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How To Replace Power Wheels Tires

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You can replace the tires of your Power Wheels with simple steps.

  • Step 1: Choose a Working Area 
  • Step 2: Elevate the Toy Car
  • Step 3: Loosen the Retainers and Hubcaps 
  • Step 4: Remove the Old Tires 
  • Step 5: Replace One of the Tires
  • Step 6: Replace the Remaining Tires
  • Step 7: Test Drive

There comes a time when you will have to replace the tires of your little one’s Power Wheels. It is simple to replace Power Wheels tires when you have the right tools and tires.

Parents want to replace plastic tires with rubber ones or replace worn-out tires with new ones. 

You will need to unscrew the old tires, remove them, and install the new tires. You don’t need any special skills to replace the tires on your child’s ride-on car. 

If you have ever changed a flat tire in your life, you already have a rough idea of the process. However, a few unique features in power wheels make changing tires a little different from changing a flat tire.

Preparation for the Replacement

It would be best to start by looking for new wheels for the ride-on car from a reputable vendor. You can purchase new tires from reputable websites like Amazon. 

Ensure that you select wheels that are compatible with the model of Power Wheels at home. 

Some of the electric vehicles come with smaller front wheels and large rear wheels. Take time to read the product description before buying any replacement wheels online. 

Also, check whether the products will come with new hubcaps or retainers, which will be a bonus. 

How to Replace Power Wheels Tires

Power Wheels tires are fixed differently from ordinary cars because of the materials and sizes. You can replace the tires of your little one’s toy car without the help of a handyman in a few steps. 

You will need a flat face screwdriver and a hammer for the process. You can also opt to clean the axle and the underbelly of the vehicle in the process.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to replace power wheels tires. 

Step 1: Choose a Working Area

You need to select an area with ample space to work on the toy. You can opt for a working table or an even ground area.

Place the vehicle, tools, and replacement tires in the work area for convenience. 

Step 2: Elevate the Toy Car

You can opt to place the toy car upright on the rear so that you can have access with all four wheels. Ensure that the vehicle is steady to prevent it from falling and damaging other parts. 

Alternatively, you can use a mini jerk to lift the car off the ground. Be careful for you hook up the car and jerk under the vehicle to avoid breaking the plastic parts. 

Step 3: Loosen the Retainers and Hubcaps

Once the car is well elevated, you can start removing the retainer caps. Slip the flat edge of a screwdriver between the hubcap and retainer cap in an attempt to lift the retainer cap off. 

Some of them take a lot of effort to remove. Repeat the process to remove the retainers and the hubcaps.

All these pieces act as the rim of the tire in power wheels. Most of the parts are white, but some of them are black. 

Step 4: Remove the Old Tires

Remove the tire and repeat the process to the remaining three tires. You place the old tires in a different location where they won’t mix with the new ones.

You can choose to clean the axles by wiping them with a wet cloth or washing them with soap and water. 

Step 5: Replace One of the Tires

Take one new tire and attach it to one of the front wheels spaces. Take a hubcap and install it after the wheel.

You can use your hands to push it into place. In case you use a hammer, apply little force to avoid breaking the plastic parts. 

After that, install the new retainers to keep the hubcap in place. It would help if you had a hammer to get the retainer in place, but remember to use moderate force when hitting the push nut. Finally, install the retainer caps to complete the process. 

Step 6: Replace the Remaining Tires

Repeat step five with the three remaining new tires. 

Step 7: Test Drive

Test the wheels to ensure that they are not wobbling when the vehicle is on the ground. It would also help if you asked your kid to drive the toy when you are watching to ensure that the wheels are spinning as they should. 

It should take 30-60 minutes to replace power wheels tires when you have all the supplies. Use little to moderate force when it comes to the plastic parts that can break.

Ensure all the pieces are tightened so that wheels don’t come off when your child is driving.

How to Fix Cracked Power Wheels Tires

It can be pointless to buy replacement Power Wheels tires when you only have one cracked tire on the toy car. A few DIY tips can be used to repair cracked tires and give toy car tires a few more months before you replace them. 

First, you need to seal the cracks with glue or fiberglass. You can get extra hold glue or a fiberglass kit at the local hardware or online.

Bonding the cracked areas reduces the site’s weakness and reduces the cracks’ odds of growing more significantly.

After fixing the cracks, you need to use spray rubber to seal the wheels and keep them functional for longer. You can use Flex Seal Spray on power wheels tires to give them a rubber coating that adds traction

The seal will reduce the wear and tear that the plastic wheels undergo due to consistent use. It would be best if you reapplied the rubber spray when you notice that it has worn off.

Are Power Wheels Tires Interchangeable?

No, they are not. Power wheels create specific tires for each model depending on the build and make. It would help if you chose tires specific to the model of toy vehicle you have at home. 

Buying Power Wheels for another model can alter the performance of the cars. It is possible to find replacement tires for any model because fisher-price endeavors to replace each Power Wheels model.

Can You Upgrade Power Wheels Tires?

Yes. Most Power Wheels come with plastic tires, which do not provide a high performance. You can upgrade tires to pneumatic or rubber ones, depending on your preference. 

You can check the Fisher-Price website to see whether you can find tires for an upgrade that are compatible with your child’s toy vehicle. As of this listing, we have not found that they offer them.

Taking the do-it-yourself approach and adding rubber to the tires is an inexpensive option and not hard to do. We recommend this as it is a lot simpler than trying to find the correct tires on the Fisher-Price website. 

You can find pneumatic tires. Keep in mind these most likely won’t fit unless you can modify them. You can look at similar searches below to find a closer possible fit if needed.

Once you have the tires upgraded, you should be able to handle other terrains like grass, dirt, and gravel.

If the tires end up being too large for the Power Wheels, you can always get the Power Wheels Lifted. This way, there will be more room for the tires to spin, and it really makes the vehicle look amazing.

Can You Find Cheap Replacement Power Wheels Tires?

Yes. There are independent parties who produce tires for Power Wheels at an affordable price. However, the tires will not serve your kid as well as the original manufacturer’s replacement wheels. 

Paying the full price that Fisher-Price asks for replacement tires is worth it because you can get a replacement in case of any damage. 

Also, the tires have the accurate specifications that the car needs to function correctly. Choosing tires with incorrect wiring specifications can cause the motor to overheat and create an imbalance in the toy car.

If you experience this, it’s best to do a motor upgrade.


Learning how to replace Power Wheels tires is straightforward and possible to do as a DIY project. Parents don’t need to take their children’s toy car to the garage for tire replacements. 

Additionally, you do not need many tools for the replacement process. You can borrow some tools from your neighbors if you don’t own a toolbox. 

You will need a spacious and flat working area for the replacement. Prepare all the supplies you need beforehand to remove the old wheels and install the new ones seamlessly. 

Sometimes parents tighten the new wheels too much during the replacements and cause wheels to stop spinning when the vehicle is moving. Parents can adjust the push nuts to leave adequate space for the wheel to spin correctly. 

Check whether any wheels are wobbling before you let your child go full speed on the ride on car. After the replacement, a test drive will tell you whether the wheels are okay or whether they need some adjustments.

How To Replace Power Wheels Tires

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