What Age are Ride On Cars for? Minimum Age and Max Age Limits




What age are ride on cars for?

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What Age Are Ride On Cars For?

The standard age limit for most electric toy cars is 3-8 years old. However, there is ride on vehicles with remotes for toddlers who are 12 months old. Likewise, there are models for kids who are 8-14 years old. It is imperative for parents to choose electric toy vehicles that are age-appropriate.

Did you know that ride-on toys are classified as motorized and non-motorized cars? Ride-on cars are an excellent way to engage your kids and help them develop motor skills.

Choosing the right ride-on car for your kid can be a little tricky, with so many options available. 

However, you need to know the right ride-on car depending on your little one’s age before making a purchasing decision.

It is simple to find a ride-on toy for toddlers online. Most manufacturers specify the age limit for each ride-on toy to assist parents in choosing an age-appropriate toy.

This article aims to assist you in choosing the ideal ride-on toy for your child.

What are the Ride-On Toys

Ride-on toys are toy vehicles that kids can play outdoors or indoors. Ride-on toys include motorized and non-motorized toys for kids. The motorized ride-on cars are battery-powered, and they come in models that resemble real-life adult cars.

The popular models include trucks, cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and quad bikes. You will have a wide selection to choose from for your little one, no matter the age.

Non-motorized ride-on toys include boards, scooters, bicycles, and trikes. Some non-motorized ride-on toys may require the parent to push a kid around until they can learn how to ride.

Non-motorized ride-on toys are available for children of different ages.

What Age are Ride On Cars For

The minimum age for motorized ride-on cars for kids is 12 months.  The child must be able to also sit up by themselves to qualify for this. 

Most manufacturers like Best Choice, Fisher-Price, and Power Wheels carry models suitable for toddlers who are twelve months old but always check the manufacturer and the recommended starting age.

Most of the ride-on cars for toddlers have a remote control to allow the parents to control the movements. The battery-powered ones for kids between 2-7 years old have a low speed to reduce the chances of a crash.

The average maximum age limit for ride-on cars is about 10-years old. Kids can safely use adult modes of transportation like quad bikes and bicycles at 10-years old and above. 

Some ride-on cars accommodate kids up to the age of 14-years old. Your child can tell you whenever they are ready to transition into more mature toys. The transition will happen naturally as the child grows older each year.

Our Pick For 10 Best Power Wheels
If you are looking for a specific Power Wheels brand. Your best option is the 10 Best Powerwheels Compared.

What Age are Power Wheels For

Power Wheels is a ride-on car brand that produces some of the most in-demand ride-on cars for kids worldwide. Power Wheels is a subsidiary of the Fisher-Price brand dedicated to producing amazing ride-on cars for kids.

The company manufactures ride-on cars for kids starting from 12 months old. The cars have an age limit that acts as a guide to the appropriate age for each model. 

There are models for toddlers who are 12 months old to 2-years, 3-5 years old, and 6-8 years old. You must adhere to the age limits to prevent accidents and injuries.

Buying Power Wheels that are not in your child’s age range may be dangerous.

It can be tempting to buy a larger power wheels vehicle because your child may use it for more years. However, your child may not be able to control the ride-on car appropriately, putting the kid in danger of getting injuries.

Although the age limit is a suggestion, it comes in handy to ensure you choose the right size for your kids.

What is the Best Power Wheels for a 5-Year Old

Several power wheels are ideal for kids who are 5 years old. At that age, it won’t be a surprise when your little one asks for models that resemble real cars.

You can allow your child to choose the model that they would love to drive.

The most popular Power Wheels for 5-year-olds include the following models:

• Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad
• Power Wheels Dune Racer
• Peg Perego John Deere Tractor
• Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler
• Best Choice Products 12V Kids Battery Powered Electric RC Ride-on Car

We also do have a full guide on Power Wheels for all ages.

The beauty of Power Wheels is that the brand has spacious vehicles for older kids. The cars come with strong engines that can support higher speeds, which older kids will find thrilling.

You can comfortably invest in the brand because the ride-on cars tend to last for a long duration. Don’t forget to consider the age limit of the models before you decide to buy a Power Wheels ride-on car for your kid.

How Much Do Power Wheels Cost?

The cost for Power Wheels ride-on cars may vary depending on the season. There are times when the ride-on cars are on offer, and you can find an awesome model for $150.

Other times like the holidays, the prices can hike up to $400. The ride-on cars are most expensive during the holiday season because they are a go-to gift option for most adults.

You can opt to buy Power Wheels in advance to avoid buying ride-on cars when they are expensive.

The average price of Power Wheels ride-on cars is $240-$360. The price may vary depending on the model of the ride-on car.

You can look for websites with a discount on Power Wheels if you want to save some of your cash. The ride-on cars are the perfect birthday or holiday gift for kids who are 1-year old and above.

Can A Two-Year-Old Ride A Bike

It is not advisable to put a 2-year old kid on a regular bike. At 2-years old, a toddler is not capable of balancing and steering a bicycle appropriately.

Most parents opt to buy 2-year old toddlers trikes or bicycles with training wheels to help them stay balanced. 

The problem with trikes and training wheels is that a child doesn’t learn how to balance on a bicycle. Therefore, the kid won’t be a competent rider when you buy a bicycle when they are older.

Another option is to ride on bikes which are known as motorbikes.  They are two wheels and offer some sort of training wheels with parental remotes.  We have a list of the best motorbikes here.

How Long Does It Take A Kid to Drive Power Wheels

The duration will take a kid to master how to drive power wheels, depending on the child’s age. Even then, kids have different learning curves for different activities.

On average, kids can reasonably drive Power Wheels ride-on cars within 3-6 weeks with frequent practice.

Kids below 3-years old can take longer to learn because they are still developing motor skills. You can buy a ride-on car that comes with parental controls to take over whenever the need arises.

Older kids who’ve had the pleasure of owning ride-on cars may take a few days to adjust to new models and speed limits. There are so many benefits when kids use ride-on cars, read all about them here.


Ride-on cars are entertaining for kids, and they help them to nurture their motor skills. The recommended age for ride-on cars is 1-10 years old.

However, you need to ensure your 1-year old toddler can sit upright unsupported before placing the baby in a ride-car. Also, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the age limits for ride-on car models.

It is a custom for manufacturers to suggest the ideal age for the ride-on toys.

Your kid can choose to transition from ride-on cars to other options like bicycles between 7-8 years old. Most ride-on brands offer models for kids who are 10-years old. Other brands have an option for kids who are 14 years old.

As a rule of thumb, do not force your child to transition when they are not ready. They will do it naturally when the time feels right to them.

What age are Ride On Cars for? Minimum age and Max age limits

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