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12V Tobbi Jeep Review

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Thanks to Tobbi for sending me the Tobbi 12V Jeep red ride on which is a high-quality toy jeep that has many features we will go into detail about. Tobbi 12V Jeep is one of the most popular items on Amazon, and it’s easy to see why.

Let’s dive right into the review.

TOBBI 12v Kids Ride On Truck with Remote Control Review

My son was so excited to jump in and ride this that it kept slowing us down building it. Just to be complete, his current age is 4 1/2, and he really enjoyed his playtime with the truck.

This vehicle is for kids 3 years old to 8 years old.

My Kids Choice!
Tobbi 12V Jeep

Overall, I give the Tobbi Jeep 4.7 stars out of 5. This will be with our family for a long time and I can’t wait to make it go even faster as my boy grows up.

My son really enjoys toys as all do and when he saw the lights on the car he kept playing with them. One of his favorite things to do was put the seatbelt on every time he entered the vehicle, which is a great safety feature.

He was very proud of this 12V Kids Ride-on. This is easily one of his favorite toys. 

Speaking of the lights it has them on the top bar and LED headlights. However; the taillights are just stickers.

When it comes to the wheels they just look so realistic and each wheel has amazing traction on them. We did drive this in somewhat high grass and traction had no issues at all.

The vehicle comes with 3 speeds, when going in modes like reverse only the lower speed is available. At the time of this review, we only were able to drive the vehicle on grass and we hoped the speed would be faster but it is definitely enough for our kid’s age which is 4 1/2.

We do plan on taking this to a place where he can drive it around on gravel, at that point we will update you with our findings. The 2.4G remote instructions looked very confusing but it was actually simple to set up and use.

The remote range was ok but surprised it wasn’t further, we show this in the video review.

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12V Tobbi Jeep

12V Tobbi Jeep Run Time

The kids loved the battery life of the ride on toy. It ran for about 1 – 1.5 hours on the first charge. It is also very easy to recharge, just take the cord and plug it in under the seat.

The charger itself has a red light when it’s charging and a green light when it’s charged. My son is new at driving these toys so my wife got on the remote and gave him a push at times which is pretty cool.

After a while, he said he wanted to control it himself. We got the red Jeep, but they have other colors like black, pink, and white.

Pros and Cons

  • Amazing stylish look
  • LED lights / Remote
  • Solid build, very upgradable
  • Well worth the price
  • Can pinch fingers when closing doors.
  • The remote range is just ok.

Overall I was very impressed with the product; the car is very solid and built well. I can see it lasting even if you play rough with the vehicle.

They do have an aux jack and a music player, which also tells stories. Real sound engines as you hit the power button, so it is realistic, and my little guy just loved getting in and out of it, the seat was a great size and will fit him for a few more birthdays.

The toy’s design was the best part, it really looks sharp and sleek with vivid colors. Not to mention the purchased price of this vehicle is a really great deal. Again, we did receive this product for free to make the review in full disclosure, but the reviews are always 100% what we think of the products we review.

I was very surprised at how good this product was for the price, and it will be hard to search for a better item in this category at this price point.

The vehicle does also have opening doors with a latch to close them. I feel they do, however, close a little tight; there is a chance a kid can pinch their fingers.

You don’t have to open the doors for the kids to get in the toys.

12V Tobbi Jeep Unboxing

The kid’s ride on came all in one decent-sized box, which was nice we didn’t have to wait for multiple packages to arrive. Unboxing it was easy, and there was not much to tell that can’t be shared in a quick video showing what we received after the purchase process.

Shipping was also free, not just on Amazon but free shipping on Tobbi’s website, which we recommend purchasing it from. If buying from Tobbi use coupon code: rcrideoncars for 8% off the price!

12V Tobbi Jeep Assembly

The assembly of the remote control car did take a few hours but we kept getting distracted. The directions explained everything very well. Anything that wasn’t explained, like the electric connection for the roll bar, was easy for us to figure out.

I was impressed with how the electric wires and the battery were all set up and installed, nothing major was needed just needed to plug 3 wires into each other, and they put them all next to each other to make it easy for this.

We did a complete video on the assembly of this product to help if you decide to purchase this ride for your kids.


This is a very solid build and well worth it. The kids will love Tobbi toys!

The great thing about this is any of the cons can be fixed with future upgrades. I plan to modify this car to go faster in the future, but for now, its average speed is plenty for my 4 year old.

It’s definitely worth the purchase price and the product will last a long time.

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