Do Kids Need Helmets on Power Wheels? | Safety Equipment

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  • Date: January 12, 2023
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Yes, any type of Power Wheel, scooter, go-kart or bike kids should wear a helmet to protect their skull and brain from a collision. It is extremely important to get the right size and make sure it fits correctly. An incorrect-sized helmet can do more harm than good. Modified Power Wheels or 18V battery and up definitely should wear one.

If you are a parent or caregiver, it is crucial that you take the time to research and buy all of the necessary safety equipment for your child’s toy. In this article we got you covered, we recommend getting some Power Wheels stickers to put on the helmets to give them even more personality and helps to get the kids to wear them.

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Do Kids Need Helmets on Power Wheels?

Yes, it is important for children to stay safe and wear a helmet. Power Wheels ride-on toys are not meant for high-speed driving or intense off-road use.

Power wheels helmets should be worn when the Power Wheels vehicle is being used to decrease the risk of head injury from a fall, collision with another Power Wheels vehicle, or other unforeseen accidents and events.

Power Wheels models are one of the most popular ride-on toys, and there is no better time than the present to find Power Wheels safety equipment for your toy. Power wheels helmets can not only help prevent head injuries from possible accidents or fenders benders, but they can also give you a sense of security while your child navigates their toy car.

If you have modified your power wheels to go faster, Power Wheels helmets should be worn at all times! Power wheels helmets help keep your child safe when riding on Power Wheels.

The popular saying is if it has wheels, a helmet is required.

What is the Function of Power Wheels Safety Equipment?

Power wheels helmets and seat belts are just two examples of the safety gear available to keep your youngster secure in their Power wheels vehicle. The use of safety equipment such as seat belts and helmets helps lessen the severity of any head, neck, or body injuries your kid might have in a collision.

Additional support is provided by ride-on safety features for toddlers who are too young to grasp the handles securely.

How Does a Helmet Protect Children

Helmets protect kids from severe head injuries. When fitted properly and worn correctly, a helmet will help to avoid bruising or cracking the skull if there is an impact on the head, which could injure the brain.

Power Wheels ride-on toys are not recommended for children under two years old. Younger children can benefit from helmets as well, but to reduce the risk of choking, they should wear headgear that is meant for toddlers and infants.

Make sure to check the helmets I have listed to get the correct size for your children. If it’s the wrong size it could do more harm than good.

How to Get Your Child to Wear a Helmet

The best way to get your child to wear a helmet is to get a themed helmet. This will work because your child may dislike wearing helmets, but if it is themed they may be inclined to wear one.

You can get a helmet that has their favorite cartoon character on it. Not only will this make them want to wear the helmet, but it also allows you to bond with your child as well!

If your Power Wheels already has a theme like Jurassic Park, for example, you could get a dinosaur helmet for your child.

Do Kids Need Knee & Elbow Pads on Power Wheels?

Yes and No.

No, kids don’t need knee and elbow pads on Power Wheels as long as the vehicle has a seatbelt and is a 12V battery or lower. If you are sure they will not fall out of the toy car in any way then they don’t need these.

Yes, if the vehicle is heavily modified and goes faster than stock. It’s best to stay safe and have it as a precaution.

Especially if you are using a drill battery conversion that really pushes the Power Wheels, and you never know when a piece can fail if not upgraded correctly.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Think about how fast and secure the ride-on car is and if there are any dangers in the surroundings around where it will be driven.

Helmets for Ride On Toys

Helmets for ride-on toys are important to have in case your child has a fall and hits their head. If they do not have a helmet on when this occurs, it can cause serious injuries that could be avoided if the child were wearing safety gear.

There are several different types of helmets for kids with Power Wheels. Here are our favorite helmets for ride-on toys and Power Wheels:

Age: 0 – 3 Years Old.

Age: 1 Year Old and Up

Age: 2 Years Old and Up

Age: 3 Years Old and Up

Age: 5 Years Old and Up

Age: 2 – 7 Years Old

No products found.

Age: 3 – 14 Years Old


Parents will feel more at ease and less worried about their kid’s safety when they have the protection of wearing a helmet on ride-on cars. This is because, as we know, head injuries can result in death or long-term disabilities for children.

A study shows that helmets reduce the risk of severe injury by 85% to 90%. It’s one of the most important things you can do to protect your child’s brain from damage during an accident.

Rather than worrying every time they go out in their toy car, mom and dad might be able to relax more if they have a new helmet handy! Next, you can check out some Power Wheels safety features so you know more about how safe they are.

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