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Power Wheels 12v Battery Alternative

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You can find Power Wheels 12V battery alternatives at your local hardware store at affordable prices. Here are some of the popular Power Wheels battery alternatives that you should consider. 

  • Lawn Mower Battery 
  • Tractor Batteries 
  • Car Battery 
  • Wheelchair Battery 

Many parents debate on whether to use lithium or lead alternative batteries on 12V Power Wheels. However, the kind of alternative battery you use will depend on the desired result.

Some parents want their Power Wheels to go faster, while others wish the toy cars would last longer with a single charge. 

We have tackled the benefits of each type of battery below to simplify your decision-making.

Lithium Vs. Lead Battery Explained

There is a raging debate on whether to use a lead or lithium replacement battery on Power Wheels. Power Wheels 12v batteries are deep-cycle sealed lead-acid batteries, which should be your first choice when choosing replacement batteries. 

The biggest benefit of a lead battery is the affordable price tag. Lithium-ion batteries have a better lifespan and greater battery output. They also have a higher power storage capacity compared to lead batteries.

Despite the differences, there is a use for each battery on Power Wheels depending on your desired results. 

Lithium Vs. Lead Speed 

Lithium-ion batteries are excellent when you want to increase the speed of your Power Wheels. Lithium batteries can discharge up to 80% of their power capacity when a child drives Power Wheels.

However, you should expect the 12V lithium battery to deplete fast because of the high power output. Overall, you can upgrade your Power Wheels battery with a 12V lithium battery to give your little one more speed.

Try and find a lithium battery with high amps. This will help it last longer. Also, you will get more speed simply because the lithium batteries are a lot lighter than the lead ones.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your child, especially when driving a toy car at high speeds. 

Lithium Vs. Lead Battery Life 

If you want longer battery life, you will have to go for deep-cycle sealed lead-acid batteries. They have a maximum output of 50%, and they can last for longer periods.

You won’t achieve significantly high speed, but your child will be able to spend more time on their Power Wheels. Additionally, you can get lead batteries at your local hardware store for a lower price than Fisher-Price replacement batteries. 

Power Wheels 12V Battery Alternatives 

Power Wheels batteries tend to get depleted within 40-60 minutes of starting the toy vehicle. Moreover, the batteries stop working after several months of consistent use by active children.

Therefore, it is understandable if you are tired of buying replacement batteries or your child isn’t getting enough playtime because of a short battery running time. 

One reason parents look for Power Wheels 12V battery alternatives is that Fisher-Price replacement batteries are expensive. The costs tend to accumulate fast when you have to buy a replacement battery every few months.

Therefore, most parents opt for some affordable alternatives that offer prolonged battery time on Power Wheels. When the battery is no longer usable please make sure to recycle Power Wheels batteries.

So the question comes up can you put any 12 Volt battery into a Power Wheels? Not without some extra work described below, but overall it’s not really recommended unless you already have the 12V battery and there is no extra charge.

Lawn Mower Battery for Power Wheels

Many parents choose to buy lawn mower batteries for Power Wheels because they are readily available and compatible with the toy car. Most lawnmower batteries are 18V, which is a higher voltage output than that of 12V Power Wheels.

Parents need to use fuses to ensure that the toy car’s electrical system doesn’t fry due to the higher power output. 

Overall, a lawnmower battery is simple to install in ride-on toy cars as DIY projects. Also, you can buy it at your local hardware store for a fraction of the replacement battery cost.

Tractor Batteries for Power Wheels

Small tractors use batteries that are compatible with power wheels, and they are other popular Power Wheels 12V battery alternatives among parents. You can find a 12V tractor battery, which allows you to maintain the integrity of the toy car’s electrical system.

Also, they cost less than Power Wheels 12V replacement batteries. 

It takes 1-2 hours to complete the installation after collecting all the materials you need. You may want to keep the original battery connector and use them to attach the tractor battery to the toy car.

Overall, a tractor battery is a suitable replacement battery for Power Wheels if you are looking for something unconventional. 

Car Battery for Power Wheels

Some parents opt to use car batteries to replace faulty Power Wheels batteries. Using a car battery on a motorized toy car is tricky.

