Are Power Wheels Dangerous?

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  • Date: August 1, 2022
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Power Wheels are impressive, and Fisher-Prize adheres to safety standards all the way. The company has created some of the best safety policies to ensure their ride-on toys are safe for children. Power Wheels safety features include a seat belt, speed lock-out lever, brakes, and parental remote control. 

It is usual for parents to wonder, ‘are Power Wheels dangerous?’ before making a purchase. You shouldn’t feel weird for wanting to know whether you are putting your child in danger by buying ride-on toy cars.

Parental duty demands that you do research on motorized toy cars and find the one you love.

How Are Ride-On Cars Dangerous?

Ride-on cars have faced controversies on the topic of their safety. Ride-on toys are the leading cause of toy injuries in children.

Kids who aren’t good drivers tend to crash cars, and they can get hurt in the process. 

Another reason why kids get hurt on Power Wheels is when kids misuse Power Wheels. Children can stand on top of the toy vehicles as they drive around, which can cause the car to tip sideways.

Therefore, you should teach your kid how to drive safely and how to stay safe all the time. The most frightening part about motorized toy cars is that they tend to malfunction.

Some of the malfunctions include engines burning up, brakes not working, and broken pieces. There are cases where a malfunction has led to severe injuries or death to a child. 

Ride On Dangerous

Are Power Wheels Dangerous?

Power Wheels are among the safest ride-on toys because Fisher-Price ensures that they meet high standards. Fisher-Price was slapped with a $1.1 million fine in June 2001 by the US Consumer Product Safety Commissions (CPSC).

The fine was for not disclosing that there was a defect in some of the ride-on toys. 

The CPSC is strict on product defects that are dangerous to consumers. Overall, the fine spurred a change in Fisher-Price to ensure their products have safety features.

As a result, Power Wheels are among the safest ride-on cars available in the market right now. You can rest easy knowing that your child will be safe when using Power Wheels. 

What Are The Safety Features of Power Wheels?

Power Wheels come with a couple of in-built safety features to ensure children are safe. Understanding the safety features of Power Wheels will help you feel comfortable buying one for your kid. Here are some of the safety features. 

  • Most Power Wheels come with seat belts to keep kids in place when the car is in motion. Parents need to insist that children wear seat belts when driving Power Wheels. 
  • Most Power Wheels come with a parental remote to allow parents to control when children are heading into dangerous situations. It can reduce the odds of kids crashing into objects or obstacles. 
  • Most Power Wheels have a speed lock button that ensures children who aren’t capable drivers don’t go at the highest speed. 
  • Fisher-Price installs a pressure plate in Power Wheels to ensure the car won’t start when the vehicle is overloaded. Therefore, the car won’t move an inch when kids exceed the maximum weight capacity. 
  • A braking system ensures that children can instantly stop the vehicle when they sense danger approaching. 
  • A suspension system gives kids a smooth ride on various terrains and ensures they don’t get thrown around the vehicle or get hurt. 

Overall, Power Wheels have various measures to keep children safe when they are playing. Fisher-Price focuses on the design of toy cars to ensure everything is high-quality and functions as it should when the time comes. 

What Can Parents Do to Enhance Safety?

Parents are an essential part of kids’ safety, and watching over kids when they are using Power Wheels will help keep your children safe. You can’t assume that your kids will do the right thing when driving motorized vehicles. 

Power Wheels Supervision

Never leave children to drive a motorized toy vehicle without adult supervision. One adult should be close to children when they choose to use their Power Wheels.

It would be best to sit outdoors in the backyard or walk beside your child on the sidewalk. 

Never leave your children unsupervised when driving Power Wheels, whether on the backyard, sidewalk, or park. Kids can veer from their path into oncoming traffic and get hit by real-life cars. 

Power Wheels Regular Inspections 

It would help if you carried out inspections on your Power Wheels to ensure it isn’t faulty or broken. Broken parts can lead to collisions or engine problems.

Therefore, you need to look at your child’s Power Wheels once every 1-2 months to ensure all parts are in perfect condition. 

Moreover, you can order replacement parts for any faulty details before the toy car stops working. As a result, your child won’t have to wait for new parts when something is broken, and the toy car stops working. 

Power Wheels Driving Skills 

Teaching your child how to drive is an excellent way to ensure they are safe. It would be best if you start by teaching your child how to drive at the lowest speed.

Start out slow and show your child how to navigate around your backyard. Teaching your child how to drive will reduce the times you have to use your remote control. 

Is Power Wheels Worth It?

Yes. Power Wheels are worth every penny that you spend to buy one for your child. You can buy Power Wheels knowing that it is safe for kids.

Fisher-Price ensures that all Power Wheels have multiple safety features that work in keeping kids safe. 

Additionally, Power Wheels are a rite of passage toy, and your child can feel left out when they don’t have one. Your child will appreciate having a toy that will allow them to play with their friends. 


Power Wheels are not dangerous as long as children use them in the right way. You need to be vigilant when your little one is on their Power Wheels.

Parents should ensure that their kids use seatbelts and drive in a safe location. Ensure your child should always play in a secure location like your backyard or the driveway. 

Overall, you can buy power wheels for your child as a birthday or holiday present. You can’t go wrong when you buy Power Wheels for your kid.

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