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Power Wheel Racing

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Power Wheels racing is available for kids and adults. There is drag racing for kids, downhill racing for adults, and general racing for kids and adults. There are yearly race circuits dedicated to these.

If you ever wondered about racing ride-on cars and the best and fastest Power Wheel, this article has all the answers. This article covers the following:

  • Types of races
  • How to race your Power Wheels
  • Where to join a race group

…And More! Let’s get started.

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Power Wheels Racing

Some people might be surprised to learn that there are other routes that Power Wheels can take to cross the finish line first. Children and adults alike are welcome to participate in this race. Come with me as I simplify everything for you and get you started.

Type of Racing

There are three types of racing that you can do with your Power Wheels:

  • Drag Race
  • Downhill Race
  • General Race

Drag Race

The inclusion of a wheelie bar in the young driver’s vehicle is required for any serious drag racing endeavors. It’s true that when they floor it, the front wheels will lift off the pavement.

There aren’t many other types of racing that I’ve found that is only for kids, but these seem to be the most popular ones. There appears to be primarily adult competition.

Check out their Facebook group: Power Wheels Drag Racing

Downhill Race

Downhill racing with Power Wheels starts out kinda funny, with all the adults running on foot to get into their electric cars. Once they are in they take off downhill and try not to collide with each other.

This type of racing is more for fun and doesn’t require a lot of modifications. You do need to have your car set up to handle an adult’s weight.

Most of the speed from the ride-on car is generated by the weight of the vehicle and driver instead of the motors of the car. You can read more about this and see some great videos here.

General Racing

The general Power Wheel racing is also for adults but with this, it requires you to modify your Power Wheels to go fast. You will still need to prepare it to handle the adult’s weight limit, which we linked above.

This type of racing is about who can cross the finish line first and it can be held a few different ways. Most race tracks lend themselves to this type of group to help encourage people to come to the track and boost sales and have lots of fun with the whole family.

Check out their Facebook group: Power Wheels Racing Series

Check out their Facebook group: Power Wheels Adult Racing

Why Power Wheels Racing?

This can be answered in so many ways but it really depends which type of racing you are talking about. If the racing is geared toward the kids, the fun part is working with them and spending some family time together why you prepare your car.

You don’t only have to make it go fast but you can paint your Power Wheels to make it look a certain way. At times people even wear a costume to highlight the vehicle.

An example of this is if it was a Toy Story car and the driver dressed as Woodie.

Another reason is adult racing. Some people just don’t want to grow up. I guess I’m one of them as I would love to do this if it was in my area.

Here you can make a Power Wheels car that will go fast and support your weight. As long as the rules allow, there are not many restrictions. You can even turn your Power Wheels into running on gas!

These types of modifications are not for everyone but you can do easier ones like a drill battery conversion.

How to Host a Power Wheels Racing Series

If there isn’t an existing racing series in your area, you should start one! Sign up to host and start looking for a track or big parking lot to convert into one.

To make sure you have someone to race against, it’s best to recruit a few friends who are also interested in modifying their toy cars into high-performance vehicles. In other words, once the group has enough money to get going, things should really take off.

You can always try and find others in your area by posting in Power Wheels on Reddit as a last result.

Power Wheels are really sought after and people love modifying them. Once they hear they can hit the track I would expect them to be there with bells on. I will link you directly to the facebook group, as the signup form is changed yearly.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in a Power Wheels race definitely check the mentioned options above or try to host your own. They are a lot of fun and it’s always great to meet like-minded people that have the same interests as you.

It really helps create new friendships, which is always good for both the kids and adults. If you don’t already have a car to set up, check out our fastest Power Wheels which will help you get started without modifying them.

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