How to Test a Thermal Fuse Without a Multimeter




Test Thermal Fuse Without Multimeter

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You can test whether a thermal fuse works without a multimeter and get an accurate reading. There are two ways to test a thermal fuse without a millimeter, namely:

  • Ohmmeter 
  • Jumper Wires 

Both methods are excellent, and you don’t need to buy a multimeter. 

A thermal fuse can cause your Power Wheels or ride-on car to stop working because the current can’t flow from the battery.  Your thermal fuse is among the places you should check whenever your Power Wheels stop working. 

The thermal fuse is a small component in ride-on toy cars, but it plays a crucial role in ensuring your vehicle doesn’t overheat when your child does. Therefore, you should ensure that it’s always working by doing regular tests.

What is a Multimeter?

A multimeter is a measurement device that can track a variety of electrical current parameters. It is possible to measure voltage, current, and resistance.

In order to measure electricity, a multimeter combines three meters. It will cost less money if you buy one meter that can replace three others.

Parents who have kids who play with Power Wheels and mechanics adore it. You can select the parameter you desire to measure, such as voltage, before connecting it to an electrical circuit.

If you are unable to get a multimeter at this time, we will now demonstrate alternate ways to test the fuse.

What is a Thermal Fuse?

A thermal fuse is a fuse that is sensitive to heat or temperature instead of an electrical current. A thermal fuse is placed at the top of the battery to prevent it from overheating or overcharging.

Most Power Wheels and ride-on toy cars have a thermal fuse to protect the electrical system’s integrity. 

An overheating battery can damage the electrical system of a ride-on car, and it will cost a lot to repair the damage. Parents need to ensure that their thermal fuse is working okay before charging a battery or letting kids use Power Wheels. 

Where is the Thermal Fuse in Power Wheels?

You can find the thermal fuse of your Power Wheels at the top of your battery on one end. You should check whether your thermal fuse is working or not.

Pull out the fuse from the battery and check whether there is a protruding wire on the thermal fuse. 

A protruding wire signifies that the thermal fuse is perfect, while a broken wire indicates a faulty thermal fuse. Check the thermal fuse as often as you can to ensure that your battery is safe against overheating.

Is It Possible to Test Thermal Fuse Without a Multimeter?

Yes. The functionality of a thermal fuse can be checked in several different ways besides using a multimeter. Using a contact approach, in which a device gives a reading or the necessary reaction upon completion of the circuit, allows for reliable testing of the thermal fuse.

Methods that do not require a multimeter are presented here for testing the functionality of a thermal fuse.

Test a Thermal Fuse with Ohmmeter 

An Ohmmeter measures the resistance of a current. When a thermal fuse is working, there shouldn’t be a little resistance showing on the readings.

You can use an analog Ohmmeter or a digital one. Digital Ohmmeters are more accurate than analog ones, and you don’t need to do any additional calculations after you take the reading. 

Step 1: Start at Zero

Make sure that the device reads zero Ohms before you start the measuring procedure. Any figure on the device before you take measurements will affect your final results.

Remember, you want your results to be as accurate as possible. 

Step 2: Take Measurements

Touch the terminal of your Ohmmeter to the thermal fuse and wait a few seconds for the reading to appear. Write down your readings on a clean piece of paper.

Calculate the reading if you are using an analog Ohmmeter. 

Step 3: Interpret Results 

A working thermal fuse should have a reading of fewer than 20 units. Power wheels can have a low reading depending on the current emitted by the battery.

If you have a negative reading, then your thermal fuse is not working. Also, a zero reading is an indication of a problem with your thermal fuse. 

Test a Thermal Fuse with Jumper Wires 

You can use jumper wires to test whether a thermal fuse is faulty if you don’t have a multimeter. It is simple physics where you use the jumper wires to complete the circuit and see if your ride-on car is working.

Here’s how to use jumper wires to test for a faulty thermal fuse. 

Step 1: Remove the Thermal Fuse

You need to remove the thermal fuse from the battery and connect it to one terminal of the jumper wires. Connect the other terminal to the Power Wheels battery.

