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Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control

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You don’t have to worry when your Power Wheels remote control stops working. You can upgrade, modify, or replace a remote control system in Power Wheels with the following steps. 

  • Prepare the Vehicle
  • Remove Control Parts
  • Install the New System 
  • Connect the Receiver 
  • Test Drive 

Power Wheels remote control systems can become defective or wear out due to prolonged use. You can buy a remote control kit on Amazon and use it as a replacement with a few modifications. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing the power to navigate your little one’s toy car. 

Overall, purchasing a remote control replacement kit ensures you don’t hassle looking for components. Also, you will receive a kit that is assembled and ready to install.

You don’t have to be a Power Wheels expert to do the modification as a DIY project. This article will tell you all you need to know about the upgrading process. 

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What You Need To Replace Remote Control to a Power Wheels

There are several kits in the market that are excellent for replacing a broken remote control system. A complete kit makes it easy to replace because it comes with all the components ready for attachment.

Here are the best remote control replacement kits.

Remote Control Kit
Kids Ride On Car 12V DIY Modified Harness Complete Set of...
Remote Control Kit
Kids Ride On Car 12V DIY Modified Harness Complete Set of...
Remote Needs Batteries
Duracell Coppertop AAA Batteries with Power Boost...
Kids Ride On Car 12V DIY Modified Harness Complete Set of…
Kids Ride On Car 12V DIY Modified Harness Complete Set of…
Duracell Coppertop AAA Batteries with Power Boost…
Remote Control Kit
Kids Ride On Car 12V DIY Modified Harness Complete Set of...
Kids Ride On Car 12V DIY Modified Harness Complete Set of…
Remote Control Kit
Kids Ride On Car 12V DIY Modified Harness Complete Set of...
Kids Ride On Car 12V DIY Modified Harness Complete Set of…
Remote Needs Batteries
Duracell Coppertop AAA Batteries with Power Boost...
Duracell Coppertop AAA Batteries with Power Boost…

The Kids Ride-On Car kit is ideal for replacing the remote control system and a gearbox. It comes with two gearboxes as part of the package.

So you can do a complete overhaul of your remote control system for less than $60. 

The kits arrive fully assembled, and all you need to do is connect the switches to the correct terminals. However, some wires may be short for your Power Wheels. You can add some wire to cover the difference. 

You will need tools for the installation, and they include:

  • Screwdriver
  • Hand saw 
  • Electric tape 
  • Drill

It would help if you collected all the hardware and software for the conversion beforehand to make it a smooth process. It would be best to buy several wires because you won’t know how many you will need until you start doing the conversion. 

Prepare the Vehicle

You can clean the vehicle before the conversion to find dirt under the hood when doing the conversion. It would be best if you familiarize yourself with your Power Wheels’ workings so that you know where to install which parts.

The installation will take place at the dashboard and the battery area. 

Remove car parts that will prevent you from accessing critical areas. Start with the car seats, the grill, and the windshield.

The deconstructed vehicle will make maneuvering around the car during the conversion straightforward. 

Remove Control Parts

Take a picture of the wiring of the remote control parts of the flawed system for reference when you install the new one. Remove any parts of the defective remote control system from the car to easily install the new system.

Flip the vehicle to gain access to the pedal tabs. Press all four tabs to remove the gas pedal from the toy vehicle.

Clear any attachment wires around the pedal area and cut off any excess plastic around it. It would be best if you left nothing in the pedal area, and there should be plastic parts protruding when you are through. 

Gutting all the electrical parts of the vehicle ensures that a child cannot drive the toy manually. It also ensures that there is no electricity flowing to the unwanted parts.

Be careful not to leave any wires hanging when stripping the vehicle. 

Install the New System

Once you remove all the defective parts of the toy car, it’s time to connect the new system. Also, you need to place the instruction manual of the system close to you.

Alternatively, open the image you took of the old system on your phone. 

  • Start by connecting the power switch to the power button.
  • Connect the forward/back/stop switch to the foot pedal. 
  • Connect the high/low-speed switch to the dashboard. 
  • Connect the music and light interface to the dashboard. 
  • Connect the steering switch to the motor. 
  • Connect the power terminals to the battery. 

