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Paint Power Wheels

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Find a screwdriver to dismantle your Power Wheels and plenty of spray paint. Clean the toy car, let it dry, disassemble it, start painting the car parts one layer at a time, and assemble the toy car when the paint dries. 

Power Wheels are durable, and they last for so long that the paint starts to come off or a child starts liking other colors. Parents can paint power wheels to a different color whenever a child changes their color preferences. 

Parents with several kids can repaint an electric toy car and pass it on to the next child instead of buying a new one. 

It would be best if you used spray cans to paint power wheels a color that you desire. It doesn’t take professional painting skills to be able to do the task as a DIY project. 

This article provides the crucial steps that will make repainting your Power Wheels a success.

Which Child-Friendly Paints Should You Use?

Many spray paints are child-friendly, but only one is suitable for Power Wheels. Krylon Fusion Spray paint [Amazon Link] is an excellent choice for parents who want to repaint power wheels.

The paint is heavier than other spray paints, reducing the number of coats parents need to apply for the paint to stick. 

It also reduces the number of cans that you need to repaint a vehicle completely. However, different power wheels will require an additional amount of paint.

Covering deeper colors with lighter coats will take more paint than covering lighter colors with darker ones.

Why not add some traction at the same time
Since you will be painting the ride on why not add better traction to the tires at the same time.

How to Restore and Paint Power Wheels

There are several steps to ensure that you succeed in the project or repainting a Power Wheels to the color you desire. It may seem more straightforward to start painting the vehicle straight away and save some time in the process.

If you have an older Power Wheels and the plastic is faded and yellow try this instead of painting it!

However, painting power wheels without proper preparation can provide unwanted results. 

Step 1: Prepare the Vehicle 

  • Purchase fine sandpaper [Amazon Link] to remove old paint from the toy vehicle. You can use a sanding machine if you have one to expedite the process. A rough surface is an excellent way to create an adhesive surface for the paint to stick on. 
  • Wash the Power Wheels thoroughly to remove dust particles, dirt, or any bird poop that may affect the paint. Use some dish wash soap, clean water, and a rug to remove dirt. You can use a hosepipe to reach all nooks on a ride on to while cleaning it but careful not to get the electrical area wet. Please leave it in an open-air location to dry off before beginning the painting process. 
  • Remove the top part of the vehicle to have more access to the undercarriage of the car. Mark each piece for the reassemble and keep the screws in a safe location as they can get lost fast. Set different parts like the grille and bars on various surfaces for painting separately. 
  • Choose an ideal location to paint the disassemble parts of Power Wheels. Cover the area with newspapers or cartons to prevent paint from spilling on the surrounding areas. It would be wise to paint the electric toy vehicles in an open space to avoid inhaling the paint’s fumes. 

Step 2: Primer and Paint 

  • Apply primer to all the parts if you don’t have 2-in-1 paints that have a primer. The primer increases the odds of color sticking onto plastic for a longer duration. 
  • Apply the paint’s first coat to the toy and leave the parts to dry before beginning a new layer. Hold the can about 10-inches away from the car and spray paint from side to side for an even coat. Do one area at a time to ensure that you get it right the first time. You will have to apply one side of Power Wheels parts and let one side dry before starting on the other side.  
  • Apply 2-4 layers until you have the desired color for the Power Wheels. It can take several hours to complete painting the toy if you want perfect results. Confirm that each layer dries off before you start the next one with each application. 

Step 3: Reassemble 

  • Once the toy is dry, it is time to reassemble it for your child to use it. You can use the user manual or an online video to reassemble the toy vehicle and get it ready for your little one. We also have a guide on assembly.

If you really want your paint job to stand out you can do something that will really stand out like painting tires a bright color

It would be wise to cover the dashboard and logos on the vehicle when you start to paint power wheels. Also, do not temper the contents under the hood when restoring your child’s toy.

Overall, appropriately painting Power Wheels is an excellent way to makeover a child’s favorite toy and make your child shine on the playground.

What Paint Can I Use on Plastic?

Krylon Fusion Spray paint [Amazon Link] is an ideal choice for painting on plastic Power Wheels and ATV Plastic which will last for several years. The color will adhere to the plastic because it should last on plastic surfaces.  

It is child-friendly, and you can use the makeover as an opportunity to spend some time with your children. You can make it a day of fun for the family and allow your little one to help you restore power wheels to their original glory.

How Long Does It Take for Power Wheels to Dry?

It takes about 2 – 4 hours for the paint to dry. You can dry the paint under the shade, away from direct sunlight.

You can opt to leave the parts to dry overnight after applying the last coat before reassembling the toy vehicle. It is a tedious process that can take a whole day to complete, so set aside a decent amount of time to do the project.

Can You Find an Expert to Repaint Power Wheels?

Yes. You can take your power wheels to your local garage, and they can do an excellent job of restoring the toy. You can expect to pay a reasonable sum for the service and receive a fantastic toy.

Finding an expert to paint power wheels is an affordable alternative for parents who do not have enough time to paint electric cars as a DIY project. 

However, you can find many online tutorials on how to restore electric toy vehicles for your child at an affordable cost.

What Colors Can You Paint Power Wheels?

You can ask your child to help you select a new color for their toy. Sometimes the tastes of children in colors can change as they grow older.

Other times kids will covet the colors of their friend’s power wheels. Your child’s input reduces the odds of a child rejecting the new colors that you paint on the vehicle. 

Parents have a wide range of colors to choose from and find appealing for any child. Children love bright colors, and you can select as many as you like.

Why Should I Wash Power Wheels Before Painting?

After using sandpaper to remove any remaining old paint, there will be a lot of dust on the vehicle that can prevent you from achieving a smooth finish. A hosepipe can remove most of the dirt from hard-to-reach places on Power Wheels (again careful not to get the electrical area wet). 

Avoid using any harsh detergents that can damage the integrity of the plastic parts of the vehicle. Dish soap will remove the grime without destroying any essential features of the electric toy vehicle.


It is possible to successfully spray paint plastic power wheels and transform your toy to the color that pleases your kid. It will take a long time to complete the project, so you need to rest well in advance and collect all the supplies you need for the project.

It would be best if you read this tutorial once over before you begin the process. 

Involve the kids and other family members and spend more time together, creating beautiful memories in the process. Be patient and let each coat dry undisturbed before you start the next one.

Above all, choose to use spray paint over a brush to expedite the process.

Paint Power Wheels

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