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How Much Do Power Wheels Cost

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When purchasing Power Wheels the cost you should expect to pay is $200-$1,000 for Power Wheels depending on various factors. Most Power Wheels toy cars range between $300 and $500, the larger ones for up to $1,000 have so many extras features like rubber tires and 4 wheel drive. Add another $40-$200 if you want to get the extended warranty.

Power Wheels is the most reputable brand of electric toy cars and the price tag for each vehicle is worth it. Buying power wheels for your little ones can be a source of entertainment, and it encourages them to go outside and play. 

It is common for parents to wonder how much do Power Wheels cost before deciding to buy one.

It is easy to find a suitable vehicle for your little one on different budgets. You can get other electric toy cars for lower than $200, but you won’t be getting the same high performance as you would from Power Wheels.

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How Much Do Power Wheels Cost?

Smaller power wheels suitable for a tiny toddler can cost as little as $200, while bigger ones that can fit two kids will cost close to $400, though some do go higher. The difference in price for Power Wheels models depends on the features, the number of kids who can fit in it, and the batteries’ size.

Ride On Cost

More features result in a higher price tag as well as a more powerful battery or engine. 

Rubber tires will cost more than plastic tires, and a vehicle with a steel frame will be expensive compared to one with a plastic frame. The beauty of owning Power Wheels is that even affordable models have more features than other cheap options available.

Additionally, Fisher-Price is a legendary company with a lot of experience producing engaging and entertaining toys. 

Your child won’t be in any immediate danger when your child is using the product. Overall, the price is higher than most brands, but it is a worthy investment. 

What is the Age Limit of Power Wheels?

Most power wheels vehicles have a minimum age limit of 3-years old and a maximum age limit of 8-years old. You can find a vehicle suitable for a child as young as 12 months, and it comes with parental remote control to keep your little one out of danger. 

Power Wheels for older kids tend to have a higher speed to ensure that they have an excellent experience when driving. You can find a toy vehicle that suits your child’s age and can last for a few years before you have to upgrade.

What is the Speed Limit of Power Wheels?

The speed of power wheels strongly depends on the size of the battery and motor. A 24V battery-powered vehicle can go up to a rate of 6MPH, which is exciting for older kids.

A 6V  toy car goes at a maximum speed of 2.5MPH, which is ideal for younger kids. 

A 12V electric toy car is the sweet spot because it goes at a top speed of 4MPH. Parents with small toddlers who are about 3-years old should buy 6V toy cars and only upgrade when a child becomes a competent driver.

Where Should I Purchase Power Wheels?

You should purchase power wheels from reputable suppliers who get the toys from the manufacturer. Amazon is an excellent place to purchase and we go compare everything for you in our buyer’s guide section. 

You can also find one at your local toy store or local online stores that deal with kid’s stuff. There are discounts from time to time that you can keep an eye out for saving a few dollars.

Some discounts knock off as much as $100 from the original price of power wheels.

Suitable Landscapes

Power Wheels use a spring suspension system for shock absorption and large treads to tires enough traction to move through various terrains. The toy cars can go over concrete, asphalt, tarmac, gravel, and grass seamlessly. 

The ability of power wheels to go over hills depends on the power output of the toy vehicle. Therefore, a 6V toy car may have a more challenging time going over slopes than a 24V toy vehicle.

You can use the car in the backyard, park, driveway, or tarmac roads.


Power Wheels are low maintenance because most are made of plastic, which is highly durable. You may encounter a blown-up fuse or a wire that comes loose, but it is not common for Power Wheels to demand regular maintenance. 

You can clean the vehicle using a rug, dish soap, and water. Overall, toy cars can withstand rough use by children without breaking down quickly.

Extra Features

Power Wheels come with many features that can determine the cost of the toy car. High-cost toy vehicles have working front and back LED lights, a horn, lockable doors, space for two kids, a 12V or 24V battery, a steering wheel, a beautiful dashboard design, leather seats, a grille, and other fantastic features. 

