How Far Will A Remote Transmit For a Ride-on Kid’s Car




How far will a remote control work on a ride on car

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Do you know the remote control range of your child’s ride-on car? Remote control (RC) ride on cars for kids are popular because they give parents peace of mind. 

So, how far will a remote control work on a car? That depends on the kind of remote control you have. Some remotes can transmit over 1,000 feet while others barely transmit 500 feet.

A longer transmission range translates to more fun for your little one. You can control the car from a distance without leaving the comfort of your seat. 

There are various kinds of remote transmitters, and getting the best in the market will guarantee accurate control over the car. You can also buy two vehicles of the same model, and your kids won’t experience any interference with the remotes.

You can rest easy knowing that your kids won’t crash their ride on cars when playing out in the yard.

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Can you put a Remote Control on Power Wheels?

Yes, it is possible. You can convert a power wheels car into a remote control ride-on car. It will take a while to do it as a DIY project. There are a few things that you need to understand about the parts ideal for transforming power wheels into a remote control toy car.

There are four main parts that a remote control car need is a motor, power source, receiver, and transmitter. To completely transform power wheels, you need to remove the pedals and the gas circuit.

Also, you will need to remove the control board and the steering wheel because they will no longer be necessary.

Most power wheels are battery-powered, and you will use the battery as a power source for the motor, receiver, and transmitter. You must remove the manual parts of the power wheels to create room for the engine and receiver.

Be careful when removing the unnecessary parts because you still need the wired to make it functional as a remote control car. You do not want to destroy the integrity of the vehicle when you are doing the transformation.


The receiver and transmitter work hand-in-hand to give you absolute control over the remote control cars. It is recommended that you use a transmission and receiver on a frequency of 2.4GH and above.

A high-quality receiver and transmitter ensure that it will work for as long as your child is using the ride-on car.


The motor will provide the driving force of the vehicle when it becomes a remote control car. A powerful motor will be faster and make it possible for a child to win races.

However, you should buy a small motor if your child is small and still learning how to navigate. There is a lower risk of an adverse crash when you have a smaller motor.


Ideally, a rechargeable battery that lasts for 1-2 hours will provide the most fun for your kids. Also, you want to buy a battery that doesn’t take forever to recharge.

In essence, the time the battery takes to charge is the amount of time you will have to keep your child distracted.

Alternatively, you can buy two batteries to alternate when one is out of power. Having two batteries allows you to engage your child for a longer duration.

A battery that lasts for a short time can make your kid feel left out when the other kids keep playing.


You need tools to transform power wheels into a remote control car completely. You will need some cutting tools to remove any parts you don’t need in the power wheels.

Next, you have to buy electrical wires for connecting the new circuits in the ride-on car. 

Also, you will need a screwdriver to install the motor and receiver in the vehicle. You can buy a conversion toolbox or rent out the tools you will need for the project.

What is 2.4G Remote Control?

A 2.4g remote control refers to a remote that can transmit in the frequency of 2.4 gigahertz. A 2.4 g remote control is also referred to as a 2.4 GHz remote. It is popular because it doesn’t allow interference when there are other remote control vehicles around.

It is suitable for parents with kids who want the same model of car. Also, it will enable your kids to conduct races safely using RC cars.

The frequency of the transmitter ensures that it transmits specific commands to a particular car. Remote controls with a lower rate can be used to control different vehicles. It comes in handy when you have a similar model without a remote.

However, it can cause crashes when kids use different remotes on the same frequency. Signals can be transmitted to various cars at the same time.

A 2.4 GHz remote is the solution to all the problems. The remotes pair to a specific car/ transmitter and make it possible to control individual RC cars with ease.

You can buy similar RC cars for your kids and not worry about collisions because of the parental remote controls.

We put together a full list of the 10 best ride-on cars with parental remotes.

How does a Remote Control Toy Car Work?

The remote controls for toy cars work similarly. 

The vehicle has a receiver that is paired with a transmitter that is in the parental controls. The transmitter sends signals of the commands that the parent inputs. The receiver accepts the commandments, and the motor roars into action to implement the commands.

The distance that you can use a remote control will vary from one model to the next. Remote control with a wide range allows you to control a toy car from your seat’s comfort.

It also makes it possible to prevent collisions of a ride on a vehicle in case of an emergency. You need to find a remote with a high range to give kids a large area to have fun.

How do I Pair Remote Ride to my Car?

The process of pairing a remote control to an RC toy car is straightforward for most models. The popular model requires parents to switch off vehicles before attempting the pairing process.

Once the vehicle is off, you need to press the pairing button for 2-4 seconds until you see an LED light flashing. 

After that, turn on the car and look at the LED light to confirm that it is stable. The process works for the Orangmote, Redmote, Owliemote, among others.

The Happymote LED lights turn off after pairing to confirm a steady connection to the car. The Xmote requires parents to switch on the vehicle before starting the pairing process.

Overall, it takes less than a minute to complete the pairing process with an RC car.

Can you use one Remote for Two Toy Cars?

Yes. Some remotes are cross-compatible with a variety of RC toy cars. Some manufacturers produce a universal remote for their models.

You can opt to buy a toy car without the parental remote when you have a compatible one. The feature is handy because kids tend to damage toys fast, and in the long run, you may end up with a lot of functional remotes.

A compatible remote control car allows you to buy a new RC toy car without the remote when the current one goes out of order, or your child outgrows it. You still need to consider how far a remote control works on a ride-on car before deciding to pair it with a new vehicle.

A short-range remote will limit the distance that you or your child can control the car. It will limit the fun your kid can have while on the ride-on car.

Can I buy a Remote Control Separately?

Yes. You can buy a remote control for the model of vehicle you have or buy a compatible one that has a bigger range in terms of distance. When purchasing a new remote, you need to check the models it is compatible with to ensure that it can use it with the model at home.

You can find a variety of remotes in different stores for a reasonable price.

Do you need a Remote Control?

Yes, you do if your child is younger. Parental remote control for a ride on a car is ideal for when a child is learning how to drive.

The remote control is a nice safety net when you want to ensure that your kid is safe on a ride by car.

If your child is older and well established on how to drive a ride-on car and it will be driven in a safe place then you can do without a remote.  You will know when they are ready.


The remote control is a wonderful addition for parents who are a little worried when a child is small. Find a remote that is simple to pair with a toy car.

You can opt to convert power wheels into a remote control car. It takes a short while to convert power wheels into a remote control car.

Keep in mind that you should get a 2.4GHz remote to ensure that you have accurate control of your child’s RC control car. Don’t forget to get one with long transmissions to range to ensure you can control the toy car all over your compound.

How Far Will A Remote Transmit For a Ride-on Kid’s Car

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