Will I Fit in a Go Kart?




Will I Fit in a Go Kart

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Three things determine whether you will fit in a go-kart, namely your height, weight, and the go-kart model. Go-karts models are standardized for a certain weight and height. The standard go-kart chassis measurements are 78″ long, 28″ tall, and 52″ wide. 

I have been to go-kart races with friends, and many tall and heavy people ask themselves, “Will I fit in a go-kart?” even before they go to a go-kart race center. Unlike popular belief, modern go-karts are built to accommodate individuals of different weights and heights. 

A few solutions help individuals who are tall, heavy, or both seamlessly fit into a go-kart. This article will explain features to look for in a go-kart, adult go-kart weight classes, how weight and height affect races and some frequently asked questions. 

Some of the questions this article will answer are:

  • Can tall individuals fit in go-karts?
  • Can heavier individuals fit in go-karts?
  • How do go-karts accommodate tall or heavy individuals
  • Who can participate in go-kart races?
  • Are go-karts suitable for weight loss?

Keep reading to learn more about fitting into a go-kart.

Will I Fit In a Go-kart?    

More go-kart manufacturers are including adjustable features to accommodate tall and heavy people. Therefore, you will likely fit in a go-kart when you make certain adjustments to the interior. 

However, you must meet pre-qualification weight requirements to be allowed to race professionally.

Also, it would be best if you learned how to race in a go-kart as a tall or heavy person so that you can navigate safely on the track. We also highly recommend protecting your head, purchasing a go-kart helmet is very important.

What to Look For In A Go-kart?

You probably carry some extra weight if you are tall due to your height. Therefore, you can benefit from choosing a go-kart suitable for heavier people.

Below are some of the things you should check when choosing a go-kart. Whether you are buying a go-kart or choosing one at a go-kart center for an upcoming race, the tips apply. 

Go Kart Weight Limit

Ask about the weight limit to see if it calculate accommodate you. You don’t need to worry much about the weight because all racers are weighed before races.

Go-kart races have minimum and maximum weight classifications that racers should strictly follow. 

If you want to buy a go-kart, take the maximum weight capacity and deduct the weight of the go-kart to get the maximum weight of the driver. Therefore, a go-kart with a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs weighs 170lbs; then, the driver should have a maximum weight of 230lbs. 

Go Kart Seat Size

Go-karts only have two seat sizes, large and small. Tall and heavy people need a go-kart with a large seat size. Confirm that your go-kart has a large seat, especially when purchasing one. 

You can swap out a large seat for a premium one, but you can never fit a large seat in a go-kart designed for small seats. So, pay close attention to the seat size because you spend all your time in the seat when racing. 

Go Kart Adjustability

Tall people come in all shapes and sizes, and an adjustable go-kart can accommodate different sizes. It is imperative to rent or buy a go-kart to adjust the seat, pedals, and steering column. 

Tall people should lower their seats to the lowest setting but not seat right on top of the bottom plate. The adjustment allows tall races to counteract resistance caused by their upper bodies sticking way above the go-kart. 

Another adjustment for tall people is to adjust the pedals so that their long legs are straight or slightly bent when the pedals are on the floor. You can adjust the steering column height to match that of yours.

It would be best if you were comfortable during a race to focus on winning and not the uncomfortable places a go-kart is pinching your body. 

Adult Go-kart Weight Categories

There are two weight categories that adults can race within. The weight class includes the weight of the driver plus that of the go-kart.

The Senior and Gearbox weight class is ideal for anyone who is 16+. 

The Senior class allows a weight range of 217-361 lbs, while the Gearbox class has 389-441 lbs. The weight limit in both classes also allows adults to use more powerful and heavier engines when racing. 

How Do Weight and Height Relate to Go-karting?

Some rules and regulations govern go-karting races. Go-kart manufacturers include a maximum weight limit of the go-kart.

The total weight limit of a go-kart includes the vehicle’s weight plus the driver’s weight. Under no circumstances should the weight limit be exceeded. 


Your height and weight won’t matter when you do friendly races with your friends. Attendants add weights to the karts with lighter races to create an even competition.

However, professional races don’t add weights to competitor cars to even out the playfield. 

A heavy person will be at a disadvantage at a race because lighter racers will go faster. The extra weight will cause more drag force and affect your speed.

Therefore, the extra weight you have over the minimum weight class limit will hurt your performance.


When racing, tall people used to be forced to double up in a go-kart. However, modern go-karts have been modified to accommodate tall people.

Margay had a stint producing go-karts with longer chassis for tall people, but it wasn’t a popular solution.

Go-karts come with adjustable seats, pedals, and steering columns to allow racers to make the necessary adjustments to fit inside. Most go-karts can comfortably accommodate 6’2″ individuals, but anyone above that may experience some discomfort. 

Will I Fit In A Go-kart To Race Professionally?

Yes, you can fit in a go-kart and race professionally. You can probably find a go-kart that will fit you with a bit of discomfort if you are tall and heavy. 

However, be prepared to take a hit on your performance if you are among the heaviest racers in your class limit. Heavy people are motivated to lose weight to increase their performance in karting races

Also, frequent practice acts as a form of exercise for heavy individuals. I would say the maximum weight to try go-kart races is about 250 lbs. 

How to Find a Kart That Fits

I have researched the best way to find a go-kart that fits taller or heavier, and here’s what I found. There is no one-size-fits-all go-kart for tall or heavy people.

It would be best if you put in some effort to find a go-kart that fits you.

Buying or renting a go-kart that fits you well can make your overall racing experience enjoyable. Moreover, you can learn about go-kart racing faster if you enjoy spending time on the race track.

Visit Go-kart Race Tracks

Search for go-kart race tracks that have races for tall or heavy people. The chances are that there are specific go-kart models they favor for their clientele.

Sign up for racing sessions or practice sessions. 

Visiting the race tracks will allow you to try out their go-karts and find a make and model you like. Moreover, you’ll receive expert advice from the attendants. 

Go-Kart Size FAQs


Modern go-karts accommodate heavier and taller adults than the original models. Choosing the right go-kart is essential for tall or heavy adults who want to enjoy themselves or join the sport. 

Overall, go-kart racing is available for anyone interested if you meet the class limits. The rules don’t apply if you do friendly races with your friends.

However, some adults may be discouraged from go-kart races if they surpass certain weight limits. If you are in the market for a Go-Kart check out the best designs we recommend.!

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