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  • Will I Fit in a Go Kart

    Will I Fit in a Go Kart?

    Three things determine whether you will fit in a go-kart, namely your height, weight, and the go-kart model. Go-karts models are standardized for a certain weight and height. The standard go-kart chassis measurements are 78″ long, 28″ tall, and 52″ wide.  I have been to go-kart races with friends, and many tall and heavy people…

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  • Best Steel Tubing for Go Kart Frame

    What is the Best Steel Tubing for Go-Kart Frames?

    The best steel tubing for go-kart frames is the AISI 4130 low-alloy steel and AISI 1018. These tubings have the right balance of stiffness and flexibility. The AISI 4130 low-alloy steel has great hardness, tensile strength, and yield strength making them widely considered as best steel tubing for Go Kart Frames.   It can be difficult…

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