Can You Use A 12 Volt Battery On A 6 Volt Power Wheels Car?




12V Battery On 6V Power Wheels Car

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Putting a 12-volt battery in a 6-volt device is possible. To achieve the greatest results, though, you’ll need to make some modifications to the wiring system and electronic components like the converter and motor. Take note that most electronic components in a Power Wheels vehicle are likely rated for a voltage of 6 volts if the vehicle runs on a 6-volt battery.

How to convert a 6-volt Power Wheels car to a 12-volt battery is the topic of this article. Follow through until the very end to find out everything there is to know about it!

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Can you use a 12-Volt Battery on a 6-Volt Power Wheels Car?

A 12-volt battery can be used on a 6-volt battery, yes. To achieve this, you will need to alter the converter and/or wiring system.

The majority of the electronic components in a Power Wheels car are probably 6 volts rated if the battery is 6 volts, it should be noted. The wiring system and other components may be harmed as a result of utilizing a 12-volt battery.

For instance, you could damage any component of the car that relies on the battery’s power output directly, such as the converter, the motor, or any other.

Moreover, you might have concerns about your child’s safety. Power is not as strong in a 6-volt Power Wheels vehicle as it is in a 12-volt vehicle. In light of this, changing to 12 volts might not be the wisest course of action.

The speed will pick up, and the power will be stronger. Before you act, you ought to think about this.

Make sure your kid is ready for this before modifying the battery power system of a car.

How to Convert a 6-Volt Power Wheels to a 12-Volt Factors to consider

The motor rating

You don’t want to connect a 12-volt battery directly to a 6-volt motor. You will need to get a motor that is rated at 12 volts. Plus, you will need to change the car’s wiring so that it uses a 12-volt current.

Is there a DC-DC converter?

The amount of energy transferred from the battery to the motor is managed by the converter. Most Power Wheels have a DC-DC converter connecting the battery to the motor.

Some Power Wheels toys are available as standalone alternatives that don’t require a converter.

So check to see if there is one in your car. If it’s missing, you will need to buy a DC-DC converter too.

Check with your local auto parts store if they have these components for sale, so you don’t have to buy them online. 

You don’t want to connect the 6-volt motor directly to the 12-volt battery because chances are you will burn out the motor. Some 6V converters work just fine with a 12-volt battery.

Some don’t. You may want to take your chances here or just buy a new 12-volt converter.

Size of the battery

This may not sound significant, but you also have to consider the size and weight of the battery. Remember it is going to be bigger, (unless it’s a drill battery conversion), so you may want to modify the battery compartment on the ride-on car so it fits properly.

How much speed and power do you want?

Using a 12-volt battery on a 6-volt toy will most likely double its power and top speed. So is this something you would like to have?

Does your kid need this, or is it just a toy that they play with on occasion? Is the car used only indoors, outdoors, or both?

There is also an option of adding a second 6V battery so your car can run in parallel. This is nice but it will take up even more room as you will have to have two batteries (picture below).

These are all factors you should consider before deciding to convert from a 6-volt battery to a 12-volt one.

How to Wire 2 Batteries for Power Wheels

Remember, they need to be the same voltage and have room for it. You will also need an extra wire which you can also find from the link above.

Tips on Converting a Power Wheels Car from 6V to 12V

Change the motor

If the toy has a 6V motor, get a new 12V motor from your local electronics store or online. Also, check the wiring system. This is especially the case if there is no converter in the system.

Replace or add a converter

If your electric vehicle is lacking a DC-DC converter, you can purchase one online or from a local electronics store. Check to determine if it is a 12V device and if one already exists in the system. You will require a new one if not.

The option with the highest recommendation is to purchase a new converter, as it will have a higher current capability for driving the 12V motor. Voltages as high as 28V can be used with some DC-DC converters.

However, certain 6-volt DC-DC converters, as mentioned before, function flawlessly with 12-volt batteries. Therefore, if you don’t worry too much about the converter or the equipment as a whole, you may just utilize the converter and see if it works.

Read the Power Wheels specifications.

There may be extra components on Power Wheels that aren’t made to withstand the force of a 12-volt battery. It could be necessary to completely replace some components or upgrade some to stronger materials.

FAQs For 6 Volt to 12 Volt Power Wheels


You can use a 12-volt battery in a 6-volt Power Wheels car, but care must be taken to avoid any damage to the car and make sure that everything is compatible. The main things to consider are the motor and converter voltage ratings as well as the wiring system.

If you want a more in-depth guide of everything you can do to upgrade your Power Wheels, please check our guide on how to upgrade Power Wheels here!

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