Car batteries are designed to be recharged when the vehicle is running, and depleting the battery can damage it. Car batteries are only meant to discharge about 50% of their capacity before being recharged. 

You will need to find a 12V battery and include sensors during installation to indicate when the battery is almost depleted. However, I would caution you to use a car battery if it’s the only battery alternative you have. 

Wheelchair Battery for Power Wheels

Many parents don’t know that motorized wheelchair batteries are excellent Power Wheels 12V battery alternatives. Think about it for a second. Motorized wheelchairs start and stop so many times during the day when the user is moving.

The wheelchairs use a battery as a source of power, and the battery needs recharging daily. Wheelchair batteries are excellent replacement batteries for Power Wheels 12V cars.

Moreover, they are the most affordable batteries on this list. Also, they offer a longer running time because of how they are designed.

Therefore, you will get an inexpensive replacement battery that allows your child to drive longer than other batteries. 

There aren’t many tutorials on installing a wheelchair battery into Power Wheels, but it is similar to a tractor battery installation. It would be best to reuse the toy car’s original battery connectors to use them on the wheelchair battery.

Also, buy fuses to ensure that the current-voltage is regulated across the vehicle’s electrical system. 

How Long Do the Battery Alternatives Last?

The duration of a battery will last will, depending on the usage of the toy car and maintenance. On average, a battery can last for six months or more.

However, they rarely last for one year with consistent use of the vehicles. 

On the bright side, most alternative batteries cost less than the recommended replacement batteries for Power Wheels. Therefore, you can reduce your annual cost of replacement batteries in the long run.

Overall, Power Wheels 12V battery alternatives are a good deal for parents who have more than one toy car. 

What You Need to Know About Battery Alternatives

There are several things you should consider when choosing Power Wheels 12V battery alternatives. Parents should take precautions during installation because the battery alternative primary use is not in Power Wheels. 

Connectors and Fuses 

The greatest thing you could do to avoid overcharging the battery is to get an inline fuse. A built-in inline fuse on Power Wheels batteries makes sure the battery stops charging as soon as it is full.

It is simple to add an inline fuse to the system.

The connectors on the new battery are another aspect to take into account. It would be beneficial if you maintained the original battery connectors since the new ones might not work with the ones in your toy car.


You will likely do some wire crimping or additions as you install the alternative replacement battery. It is essential to cover all open wires with electrical tape so that they aren’t exposed.

Also, you can tie the wires loosely together when you are done to keep everything neat under the hood. 


Not all alternative batteries will match the dimensions of your battery area. Be prepared to make some modifications to the battery area to accommodate the alternative battery.

You can use a small power saw to cut the plastic areas to expand the battery area. Use a razor or box cutter to trim any excess plastic in the modified battery area. 

Another modification to make is to find a way to tie down the new battery under the hood. There are occasions where a Power Wheels tips, and the battery flies out of the vehicle.

As a result, the battery can crack or get damaged by the impact. Please find a way to keep the battery in place all the time to protect it. 

Voltage Matching 

You might be tempted to buy a battery with more power than your 12V Power Wheels require, but doing so would be a bad idea. Alternate battery voltage must be compatible with the vehicle’s motor for optimal performance.

Using a greater voltage will cause more wear and tear on the toy car’s electrical components and engine, necessitating more frequent maintenance.


Don’t let your child drive a toy vehicle without testing it out after the modifications. You can use a remote or find creative ways to press the gas pedal if your car doesn’t have a parental remote.

Testing allows you to see first-hand if the new battery is working as it should. Therefore, you can notice any malfunctions without endangering your child and correct them. 


Power Wheels 12V battery alternatives above work just as well as Fisher-Price replacement batteries. You may have to get a little creative during installation to ensure that the battery connections are secure and functional. 

Parents can look forward to saving a few dollars by purchasing alternative batteries without compromising on the performance of Power Wheels. Overall, it is a suitable long-term solution for Power Wheels replacement batteries.

Moreover, you can choose alternative batteries from various manufacturers, depending on your preference. You can read the article on battery replacement to get an idea of what you need to install your new battery.

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