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how fast does a 24 volt power wheel go

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Power Wheels with 24V batteries have a maximum speed of 6 MPH with an average speed of about 5 MPH lasting for 1-2 hours depending on the terrain and weight of the child. Keep in mind a single 24-volt battery is faster than two 12-volt batteries running in parallel.

As a parent, it is okay to wonder how fast a 24-volt power wheel goes before making a buying decision. Power wheels are an excellent brand for ride-on cars for kids.

The ride-on toy cars can keep your kids engaged for hours playing outdoors. 

However, it is essential to consider the maximum speed of the power wheel to ensure that it is suitable for your little one.

The voltage of the motor and battery in power wheels determines the maximum speed that the car can achieve. The most popular ride-on cars are 6V and 12V, which are ideal for smaller kids. 

Some companies produce 24V, 36V, and 48V power wheels that boast higher speeds. It is imperative that you only consider buying 24V or 36V power wheels for older kids. 

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How Fast can 12V in MPH

Before exploring how fast a 24V power wheel is, let’s take a look at 12V power wheels. A car with a 12V battery and 12V motor can achieve a maximum speed of 4MPH.

The power wheels tend to have two or more speeds to help kids learn how to drive them. Some models come with a parental lock to determine the maximum speed your child can achieve.

A parental lock allows you to lock the gear at a lower speed to reduce collision risk. It comes in handy when your child hasn’t developed the motor skills to go fast.

A 12V power wheel can last for 1-2 hours, depending on the terrain and speed that your little one is riding on. They are ideal for kids who are 4-9 years old. It is the ideal sweet spot between speed and fun for kids.

Is 24V Faster than 12V

So, how fast does a 24-volt power wheel go? A 24V power wheel is faster than a 12V by a little bit. The maximum speed for 24V power wheels is 6MPH, which is still high. 

Like 12V ride-on cars, 24V power wheels can come with several speed levels that a child can choose. You can opt for a model with a parental lock to control the maximum speed the car reaches.

The power wheels tend to be larger in six, and they can comfortably accommodate bigger kids. The ideal age for 24V power wheels is 5-10 years old. 

You need to consider the driving skills of your little one before buying 24V power wheels. The high speed increases the risk of injuries and collusions for reckless drivers.

The battery life of 24V power wheels is 2-4 hours, making it possible for your kid to play for longer outdoors. The vehicles are ideal for all kinds of terrains, including gravel, grass, tarmac, and driving uphill. 

The beauty of 24V power wheels is that they can go fast even when carrying heavy kids.

Can you put a 24 Volt Battery in Power Wheels

Yes. You can upgrade 12V battery power wheels into 24V with a few changes in the car. You can add a 24V battery in power wheels, but the car will only work for a few months.

A 24V battery is not compatible with a 12V motor because it will strain the motor because of the high power output. The 12V motor will only hold for a couple of months before it breaks down.

There is a right way to upgrade power wheels into a 24V battery-powered ride-on toy. The best part is that you can do the conversion yourself if you are handy with tools.

You can get a conversion kit with all the tools you will need for the conversion.

· What Do You Need

First of all, you need to buy a suitable 24V battery for your power wheels. Check out the battery dimensions for the power wheels model you have online. Several manufacturers produce 24V batteries for power wheels. 

Second, you need to find a 24V motor for your mode of power wheels. Replacing the 12V motor ensures that the new motor can keep up with the battery power output.

Third, replacing the wiring to handle the new voltage is important and you may need a converter as well, it’s best to just get an electronic speed controller kit for your make and model as it will have everything you need so you don’t have to track down every piece.

Finally, you need an instruction manual on how to do the conversion. You can easily find a video detailing the conversion on YouTube, which can assist you if you are not familiar with cars.

The conversion is simple because power wheels contain few parts.

· Do The Conversion

The hard part of the conversion is switching out the motor. You can search online and find out the location of the motor in your power wheels models.

Some have it at the front, and for others, you will need to flip the car. Most power wheel motors have a cover to protect the kids in case something goes wrong.

