How Long Does a Power Wheels Battery Run Per Charge

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  • Date: January 15, 2023
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A Power Wheels battery charge lasts between 40 minutes to 2 hours. 6V batteries last 40-60 minutes, 12V and 24V batteries last 1-2 hours. This depends on a few factors like the terrain, child’s weight, motor, and amperage of the battery.

The battery of a Power Wheels is what gives it the speed and power to move. I always recommend checking the reviews and seeing what people say about the battery overall before purchasing it. 

When doing this just be aware of the person is not taking proper care of the battery and overcharging the battery the life span will be shorter. At times people will say the battery is terrible but yet they didn’t let it charge enough the first time they charged the battery which will make the battery go defective quickly. 

If you find a few positive reviews saying the battery lasts a very long time these are the ones that paid attention to the battery guidelines and their run time estimates are the ones you should take into consideration.

Extra or replacement ride on batteries
If you are looking for an extra battery or need a replacement battery or charger this will help.

How Long Till a Power Wheels Battery Has To Be Replaced

The typical lifespan of a Power Wheels battery is 1 to 3 years.  If maintained and stored correctly when not in use, you are looking at the ladder as long as the brand of battery is reputable.  

If you do notice the vehicle slowing down and not lasting as long as it used to, this is a sign that the battery is on its way out. 

The best way to think about how a battery lasts is when a battery is charged it actually shrinks a bit. The more you use a battery the smaller its capacity gets because of this the charge doesn’t last as long. Hence, we have upset children that are demanding they want more. 

I always recommend picking up a second battery when purchasing a vehicle because they take so long to charge, this way if the vehicle runs out of charge you can simply swap the batteries and the sad face turns into a smile as they take off down the lawn.

I experienced this first hand with my son’s tractor without having an extra battery and I just felt so bad for him as his older brother took off around the yard.

Power Wheels Battery Stopped Working

How Long Does a 6V Power Wheels Battery Charge Last

Typically a 6V battery will last about an hour. These batteries are best for smaller children that don’t want to go fast. 

The child will outgrow these toys because as they get bigger it puts more strain on the vehicle because the battery has to work harder to move the vehicle.  

If your child is young and still small this is perfect. The charge can even last longer than an hour if this is the case. Some vehicles have two speeds. If your child doesn’t need the faster speed set it up with the slower speed and this will also increase the length of the ride.

How Long Does a 12V Power Wheels Battery Charge Last

There are two different types of 12V batteries. The 12V battery is either a single 12V battery or two 6V batteries that are running in parallel (see image below), basically working together to create a 12V. The runtime definitely differs between the two.  

The single 12V battery will last between 1-2 hours but you will get more speed out of the single battery.

The two 6V batteries running in parallel on the other hand will last a great amount longer, possibly 2-4 hours, however; you forfeit the speed increase.

How to Wire 2 Batteries for Power Wheels

How Long Does a 24V Power Wheels Battery Charge Last

There are also two types of 24V batteries. You have the standard 24V battery that will last 1-2 hours but be able to handle much more weight and speed.

There are vehicles claiming to be 24V but they basically connect two 12V batteries together (similar to the image above). This will give you a much longer runtime typically 2-4 hours but the speed will be typical of a 12V battery and not a 24V battery.

What Do You Do When The Battery Isn’t Holding a Charge

If the battery isn’t holding a charge you have two choices and both of them include purchasing a new battery.  If you have a 6V battery that is no longer holding a charge you can just go to our guide on replacement batteries and select the one you need. 

Another option is to upgrade and put a bigger battery in the vehicle to improve run time, speed, and power. If you go with a bigger battery I also recommend upgrading the motor and adding traction to your tires.

For the most part, the parts are cheap unless you are looking at an official Power Wheels battery then the price can go up.

It is important to recycle the ride-on battery that is no longer holding a charge for the environment.

How Do I Replace a Power Wheels Battery

When a Power Wheels battery needs to be replaced it is not too difficult to do this. Purchase a replacement battery that has the same voltage, keep in mind if it is a Power Wheels brand you will need to purchase a Power Wheels battery specifically which will cost more.

We have a full battery guide to help you get the correct battery. 

Next, open up the area where your battery is located. Make sure the Power Wheels is not charging and unplug the battery. 

Once unplugged remove the battery, at times there may be a plastic piece holding it in place, you may need a screwdriver to take this off. Once the guard is off you can take out the old battery and put the new battery in its place, then reattach the guard. 

Now it’s time to charge the battery, check with the manufacturer but keep in mind the first charge is very long and extremely important, usually 18 hours or more.

What Causes The Power Wheels Battery To Perform Differently Than Advertised

Weight Limit

There are multiple factors as to why a Power Wheels battery will run out faster than it is advertised. A good example is the weight limit.

If a max weight limit is 66 pounds and the child that is using the vehicle is 65 pounds the battery has to work as hard as it can to compensate for the weight limit.  

The stress on the battery makes it run out faster. To try and combat this try to find a higher max weight limit and if possible a battery with high amperage.  


Amperage is very important in a battery though it gets overlooked often. You can think of amperage as how much charge can be stored in the battery, the higher the amperage the more power can be stored.


The terrain is another important factor. Is the child driving on pavement, grass, hills, or sand? If the vehicle is on hills or sand it has to work a lot harder which will deplete the charge rather fast.

If the kids are just driving on a flat service the Power Wheels don’t have to push extra hard so the battery will last longer. 


The faster you go the more the battery has to work. If you have a vehicle that has a speed governor you can turn it on to cut the speed in half for a younger child. 

This will allow the Power Wheels to run even longer as the battery will deplete a lot slower.


Battery maintenance is a very major factor when it comes to how long the battery will run. Make sure to charge the battery for the recommended amount the first time you get the vehicle and then don’t overcharge it after that.

When not in use for the cold season make sure to remove the battery and store it correctly, here we explain how to do that.


Finally, the motor design and wiring are also important and how many motors the vehicle has. Most of the time one battery will power one motor, most of the ride-on cars for younger children will be one motor powered by a 6V battery.

Once you jump up to around 8-10 years old another motor is usually added with a 12V or 24V battery.

What Battery Should I Buy For The Longest Runtime Per Charge

When purchasing a battery the two things you want to look for are the volts and amperage. You want to make sure the volts match unless you plan on doing a DIY project and upgrading your ride on

Amperage on the other hand doesn’t need to be the same, it is recommended to go with the highest amperage you can find. The higher the amperage the more the battery can store which then keeps the Power Wheels running longer.


As you read the battery is the heart of the Power Wheels and because of this, you want to make sure you take care of it just as you would your own. The better care that is taken the longer the battery lifespan will last. 

Make sure to consider the weight limit and what terrain the ride-on will be driving on. If you are looking for a long charge time the battery amperage is the key to this.

Lowering the speed of the vehicle will allow the battery to continue to run for up to double the time.

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