Paying a premium price to get the bigger Power Wheels like the jeep wrangler and F150 models can ensure that your little one has the best time of their life when driving an electric car.  We have a list of the best Power Wheels to help you decide to show you everything you need to know like max weight, max speed, battery size, and more.

Can You Get Power Wheels At a Cheaper Price?

It is possible to find power wheels at an extremely affordable price when you look at the right places. Stores with a clearance sale for power wheels tend to sell their stock for $100-$200 per car. 

Another way to get a significant discount is by purchasing a display model that a store owner is selling. Stores tend to sell display power wheels at throwaway prices, which parents can take advantage of and save on the cost. 

Can You Buy Second Hand Power Wheels?

It is possible to save on the price by purchasing used power wheels for your child. However, it is not advisable to buy a used toy car for your little one.

You won’t wholly assess the wear and tear that the toy vehicle has, and you may end up paying a steep price for repairs. 

You can consider buying power wheels from a reputable and trusted source like a relative or close friend. Take a lot of precaution when buying power wheels second-hand because you may end up spending a fortune to get them to work.

You can also do some of the work for yourself like repainting second-hand power wheels to help save money.

How Much Do Power Wheels Spare Parts Cost?

Power wheels spare parts are readily available at local toy stores or online stores. Fisher-Price strives to ensure that every model has spares, including batteries, chargers, connectors, and fuses.

The cost of spares depends on the type of spare parts and the model of the vehicle. You can get simple connectors for $10 and a replacement battery for $70. 

You need to select spares specific to the model of power wheels that you own because not all parts are interchangeable between models. The replacement batteries are not interchangeable, and you need to buy a replacement that is manufactured specifically for your vehicle’s model.

Maximum Weight Limit for Power Wheels

Some Power Wheels models can carry a maximum weight limit of 130 LBS for two toddlers. Others take a maximum weight limit of 110 LBs for one child, making them ideal for older children. 

We have a list of the highest weight limit ride on cars.

Smaller cars for toddlers tend to have a weight limit of 66 LBS and a comfortable large seat for a child. You can choose to buy a power wheels vehicle with a weight limit of 130 LBS when you have two kids who can use the toy car.

Are There Cheap Power Wheels?

Several models of power wheels are under $200, but they fit one child and have a maximum speed limit of 3.7 MPH. Affordable power wheels are an excellent choice for parents on a tight budget but still want to buy their kids a special gift. 

The cheap toy vehicles do not, in any way, signify the performance of the toys. However, most cheap toy cars are suitable for children who are 1-6 years old.

Are Power Wheels Worth The Money?

Yes. Power Wheels is the most highly rated brand of ride-on cars in the world. You can enjoy a wide range of benefits when you invest in Power Wheels for your children.

Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that your child uses a safe toy that won’t topple over. 

Above all, your child won’t feel left out in the neighborhood when all the other kids drive their electric toy vehicles. Power Wheels are trending among children, and buying on for your child ensures that they feel amazing when heading out to play.

Can I Find A Repairs Expert?

Power Wheels experts are available nationwide, and you can find one near your location. You can also visit your nearest garage and see whether there is a technician who is an expert in power wheels.

Experts come in handy during repairs, maintenance, battery replacements, and battery upgrades. 

You can save time by hiring an expert to deal with the issues of your power wheels. Alternatively, you can use online videos to diagnose and repair your toy cars, do battery replacements, and upgrade the batteries.


Now that you know how do Power Wheels cost, are you buying a new one for your child? It would be best to purchase Power Wheels for children because it is the best brand of ride-on cars available in the market right now.

You can purchase power wheels online using our buyer’s guides or at the local toy store. 

Most Power Wheels prices range between $300 and $500, allowing parents to choose a car that fits their budget. Overall, you will never regret purchasing power wheels for your little one.

How Much Do Power Wheels Cost

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