Can You Put a 24V Battery in a 12V Ride On Kids Car?




Put a 24V Battery in a 12V Car

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You can replace a 12V battery with 24V batteries without doing some conversion on a 12V ride on car. It is possible to upgrade a 12V ride-on vehicle into a 24V ride on car to give your little one more speed and power. You need to collect the right tools and replacement parts for the process before starting the upgrade process. 

Many parents make the mistake of switching out a 12V battery for a 24V battery or adding another 12V to a ride-on car. The problem with increasing the battery voltage without making changes under the hood is that it wires out. 

More often, the car’s dashboard burns out, leaving you with a new battery and a broken toy car. This article explores all you need to know about transforming a 12V ride vehicle into a 24V ride-on toy car.

Why Would You Upgrade a 12V Battery?

Upgrading a 12-volt battery into 18 volt or 24-volt batteries is simple. You can add one 6V battery or a 12V battery to convert a ride-on car. 

Upgrading a 12-volt battery car can give your child more power to drive through wet grass or uneven terrain. They can even add a trailer once you are at 18V or higher.

It also allows a child to go faster than an older child. Converting a 12V toy into a 24V is affordable compared to buying a brand new toy car for your growing child. Upgrading the battery will allow the ride-on to be driven for longer periods of time depending on the size of the battery.

You will need to be patient if you are trying to do a conversion for the first time. You can find an ideal video and watch it as you do the conversion for your little one. 

Overall, it will take a little effort on your part to convert a 12-volt ride-on car. Your child will be grateful for the extra speed that you will add to the vehicle.

How Do You Change a 12V Battery Vehicle to a 24V Battery?

There are several essential steps for converting a 12-volt battery ride on the car into a 24-volt battery vehicle if you want to get it straight. You do not have to be a professional handyman to be able to do the conversion. 

There are many videos on YouTube that teach parents how to. It is imperative that you gather all the supplies you need beforehand and set aside adequate time to do the conversion. 

Check the Brand and Size of the Battery

Most kid’s ride-on car batteries are color-coded for easy identification when replacing parts. Ensure that you check the battery top color to determine the type of color of battery that you need for the conversion. 

For example, Power Wheel has batteries with a green or red top.  We have a full battery and charger replacement guide here.

The green ones do not work with vehicles that come with a red top and vice versa. Always check whether a particular brand manufacturer has a replacement battery for the toy cars model your little one. 

Buying from the manufacturer increases the odds of compatibility between a battery and a ride-on car. You can opt to buy one 24V battery or two 12V batteries for the conversion. 

Another aspect you need to consider is the size of the battery. Most batteries come with a sticker that indicates the size of the battery. You can also measure the space under the hood to see what size of a battery will fit in there. 

Also, look at check the size of the battery that you are about to purchase to see whether it is compatible with the space in your child’s vehicle. A few centimeters in length and width can make a battery a little too big to fit. 

Motor Capacity

A ride-on car battery fuels the motor and provides power to the toy. Most 12V ride on cars comes with a 12-volt engine, which may not withstand a 24-volt battery’s power. 

Motors that can handle 12 volts tend to burn out within 2-3 months when you upgrade the motor capacity to 24 volts. It would be best if you bought 24-volt motors to replace the 12-volt engines in the toy cars. 


Fuses ensure that there is no excessive voltage transmitted to the circuit. However, keeping the fuses of a 12V ride on cars after conversion is a bad idea. 

You need to buy 20 amp fuses for a 24-volt toy vehicle. The fuses will handle the current that a 24-volt battery will be produced to fuel the ride-on car. You can get the fuses at a local electronic shop. 


It would be best to buy a new gearbox that is compatible with a 24-volt battery and motor. For starters, 12V batteries tend to run at a maximum speed of 5MPH, while 24V vehicles can go up to 6MPH. 

A new gearbox also known as a speed controller board will give you control of the car and ensure that the car works appropriately after installing the latest accessories.