Turn on the toy car to see if the circuit is complete. If the tor car doesn’t turn on, proceed to the next step. 

Step 2: Disconnect the Thermal Fuse 

The next step is to see whether the circuit will be complete without the thermal fuse. Disconnect the thermal fuse from the toy car’s electrical system and place it on a safe surface.

Connect one terminal of the jumper cables to where the thermal fuse was connected. 

Try to turn on your toy vehicle. If the car turns on, then you need to buy a replacement thermal fuse. If the car doesn’t turn on, you need to continue with your troubleshooting until you find the source of the problem. 

Step 3: Replace or Reattach the Thermal Fuse

If you rule out the thermal fuse as the source of Power Wheels troubles, you need to reattach it before continuing with your troubleshooting. If the thermal fuse is the problem, you need to order a replacement immediately and discontinue the use of the toy car until you replace the part. 

Benefits of a Thermal Fuse 

It keeps the battery from overcharging, which significantly reduces the lifespan of a Power Wheels battery. Parents can forget to check on toy car batteries when charging or get held up until the battery is full. 

It prevents damage to the toy vehicle’s electrical system when the engine overheats. A thermal will save you from unnecessary repairs when one part of the electrical system malfunctions.

Therefore, the fuse will fry, and the ride-on car will stop working until you buy a replacement fuse and fix the malfunctioning part. 

Thermal Fuse Replacement

It would be best if you replaced your thermal fuse immediately when you notice that it’s faulty. It should take a couple of minutes to do the replacement.

However, you must be careful with the replacement because poor installation won’t get your Power Wheels moving.

You need three tools for the replacement. 

  • Screwdriver 
  • Pliers
  • Crimping tool 
  • Electrical wires
  • Plugs

Ensure that you buy a thermal fuse that is compatible with your model of Power Wheels.

Once you have everything you need, you can do the replacement. 

Mark the negative and positive wires that connect to the thermal fuse with distinctive tapes for identification. Disconnect the damaged thermal fuse and dispose of it.

Connect the negative and positive terminals of the thermal fuse to the battery appropriately. 

Some replacement thermal fuses will require extra wiring and plugs to make them compatible with your Power Wheels connections. However, thermal fuses have indicators showing where each wire should go, making the installation process more manageable. 

Why Do Thermal Fuses Blow?

Thermal fuses tend to blow when there is a mismatch in the battery output voltage and the engine. Therefore, the fuse blows when the battery overheats from producing high voltage for a small motor.

Always match the voltage of your battery to the engine to reduce the odds of thermal fuses blowing. 

The best sign that your thermal fuse is blown is when your motorized toy car stops working and the battery is in excellent condition. However, you will still need to troubleshoot your Power Wheels to ensure that the fuse is the real problem. 

How Much Does A Thermal Fuse Replacement Cost?

You can get thermal fuses for several dollars. You can replace a thermal fuse by yourself and save on labor costs.

There are many tutorials online showing how to replace a thermal fuse as a DIY project. However, you can find a handyperson to do the repairs for less than $30 to do it. 

Overall, it is an affordable way to replace a thermal fuse on a ride-on car without professional assistance.

Should You Forgo a Thermal Fuse?

It may be tempting to take out the faulty thermal fuse and connect the electrical circuit so that your child can keep using their toy car. Don’t forgo a thermal fuse no matter what.

Your toy car can get significantly damaged without a thermal fuse, and it may be irreparable.  


Thermal fuses are an essential part of ride-on cars like Power Wheels. However, thermal fuses tend to trip frequently, and it would be best if you knew how to test them without a multimeter.

Also, testing thermal fuses can help you troubleshoot ride-on cars and eliminate a broken thermal fuse as the reason why your toy car isn’t moving. 

Thermal fuses are affordable, and you can do the replacements in a couple of minutes. Overall, you don’t need a multimeter to test a thermal fuse at home.

Both testing methods are viable, and they will give you accurate results every time. If you still continue to have issues with your ride-on check out our ride-on solutions.

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