Can You Use Any 12 Volt Battery In A Power Wheels?

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  • Date: July 21, 2022
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Yes, you can use any 12-volt battery on Power Wheels as long as the toy is rated 12-volts. However, this is not recommended for a variety of reasons, including regular batteries not having built-in thermal fuses, having a varying current output, and not being compatible with Power Wheels battery chargers, among other reasons. 

A common question that parents have is whether or not they can use any 12-volt battery in their child’s Power Wheels. This article will answer this question and provide some safety information to consider when selecting a battery for your Power Wheel.

Can You Use Any 12 Volt Battery In A Power Wheels?

Yes, you can use any 12-volt battery on Power Wheels as long as it is rated 12-volts. However, this is not recommended for a variety of reasons which include:

Most random batteries don’t have a built-in thermal fuse.

You will notice that most Power Wheels batteries have a thermal fuse built-in. This is a safety feature that keeps the battery from overheating or catching fire if it becomes damaged, if you jump start your Power Wheel with an incorrect voltage or current output, etc.

If there’s no thermal fuse inside of the battery, then chances are pretty high that if something goes wrong, which happens quite often in kids toys, especially when they’re being used by unsupervised children who tend to play rough and tumble – this can cause damage to occur very quickly because most 12 volt batteries don’t have built-in fuses.

Regular batteries are not compatible with recommended Power Wheels chargers.

This is another reason why it’s not recommended to use any 12-volt battery.

Most Power Wheel toys are made for specific batteries that include a charger unit which is like an onboard charging system.

Whereas some people try to save money and buy regular car batteries without the built-in charger units, this simply won’t work with your child’s toy because you will need to buy the proper charger unit which is compatible with the battery.

Regular batteries are not designed for kids’ toys.

They’re made to be used in cars and other larger vehicles. This means that regular car batteries can potentially cause problems because of too high voltage output or incorrect current ratings.

If you use a random battery without taking these things into consideration, then you could easily damage your children’s toy, which would be very frustrating if they’re not under warranty anymore.

Using any battery can void the Power Wheels warranty.

You don’t want to change this. A lot of battery companies will void warranties if your child’s Power Wheel is damaged because you tried to use a regular car battery thinking that it would work even though the company says not to.

You could end up buying a new Power Wheel toy if you don’t do your research and use the right battery for your toy.

Battery quality is difficult to determine in a random battery.

This one isn’t too much of a problem, but it’s something you need to consider when buying batteries.

Power Wheel toys require specific brands and types for optimal performance, so if you buy some random brand from a discount retailer, then there could be problems with the battery, which you won’t know about until it’s too late and your kid is upset that their toy isn’t working.

Be safe and stick to recommended batteries for Power Wheels toys. It’s not worth saving a few dollars or taking a risk because what makes these toys work so well, aside from the design, is that they are made by professionals who know what’s best for your child.

12 Volt Battery FAQs

Can I use a lawnmower battery in Power Wheels?

No, this is not recommended. Power Wheels have deep cycle batteries which are designed to discharge between 20% to 50% of their total capacity and recharged hundreds of times throughout their lifetime.

So a regular lawn mower battery is not going to work well with your Power Wheel toy because it will not last very long, needs to have a fuse added, and the battery life is already short enough when you’re using it for kids toys.

Can I use a car battery in Power Wheels?

No, as discussed above, car batteries are not designed for Power Wheel toys.

They’re made to be used in cars and other larger vehicles, so they will most likely cause problems with your kid’s toy if you use them because of varying output voltage or incorrect current ratings, which could damage the electronics inside of the battery compartment.

Can I use a motorcycle battery in Power Wheels?

You can but you shouldn’t. Read more about motorcycle batteries working in Power Wheels.

Where can I buy Power Wheels replacement batteries?

The company that sold you the Power Wheels should be able to replace the battery when needed, but if they won’t, then you can buy them online. The best online store to buy Power Wheels replacement batteries on Amazon.

They stock genuine Power Wheel batteries and other brands so you can get the best price and save money. The best part is that you can also use Amazon coupons to get even more savings, so make sure you check them out before checking out.

Can I charge my Power Wheel toy battery with any charger?

Often, this won’t work, and you might end up damaging the Power Wheels battery because it will not charge the way it’s designed to.

You should always use Power Wheels or other brand charger units because they are made for these specific batteries and work perfectly with them, so you won’t see problems like output voltage issues.

If you really want to try you can charge a Power Wheels battery without a charger.

What is the best way to maintain Power Wheels batteries?

Always use a charger for your kid’s Power Wheel toys and make sure that it is always charged fully before using their toy because you don’t want them to be disappointed when they can’t play with their favorite toy all day long as other kids do.

You should also use a Power Wheels battery charger to keep the batteries in their best condition, so they last as long as possible. Make sure to store the battery properly when not used for a few months or longer.

Final Thoughts

Using any 12-volt battery in your kid’s Power Wheels will only cause trouble in the long run, and you’ll probably end up spending more money on batteries than what it would have cost to buy them from the official company.

So, please take this into consideration and stick to recommended brands for Power Wheels toys only. Next, learn how long a Power Wheel will run per charge.

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