Seat belts

Now that the car is going to be moving faster, safety is always important to consider.  Check to make sure the seat belts are adequate for your child in the ride on car, if not you may want to upgrade the seat belts.

How to Do the Conversion

You will need tools like screwdrivers, pliers, and maybe some duct tape to help you put in the car’s new accessories. Start by turning over the vehicle and upgrading the wiring using 12g wires, removing the old ones. 

Remove one wire at a time, replacing it with the new wire. That way, you won’t mess up the vehicle’s wiring, and it will function just right when you are done. 

Don’t forget to replace the fuses with the 20 amp ones if they have them. Once that part is over, you can replace the 12V motor with the 24V motor when doing a motor upgrade. Without doing an upgrade it can cause the motor to overheat

Flip the car up and replace the 12-volt battery with the 24-volt battery. You should opt to replace the old gearbox with the new one, without doing this you can put the wires and gears in danger of shorting out.

If you choose to add a new gearbox, you will need a switch to convert the car from a 12V battery toy into a 24V. Test the vehicle and see how it handles the new accessories.

How Do You Hook Up Two 12V Batteries to Make 24 Volts?

It is possible to hook up two 12V batteries to create a 24V ride-on toy vehicle. The trick is to pack the two batteries close together and hook them up in an electrical series.

You need to hook the positive terminal wire to one battery and the other battery’s negative terminal. The diagram below shows an example.

How to Wire 2 12V Batteries for Power Wheels

Power Wheels Conversion Kit

A Power Wheels conversion kit is a handy option for parents who want to do the conversion as a DIY project. Most conversion kits are customized for specific models of ride-on cars for your little one. 

Therefore, you will need to look for a Power Wheels conversion kit compatible with the toy car model that you own. They are available in online stores and major chain stores like Amazon or Walmart.

Can You Put a Car Battery in a Power Wheels?

It is not advisable to put a car battery in any Power Wheels. You can always buy replacement batteries that Power Wheels produces for their toy vehicles. It is also a bad idea to hook up a garden mower battery to Power Wheels Vehicles.

Will a Ride-on Vehicle Last After the Conversion?

Yes, it will when the conversion is done in the right manner. Do not buy any substandard materials for the conversion process.

You can find Power Wheels, Best Choice, or Costzon conversion kits if you are not handy with tools. It would also be best if you bought the replacement batteries from the manufacturer or a reputable supplier.

What are the Common Problems after a Conversion?

Parents face a power problem after converting 12-volt ride-on cars into a 24-volt ride. The problem comes from buying a motor that consumes a lot of power at once. 

You need to buy an engine that has a reasonable consumption for a 24-volt battery. High power output will reduce the battery’s running time and reduce the time a child can play with the car. 

Another problem is that toy vehicles stop working a short while after the conversion. It may be due to an overload to the motor or burnout of the wires and fuses. 

The problem arises because you change the output of the batteries without upgrading other parts of the vehicle. Sometimes the wiring is the problem because it can’t handle the new power output. 

Are There Technicians Who Do Conversions?

Yes. You can find a handyman or technician willing to do a conversion on your little one’s ride on car. The charges will vary depending on the model that of the vehicle. 

You can also ask the handyman to source the conversion materials if you do not use a conversion kit. You can ask for recommendations online from other parents who live in the same location as you do.


It is not ideal to directly put a 24V battery in a 12V toy vehicle. It is possible to do it with a few minor changes in the system of cars. You can always find a handyman to do the conversion if you don’t have the skills and time to do it. 

Another way to save time is to buy a conversion kit for the vehicle model that your kid drives. Parents need to collect all the supplies and tools before they intend to charge a 12V battery vehicle. 

Overall, converting a 12V car is affordable, and the upgrade improves the vehicle’s performance in the long run. Make sure to also store the battery correctly so it doesn’t go flat and be careful to not overcharge the battery.

Can You Put a 24V Battery in a 12V Ride On Kids Car?

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