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Yes, you can use a motorcycle battery in Power Wheels, but this isn’t recommended for various reasons. A motorcycle battery has an alternator, which charges the battery as the motorcycle runs. A Power Wheels car isn’t designed this way, so a motorcycle battery can be drained to the point of no return in just one ride around the block.

In this post, we will dive more into this topic and look at other frequently asked questions about Power Wheels and motorcycle batteries.

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Is it Okay to Use a Motorcycle Battery in a Power Wheels Car?

While you can use a motorcycle battery in a Power Wheels car, this is not advisable. A 12-volt lead-acid-acid accumulator comes with an alternator that keeps it charged as the bike runs.

Often, the voltage does not go below 8 volts. Power Wheels, on the other hand, do not have alternators, so the motorcycle battery can quickly be emptied of its charge.

This is not only harmful to the Power Wheels, but it also shortens the life of your motorcycle battery because you are constantly recharging it with a lower voltage than what was needed in the first place.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Motorcycle Battery in Power Wheels

Here are a few reasons you should not use a motorcycle battery in a Power Wheels car:

The alternator issue

As mentioned, most motorcycles come with 12-volt sealed lead-acid batteries. The battery is charged by an alternator when the bike is running.

The voltage of the battery should not run below 8 volts at any given time. Power Wheels, on the other hand, do not have alternators.

This means that every time you stop or put your foot down to slow down or speed up, it drains the motorcycle battery quickly and causes wear-and-tear over a shorter period of time than if you were using an original Power Wheels battery.

So while the battery may work as your kid starts the toy, it is going to be drained a lot faster and will not be able to hold a charge as long.

Power Wheels come with special chargers.

All Power Wheels batteries come with their specific charger, which is not always compatible with motorcycle batteries. The main difference is that the motorcycle battery needs a high-amp charge and can’t be charged as slowly or deeply as a Power Wheels car’s battery.

As such, you may have to purchase another charger if you want to go back and forth between your kids’ toys without worrying about damaging either one of them.

The amperage issue

What most parents don’t know is that batteries can have the same voltage rating but have different amps output. For instance, most 12-volt Power Wheels batteries hold 9.5Ah, which means they produce 9.5 amps of current per hour.

Curious about How Many Amps Does a Power Wheels Draw?

Small motorcycles have 12-volt batteries rated between 10AH to 12Ah, while bigger ones have batteries rated up to 20Ah.

This difference in amps can cause problems when using a motorcycle battery in place of the Power Wheels one. It can cause problems with voltage regulation, low-voltage detection, and charge acceptance.

Also, the higher the amps, the faster they can drain and cause damage.

Common Differences between Power Wheels and Motorcycle Batteries

The main differences between these two types of batteries include:

Charging type

The most important difference is that motorcycle batteries need a high-amperage charge and can’t be charged as slowly or deeply as Power Wheels batteries.

Voltage regulation

The Power Wheels battery is not regulated the same way that motorcycle batteries are, which means it can easily be drained too much or receive an insufficient charge to keep them in optimum condition.

Different amps output

This means that batteries can have the same voltage rating but have different amps output which may cause problems when using a motorcycle battery in place of Power Wheels one.

Battery size

Another significant difference is the battery’s physical size. Motorcycles often come with a 12-volt sealed lead-acid accumulator, which is slightly smaller than Power Wheel car ones.

What’s the solution?

If your kid’s Power Wheels battery is damaged or lost, it is recommended that you buy a replacement battery similar to the damaged one.

Each Power Wheels brand has specific batteries for its toys. These batteries are made from quality materials that make them safe and reliable.

You can buy the replacement battery directly from the manufacturer or get it online from Amazon.

Power Wheels Battery FAQs


While a motorcycle battery can start a Power Wheels car, they are not interchangeable, and their use can damage your kid’s toy. It is best to buy a new battery from the original manufacturer or purchase it online for better results.

Hopefully, this article has given you the information and guidance needed to make a better decision. Feel free to check out Power Wheels battery alternatives.

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