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One Wheel Spinning

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When only one wheel is spinning on your Power Wheels it could be several different issues, however; the quickest fix is usually the lug-nut is too tight on the non-spinning wheel. Flip the car over and loosen the lug nut to see if the wheel starts to spin. Drive pin could also be loose, it connects the wheels together.

Power Wheels are popular with kids, and they provide a couple of fun hours during each day. Power Wheels will motivate kids to go outdoors, play with friends, and enjoy some fresh air away from phones or TV screens. 

Therefore, it is a parent’s job to ensure that your child’s toy car is working at all points to ensure your little one gets adequate playtime daily. 

However, Power Wheels do not last forever, and you may have to do some quick fixes to get the wheels working as they should. Wheels are the key to the motion of a ride-on car, and you need to ensure that all of them are working correctly.

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Power Wheels Only One Wheel Spins?

There are so many things that you can cause wheels on Power Wheels to stop working and stop your little one from using their favorite toy. Some of the reasons why the wheels do not spin are simple to fix by charging the battery or adjusting lug-nuts tightness. 

The starting point is identifying the root problem before you make any changes to get wheels spinning again. Other times, you may need to check under the hood to ensure all the wires are working well, and the toy doesn’t have low power transmission.

Power Wheels Problems Solutions

You need to identify the problem to be able to find a solution for your Power Wheels. It might take a while to determine the problem by testing various features in the ride-on car.

Once you find out the problem, it is simple to select the perfect solution for your kid’s ride-on vehicles. Here are some of the reasons why only one wheel spins on your little one’s Power Wheels toy car. 

Transmission Problem

Sometimes the transmission of power from the motor to the wheels may be the source of your problems. A problem with the wiring can lead to wheels that are not working and a car that is not moving.

You have to open up the underbelly of the vehicle and press the pedal to see which wheels can spin. 

Check out connections to the wheels to the motors to ensure that they work correctly.  Keep a container or a magnet next to you to hold the screws when you open the vehicle’s hood.

Also, you need to check the fuses to ensure that none of them are burnt out and replace any that aren’t working. 

Lug-Nut Tightness

The tightness of a lug-nut can make it hard for wheels to spin when the car is moving. It would be best if you started by turning the toy car upside down and checking out the lug-nuts.

Sometimes, parents tend to tighten them when assembling ride-on cars after receiving them. 

You need to adjust one lug-nut at a time and test it to see whether the wheel spins seamlessly. Make the changes a little at a time until you get the right position.

Adjusting the lug-nuts too much may lead to wheels getting wobbly when a child is driving. Therefore, take your time to ensure tightness without making the lug-nuts loose. 

Take a Look at the Axle Pin

 The axle pin is a bar that holds two wheels together and ensures that they spin as they should. The front wheels share a single axle pin, and another holds the rear wheels together.

One of the reasons why only one wheel spins in the front or rear wheels is a loose axle pin. 

It can be simple to leave an axle pin without going all the way into a wheel. Fixing an axle pin will instantly make the wheels that don’t move to start moving.

You may need to buy a new one in case you find out that the pins are broken. 

A Defect in the Driveshaft

The driveshaft acts as the control of Power Wheels, and when it is broken, the wheels won’t spin well. Driveshaft pins control the forward, reverse, and braking motion of a toy vehicle.

When one pin is broken, it might lead to a wheel that is not spinning. You will have to open up the gearbox and see what is going on. 

Low Speed 

Power wheels may not work well when driven at low speeds on some terrains like wet grass or hilly locations. Power wheels work in high gear when on challenging terrains.

Sometimes a child only has to increase the speed to give the vehicle an extra boost in power to pass through some landscapes.  Once at a higher speed both the wheels should spin.

The Wheels 

On rare occasions, a customer can receive power wheels with faulty wheels that do not spin. In that case, you can ask for replacement wheels from the company. 

Another way that wheels can be damaged is through rough use by kids. Kids can destroy any toy after a while of use, and Power Wheels are not spared. 

Wheels can get hit, and parts break when children decide to play hard. You will need to buy replacements to fix the wheels and make them roadworthy again or you could try and repair the wheels yourself and save lots of money.

Power Wheels Problems & Solutions
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Can You Use a Repairman?

Yes. You can search for a maintenance specialist in your local area and take the car for an inspection. Alternatively, you can ask for recommendations at your local parenting forum.

A Power Wheels repairer can help you get to the bottom of why only one wheel is spinning. 

Some people are experts on Power Wheels, and they can make your toy car work again. Parents who are not handy or are always busy can have their kid’s power wheels fixed in no time without a hassle.

Can You Ask For Replacements?

You can ask the manufacturer for a replacement if the wheels aren’t working because of broken parts. You need to check the warranty and the return policy of the company before requesting replacement parts.

Generally, a manufacturer will gladly replace damaged parts if it is within the company policy.

Can I Buy Replacement Parts?

It is possible to find a replacement part online on websites like Amazon and Walmart. Most manufacturers make replacement parts for Power Wheels models.

Be sure to buy a replacement part that is compatible with your child’s power wheels. 

When looking for a replacement part you can go with a speed controller kit (ESC), most of them have positraction so once installed both wheels will spin but look over the guide first as it’s not an easy project.

Alternatively, you can ask a local handyman to find the replacement parts during repairs. Most handymen have emergency spare parts that they sell to their customers at a reasonable price.

Benefits of Fixing Power Wheels

  • Your child gets to enjoy his or her favorite toy once again. Children love power wheels, and they develop make-believe games that they play with siblings or friends when driving toy cars. 
  • It ensures the safety of your little one. When wheels stop spinning as your child drives the toy car, they can cause a crash into objects. It is imperative to fix a toy car as soon as you realize that only one wheel is spinning right. 
  • You will have to find a new activity to keep your child busy when the child plays with Power Wheels outdoors. Repairing the ride on car as soon as possible ensures that you don’t waste your time trying to find a new activity that your child will like.


There are several quick fixes that you can attempt to repair power wheels with one wheel spinning. You can check the driveshaft, axle pins, lug-nut, the wheels’ status, or the quality of transmission in a vehicle.

Most quick fixes are simple for parents to do in a couple of minutes.

However, if you are not handy with electric cars, you would better take it to the repairman. It is better to have an expert look at the problem than risk creating more toy issues because you don’t know what to do when you attempt a DIY repair.

Remember to check whether you can get replacements for any broken parts from the manufacturer before opting to buy out of pocket.

One Wheel Spinning

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