Where Do You Plug In a Power Wheels Charger?

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  • Date: January 12, 2023
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Power Wheels batteries have a charging jack, often on the right side of the battery or in the car dash. To charge the battery:

  1. Insert the charger (the connector end) into the charging jack. (Plug it in)
  2. Plug the other end into a 120-volt wall socket. The battery should start charging.
  3. The charging jack may be on a different side, depending on the model.
  4. The red light indicator will show while charging, turning off, or green when complete.

Finding the charging port on some Power Wheels batteries might be a hassle. This article offers advice on how to charge your device and tackles this problem.

Power Wheels Battery Charging Tips

Examine the battery before charging

The battery may have cracks or damage. Do not charge a battery that is cracked or damaged. A cracked battery may start leaking acid while charging.

Power Wheels charger compatibility

Not all Power Wheels chargers are compatible with every battery. Make sure you use the charger that comes with your specific model of Power Wheels. Using a different, incompatible charger will damage both the vehicle and/or battery.

And it can void their warranty as well.

Charging your battery at night

It’s possible for the battery to overheat during the charging process. You should never let a Power Wheels battery charge while you sleep or for more than an hour when you can’t check on it.

When not in use, the Power Wheels battery shouldn’t be charged for more than 30 hours at a time. Keep in mind that before operating a Power Wheels car or its batteries, you should always consult the user handbook.

Avoid overcharging

Charging your battery for more than 30 hours will damage it and reduce its life expectancy. If this happens, replace it immediately with another new one to avoid future issues.

Do not let the charger overheat, as this can damage it and reduce its lifespan

If overheating occurs, unplug the Power Wheels battery charger immediately to avoid any damage. Note that you should always read your user manual before charging a Power Wheels vehicle or its batteries.

Keep in mind a lot of the chargers that come with ride-on cars are on the cheaper side and may not last as long.

If you need a replacement charger or battery this will help you find what you need.

Charge the battery on a Surface that cannot be damaged by acid

When recharging a car battery outside of the vehicle, you must take special precautions. To avoid acid damage, the surface must be well protected.

Do not charge a Power Wheels battery on concrete, wet grass, or other surfaces where it can be damaged by acid. It is advisable to place the battery on a level wooden surface while charging it.

The battery must be upright when charging

This is to make sure that the acid is not spilled during charging.

Do not plug the charger into an outlet until you have carefully placed your battery on a level surface and it is upright.

The battery can get hot during charging

Never charge or use your Power Wheels battery near flammable materials such as gasoline, solvents, paint thinner, etc. Doing so can cause an explosion or fire hazards which may result in serious injuries for those involved.

The vehicle should never be used when it’s plugged in because of possible electric shock hazards as well as overheating batteries causing burns or fires if left unattended for too long.

You can charge the battery while it’s still in the vehicle

Most Power Wheels’ battery compartments are easily accessible. You don’t need to get the battery out of the toy to charge it.

You can easily access the charging jack on the battery while it’s in the vehicle and sometimes on the dash or even under the steering wheel.

This will make your work easier, especially when you do not want to keep taking everything apart to get the battery out every time you need to charge it.

Be careful when reattaching wires and other components after charging because they can become hot while your Power Wheels are plugged in for a long period of time.

At some point, you will want to store your Power Wheels for the winter. It is important to store the battery somewhere safe and also make sure you disconnect the battery from the ride-on for this.

Charging time

If the battery hasn’t been used (if you just bought the car), it is recommended to charge the battery for 18 hours before using it. Charge the battery for 14 hours if it has been used.

As mentioned earlier, never charge the battery for more than 30 hours as this may reduce its life expectancy and is referred to as overcharging it.

How to know when Power Wheels battery is charged

Most Power Wheels and ride-on cars now have a battery indicator. When you plug in the charger to the car or battery there will be a red light that shows when it is charging (shown in article image).

This light will either be in the car if you are plugging directly into the dash or on the plug that goes into the wall if it attaches directly to the battery. Once it’s complete the light will either turn off or the green light will then turn on.

If you have a higher-end electric car there will even be a battery indicator meter on the dash, these are amazing as you will know exactly how much battery percentage is left. They are also a great project if you want to add a battery monitor to your Power Wheels.

Battery Warranty

As we wind up, it is important to mention that you can easily void the Power Wheels charger and battery warranty if you misuse or mishandle them. It is better to be careful with your Power Wheels charger and batteries as they are expensive items that need proper care and maintenance.

Always read the user manual to make sure you are using your Power Wheels charger and batteries the right way. If purchasing through Amazon, Amazon’s extended warranty does cover the battery and because of this, I highly recommend it, preferably for three years.

If the battery isn’t working anymore you can always try to bring the battery back to life. If this fails, we highly recommend getting a replacement battery online and then recycling your current battery.

Final Thoughts

Where you plug in a Power Wheels charger varies from brand to brand.

However, most charging jacks are often on the right side of the Power Wheels battery, in the dash, or under the steering wheel.

They are clearly indicated, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find them. Next, check out how long a Power Wheels runs per charge so you can plan the backyard fun out!

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