote.

You can buy all the parts to create a working remote control system for a ride-on vehicle. 

It will take some technical expertise for the installation, and you can use a few online videos to assist you out with the process. It would help if you had a transmitter, receiver, and a control panel to successfully install a remote control system in power wheels. 

Transmitter and Controller

The parental remote control contains a transmitter and a control panel that assists parents in navigating the vehicle. The transmitter sends signals to the receiver on the course of action that a parent wants to take.

Transmitters send signals that come from the control panel that the parent is using. 

Manufacturers send the controller and transmitter when they are ready for use and do not need to fix anything. 


A receiver gets the message from a transmitter and implements it on the ride-on car. You need to install the receiver on a ride-on car for the remote control to work.

It comes with three plugs that need to be attached to the components of the vehicle. 

One stopper is for power, another goes to the motor, and the last one connects to the dashboard. Plugs help a parent to control the speed and direction of a vehicle from the comfort of their seats. 


Parents can install a remote control on Power Wheels as a DIY project. You may have to do some rewiring and create some space for the receiver.

Also, buy some new plugs to attach any wires that you reroute to keep everything clean. 

Start by determining the best location for the receiver under the hood. You can create a little box to keep the receiver in place when the vehicle is in motion.

Also, check whether the car’s hood closes well after the installation to prevent any cause for damage.

What is a Universal Spare Remote Control?

A universal remote control is compatible with most of the models for ride-on toy vehicles available. It is a good option for any parent who has lost the original remote for an electric car and looking for a replacement.

You need to check whether your toy car model is compatible with the remote before using it. 

Universal parental remote controls are available in most online stores like Amazon or Walmart.  You can take the child’s ride-on to a garage and have an expert install the remote control system into them for a fee.

Experts in electric toy cars can recommend the best remote control spares to use and the right place to buy them. 

You won’t experience any problems with the parental controls because the installation is done right from the get-go. 

Why Doesn’t a Remote Control for Ride-on Car not Work?

Most of the time, a remote control won’t work because the batteries are dead. You need to buy spares and keep them in the house for emergencies.

Also, it may not work because it is not paired with the ride-on car. 

Take time to pair to remote control before trying to navigate your child’s toy car. Another reason why your remote may not be working may be because it is broken.

It would be best if you found a replacement when it is no longer working.

Can I Get a Replacement Remote Ride-on Car?

Yes, you can. Many electric toy car manufacturers make replacement parental remote controls as part of spare parts. You can find a replacement remote control on the manufacturer’s websites.

You can search for a replacement remote depending on the electric car model that your little one uses. 


It takes a short while to pair remote controls with electric cars. You need to pair a remote to an electric toy vehicle if you want to override the manual mode whenever your child is in danger.

Moreover, parents can install a remote control for ride-on cars that do not come with one. 

You can do the installation as a DIY project or hire an expert to do the installation on your behalf. You can find videos on how to pair remote controls to toy vehicles depending on the model and vehicle brand. 

Our YouTube channel will also have feature videos on everything you need. Always test the remote controls before using them when your child is in the toy vehicle. 

Pair to Remote Control

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