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Are Power Wheels Worth The Money? Yes, they are because Power Wheels are the highest quality electric toy cars in the market. If you can afford to buy your little one a new Power Wheels, go for it. 

Fisher-Price is an electric car manufacturer, and it is responsible for the production of Power Wheels ride-on cars Power Wheels are an excellent entertainment source for kids at home. 

Many parents have been skeptical about the price tag that the vehicles fetch, but the cars are not overpriced. 

Most kids have Power Wheels, and not buying one for your child will make them feel left out in the community. You should buy one for your child so that they can have fun too.

Why Should You Buy Power Wheels?

Parents and kids can enjoy several benefits of power wheels, especially kids who are growing. Most parents love the brand because it is reliable, and the vehicles are durable.

You can expect your child to use their toy car for more than two years without the need for any significant repairs

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy from Power Wheels. 


Fisher-Price electric toy cars are built for several years until your little one can outgrow them. You can hand down power wheels to siblings without needing to do replacements or significant repairs.

Some vehicles come with a metal frame and plastic parts, while others are made from plastic only. 

Parents love how toy cars can transverse through various terrains with ease. Also, cars can withstand abuse from kids without breaking.

You can buy one for kids who play rough without worrying that your child will break the toy after a few uses. 

You can purchase replacement parts on Amazon or the company website in case you need them. We also recommend getting the extended warranty, it will pay for itself with a single battery replacement.

Audio Options

The toy vehicles tend to have a running time of about 1-2 hours, depending on the battery’s output capacity. Kids can get quickly bored by driving a toy car for over one hour without an alternative entertainment source.

Some of the models come with realistic engine sounds to give a child an authentic driving experience. 

Other models come with working horns that will help a child warn other road users to leave away. Kids like the sound of a horn and find it highly entertaining. 

Most power wheels vehicles come with preprogrammed music for kids to listen to when playing. Others have a working radio as the source for audio entertainment.

Parents can connect a child’s favorite tunes to the vehicle through a TF slot, USB port, MP3, AUX cord, or Bluetooth, depending on the connectivity options that a model boasts. 

Your child won’t get bored during their outdoor adventures when they are using power wheels. 

Realistic Designs 

Fisher-Price has a vast collection of Power Wheels toy cars to choose a design that suits their kids. Popular designs include trucks, jeeps, Mercedes Benz, Peg Perego, and Dune Racer.

The Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler design has various themes, including Disney Frozen and Toy Story themes. 

Parents can choose a model that suits their child’s age and weight from the collection of vehicles available. The toy cars come with a realistic design with a dashboard and a foot pedal similar to real-life vehicles.

The designs come in an array of colors that are suitable for girls and boys. You can also find gender-neutral colors like white, black, green, or orange.

Safety Features

Safety is always a consideration when parents decide on the brand of electric toy car they can buy for the child. If you wonder whether power wheels are worth the money, you need to understand the toy cars’ safety precautions.

Fisher-Price installs a four-wheel suspension system on their electric toy cars to provide a smooth ride. 

The rubber, pneumonic, or plastic wheels have in-depth trends that provide adequate traction on different landscapes. A seat belt keeps each child in their seat in case of a crash or accident. 

Overall, your child will be safe from minor hits by the dashboard to significant injuries caused by accidents. Kids must teach kids how to use seat belts appropriately and put them on. 

Two Seat Vehicles 

The brand has spacious two-seat vehicles for kids to drive around with siblings or friends on the passenger’s side. It is common for kids to carry a sibling, friend, or toys outside playing make-believe games. 

Two-seat power wheels take away kids’ need to fight over who will enjoy a ride in the backyard. It is convenient for parents with two toddlers to opt for a toy car with two seats. 


Power Wheels toys for kids who are eight years old and above can have a speed limit of 6-8 MPH. Toy cars for toddlers can have a low speed of as little as 1.5MPH, suitable for toddlers.

Additionally, the vehicles come with the option of 2-3 speed levels that kids can choose to use. 

Some models come with a speed lockout feature that prevents a child from accessing high speeds until they can drive responsibly. Parents can find toy vehicles with speed ranges that are suitable for toddlers to preteens. 

Parental Remote Control

Power Wheels models for younger children come with a parental remote control that comes in handy when teaching a child how to drive. The remote control does not come with batteries, and parents have to buy them separately.

You can use the remote control to navigate a child until they can go straight without your assistance.

Where Can I Buy Power Wheels?

Parents need to buy power wheels from reputable suppliers to avoid buying low-quality vehicles. You can purchase Power Wheels from the Fisher-Price website or Amazon.

Both websites state whether the model of vehicle you want is available and the retail price. We compare all the best features of Ride On Cars in our Buyers Guide section.

Parents should read through the product description to determine each package’s contents and the number of children each car can fit.

How Much Do Power Wheels Cost?

Parents wonder, are Power Wheels worth the money because it has a high price tag. The toy vehicles tend to last for years, and they provide countless hours of outdoor fun to a child. 

Parents pay $200 and above for power wheels that can accommodate one child. The best models go for about $300 to $450, depending on your toy vehicles’ purchase.

It is a worthy investment despite the high cost of some of the models.  Interested in knowing more about what Power Wheels cost?

Keep in mind you will want certain types of Power Wheels if you will be in grass or rough terrains.

What is the Age Limit for Power Wheels?

Fisher-Price always recommends an age limit of 2-10 years old for ride-on vehicles. However, some parents buy 6V toy cars for a 1-year old and use a remote control to operate the car.

It is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the safety of your little one. 

It is advisable to wait until a child reaches the minimum age limit of your favorite power wheels car before you buy it. Parents should also endeavor to teach kids how to drive using a remote control to take over the controls when they notice a child heading to a dangerous situation.


Are Power Wheels worth the money? Yes. Parents can spend money to buy new Power Wheels, knowing that it is a practical child experience.

It would be best to purchase power wheels for your child because they keep a child engaged for 1-2 hours every day. 

It is simple to recharge the toy car’s batteries and lasts for a couple of years. You do not need to do any significant repairs with appropriate use, and the spare parts for all models are readily available.

If you wonder if power wheels are the best ride-on cars for your child, now you know for sure. Your child will thank you for buying them such a cool toy. 

Power Wheels Worth the Money

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