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Power Wheels Replacement Parts

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There are many Power Wheels upgrade and replacement parts which include:

  • Batteries
  • Fuses
  • ESC
  • Motor
  • Gearbox
  • Pedals
  • LED Lights
  • Battery Meter
  • Step Down Converter
  • and more listed below

If you’re a Power Wheels owner like me, you know that replacement parts are essential to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and for as long as possible.

It can be challenging to track down replacement components for Power Wheels, but we stock everything you could possibly need!

Fisher Price Power Wheels Replacement Parts

There are numerous Power Wheels replacement components available, and we’ve provided a list of our top picks from Amazon below. The majority of these parts are upgrade options for your present Power Wheels toy while also serving as replacements.

If what we have doesn’t match your needs, then you may be looking for more of a specific part, and if that is the case, here is a link to an authorized Power Wheels Service center website. You will be able to search for what you need and order it there.

Why get Replacement Parts?

Power Wheels vehicles can last for years and you will find lots of people buying old ones and fixing them up.

They are very popular toys for their price and longevity.

Power Wheels Batteries & Chargers

Power Wheels batteries and chargers are usually the first part to go. Most last a few years and then the power and performance start to fade.

If you are looking for Power Wheels batteries or any ride-on batteries, we have a full list of all replacement batteries and chargers available to get you up and running.

Should I get Replacement Parts or Upgrade?

Great question.

If the Fisher Price Power Wheels is moving too slow for your child then you can either pass it down and replace the part or you can just upgrade it to give it more power.

We have a detailed guide on how to make Power Wheels faster if you want to go into more detail but below are some of the common products you will need to give you an idea.

Power Wheels Upgrade Parts List

To upgrade the battery you will also need to upgrade other parts at the same time or they will fail in a few months. If you are going to upgrade the battery we recommend doing a drill battery conversion as it’s cheaper, gives more power, and is easy to do.

There are several different upgrade parts for kids with Power Wheels. Any links in the description words are to our guides, here are our favorites:

Drill Batteries:

Drill Battery Charger:

30 Amp Fuses:

3D Printed Dock:

Electronic Speed Controller Kit:

Heat Sink Tubbing:

Brake Pedal:

12V Motor Upgrade:

24V Motor Upgrade:

6V Gearbox:

12V Gearbox:

24V Gearbox:

No products found.

Full Upgrade Kit:

Add Traction:

Paint Power Wheels:

Fine Sandpaper (before painting)

LED Strips (lights):

LED Individual (Can be used for head and tail lights):

Toggle Switch:

Battery Voltage Meter:

Distribution Block:

24V to 12V Step-Down Converter:

2 Point Seat Belt

No products found.

4 Point Seat Belt

No products found.

MLToys Break Reduction Module:

Male Connector:

Titan 775 Motor:

12V Controller Box (Replacement Remote Control Board):


That is a huge list of upgrade parts for your ride-on toys. I hope it covers everything you need. If you find a part I didn’t list, feel free to Email me the Amazon link to the address at the bottom of the page.

Now that you have an idea of all the parts available, it’s time to upgrade your Power Wheels!

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