Remove the cover and carefully remove the motor. Take note of the wires’ attachments so that you can mimic the connections on the new motor.

Close the motor cover and firmly install the screws. After that, open the area where the battery is and remove the old battery.

Ensure that you install the new battery correctly with the positive wires on the positive terminal and vice versa. Close the battery slot when you are done. Screw back the lid of the battery cover.

· Do A Test Drive

Once everything is back in place, do a test drive to ensure that the car functions as it should. You need to drive the car at maximum speed to check the power output of the car.

Ideally, the car should be faster after the conversion.

· Alternative Method

You can always hire a professional mechanic to convert the power wheels from 12V to 24V. The benefit of hiring a professional is that they have experience and know what they are doing.

You won’t risk having the car malfunction after a while due to poor wiring. Also, you will get professional advice about the best battery and motor for your power wheels.

· Be Safe

Check to see the seat belts are good enough for the increased speed that is offered to the Power Wheels.  If you find the seat belts lacking, we suggest upgrading the seat belts as a DIY project to protect your children.

How can I Make my 12 Volt Power Wheels Faster

The best way to make 12V power wheels faster is to increase the battery capacity to 18V by adding a 6V battery. The combination of a 12V and 6V battery will increase the power output of the power wheels to 18V.

An 18V battery is compatible with a 12V motor, and it won’t put a lot of strain on the motor.

You can opt to add the 6V battery as a DIY project or contact a professional to do it. Do your research well and find the best 6V battery for your 12V power wheels.

Also, confirm the dimensions of the battery to ensure that it fits well under the hood.

Are the Faster Power Wheels than 24 Volt

Yes. You can find power wheels that are faster than 24-volt cars. Some manufacturers produce 36-volt power wheels that have a maximum speed of 10MPH.

They are ideal for children who are 9-14 years old. Your child needs to be a competent driver before you opt to buy 36V power wheels.

There are 48-volt power wheels with a maximum speed of 15MPH, which is a lot of speed in the hands of a child. The 48V power wheels are ideal for teenagers who are 15 years and above.

You have to ensure that your child doesn’t drive the power wheels on the road when regular vehicles pass through.

Older kids may need a more powerful power wheel to enjoy the ride outdoors. However, invest some quality time in teaching your child how to drive carefully.

Driving at high speeds increases the chances of an accident or injury. Teaching a child the right driving discipline reduces the chances of a collision.

What are the Safety Features in the 24 Volt Power Wheel

When you find out how fast a 24-volt power wheel goes, you may have safety concerns for your child. You must buy protective gear for your child if you are concerned for their safety.

You can invest in a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads for your child to wear when riding on 24V power wheels.

The power wheels should come with seat belts, fire-resistant materials, lead-free paint, and instant brakes. The instant brakes should take effect within a few seconds to be able to prevent collisions.

If you want to modify the Power Wheels more you can even add a brake pedal.

You need to check under the hood to ensure the motor and battery have covers. Kids can be tempted to touch the wires under the hood out of curiosity.

Finally, check whether the model of 24V power wheels you want to buy has had any recalls. Websites like CPSC have a list of power wheels that have had recalls and the reasons for the recalls.

You can also see the rating of the power wheels models that you are considering buying for your little one.  Learn more about ride on car safety here.


You now have an answer to ‘how fast does a 24-volt power wheel go?’ and are in a better position to make a buying decision. In summary, the maximum speed for 24-volt power wheels is 6MPH.

The car is ideal for kids who are 7-10 years old. You have to ensure that your child is a careful driver before buying our 24-volt power wheels.

The power wheels are ideal for kids who have outgrown slower power wheels. Don’t forget to buy the necessary protective gear to keep your child.

Power Wheel can tip, topple, or hit something, which can injure your little one. 

Overall, 24V power wheels are an ideal upgrade for older kids looking for a thrill when riding power wheels. Not to mention it will allow the vehicles to run for a longer time, here is more information on how long Power Wheels will run on a single charge.

How fast does a 24 volt Power Wheel go? MPH Max

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