Connect the Receiver 

Receivers are primarily small, and you can use electric tape to attach the receiver to the dashboard. Most servos have ports for two channels. 

You should read the user manual to find out which channel you should connect the receiver to. Attach the connector on the receiver to the appropriate channel. 

Attach the battery pack to power and turn on the remote control. Pair the remote with the receiver and test it out to see whether it works as it should.

You can choose to add a second light switch, which will turn off the receiver whenever you want. 

If the remote doesn’t work, go over the steps to see if there is a loose connector or some wrong you missed. Ensure that the power circuit is complete because the remote won’t work when the circuit is incomplete. 

It would be best to follow the installation instructions to the latter so that you don’t end up with a system that doesn’t work. If the remote doesn’t work, go over your work and compare the new connections with the image of the old connections in search of discrepancies.

Test Drive 

You should take the vehicle for a test drive around the compound to see how well the remote control works. You can do a test drive before you reinstall the parts you removed from the vehicle initially. 

Also, do a test drive with a child in the ride on to see whether it still performs with the extra weight. Most Power Wheels should work seamlessly after the conversion with kids in the vehicle.

What You Need to Know Before Adding a Remote Control

There are a few things that you need to know before attempting the conversion. Some facts will save you time, while others will make your conversion convenient.

Overall, we seek to ensure you complete the transformation with the least number of complications. 

Match the Voltage

You need to ensure the accessories you buy can withstand the voltage output of your vehicle. Therefore, you need a 6V receiver for a 6V toy car, a 12V receiver for a 12V toy car, and so on.

A mismatch in the voltage can cause the remote control, not to work or burnout in your electrical system. 

Ideally, you need to upgrade the motor and battery of a car when you buy accessories of a higher voltage. It will cost you more than you initially budgeted for the conversion.

It is better to buy accessories that match your Power Wheels. 

Power Wheels 

The assumption is that you own a Power Wheels that you want to convert to remote control cars. You can opt for a second-hand one because you intend to modify it if you don’t. 

There are many parents selling Power Wheels at a throwaway price because their children have outgrown them. Therefore, don’t pressure to buy new Power Wheels if you don’t have cash.

Conversion Cost

You should have a budget of $50-$60 for the replacement set aside. Most kits have all the components, including wires, a receiver, switches, parental control, and sometimes gearboxes.

However, you will need to buy AAA batteries for the parental control device. You will most likely have to buy the extension wires from a local store or online.

You need the wires because Power Wheels models are different, and you can’t predict how much you need in advance.

What Are the Benefits of Remote Control On Power Wheels?

It is an excellent solution for children who are not able to drive a toy car. Parents with toddlers can convert Power Wheels to remote control for the safety of the child. 

Children with medical conditions that affect their motor skills shouldn’t be left out of the fun. Converting Power Wheels to remote control is an efficient way of allowing the kids experience the joys of riding a toy car. 

It reduces the number of crashes the vehicle will have because the controls are in an adult’s hands. Some kids love the thrill of going fast, which may result in several collisions.

Taking out the manual part ensures that your child enjoys riding on the toy safely.

How Long Will the Conversion Take?

Parents have different speeds when doing DIY projects, so you should take all the time you need. However, you may have a tight schedule and want to know what time to set aside for the conversion. 

It should take about 1-2 hours to do the conversion if you have a good idea of the Power Wheels electric system.


Now that you know how to convert Power Wheels to remote control, you can modify the vehicle to meet your little one’s needs. Every child should experience the fun of taking a few turns on Power Wheels every day. 

The remote control option keeps your child safe, and you don’t have to worry when they are in the toy car. The remote can even go far distances to cover a large yard.

You may need to borrow or rent a few tools, but it will all be worth it when you see your child having fun safely. Find a controller that uses a rechargeable lithium battery so that you don’t have to keep buying batteries.

Once the remote is set with batteries you just need to pair the remote to the Power Wheels and you are all set.

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