Do They Make Power Wheels for Adults?

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  • Date: July 21, 2022
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No, all Power Wheels are designed for kids. While there may be super big options on the market today, they are still designed for kids. However, there are various ways you can modify Power Wheels, so they are suitable for adults.

It is fun to ride power wheels with your kids. But the question is; do they make power wheels for adults?

This blog will answer this question comprehensively, and we will be looking at the facts and myths surrounding this topic.

Do They Make Power Wheels For Adults?

No, all power wheels are designed for kids. While there may be super big options on the market today, they are still designed for kids.

However, there are various ways you can modify power wheels, so they are suitable for adults. Below we take a look at how you can make these modifications.

How to Modify Power Wheels For Adults

Increase the power output

To higher the power output, the faster the toy will go, and the more powerful it will be. To increase the power output, you will need to change the battery to a higher voltage.

So, for instance, instead of using a 12V battery, you can use an 18 or 24 volt one.

However, changing the voltage means you have to change the motor, gearbox, and possibly wiring to one that’s compatible with the higher voltage. This will help avoid any burnouts or similar problems.

This is because the motor will have to work harder, and it can’t handle that if it’s not made for higher voltages.

Another option is to turn it replace the motor and upgrade it to a motorcycle engine. This will turn the vehicle into gas and give it a lot more power and at this point, you are basically turning it into a go-kart.

Increase the size and width of tires

You are going to require more traction and grip, and you can do this by increasing the size of your tires. This is because more tire surface area will mean that the Power Wheel has a lot of traction and grip.

So, if you want to make your toy suitable for adults or heavier people, then this stage is one you need to look at.

However, be aware that increasing the size of tires means having to upgrade your rims too, otherwise they would break under pressure from bigger tires.

Add suspension

Another thing you can do when making these modifications (so it’s suitable for adults) is to add some sort of suspension system. Adding a good set of shocks really helps with keeping things smooth on fast driving speeds as well as off-road situations where bumps are involved in many cases.

The idea here is that by adding some suspension, you can handle the bumps, and it won’t be jarring for the rider.

Add a roll cage or safety bar.

This is another thing that will make your power wheel suitable for adults, especially if they are going to drive through rugged terrain.

This means adding a strong steel roll-cage around where the driver sits, which adds extra protection from broken glass in case of an accident as well as other items on tracks like rocks or branches etc.

You should also add a metal rod with handles so people have something to hang onto while driving. This keeps them safe in case of any sudden stops/balance loss issues when riding over uneven ground.

It’s not just little kids who need added safety measures either; older teens do too.

You may want to use a bigger seat.

Changing the seat(s) is another thing you can do when making these modifications, so it’s suitable for adults. This is because the seats on most power wheels are really small and not designed to fit an adult in comfortably – if at all.

So this means bigger seats, which again makes your toy more suitable to drive along rougher tracks without causing too much discomfort or pain to the driver.

Modify the material

Some power wheels are made of plastic which can be a problem for adult drivers. This is because adults are heavier than kids, and plastic breaks much easier under pressure from the weight of an adult body.

So if you want to make your power wheel suitable for driving by someone who weighs more than 60-80 pounds, then this stage is one that needs looking at too.

You may want to reinforce the chassis with metal bars and the like and reinforce the body of it to make sure that when adults drive in rocky conditions, they don’t cause any damage to the chassis.

Replace small nuts and screws with bigger, stronger ones

While this may require a bit of engineering knowledge, you can replace the small nuts and screws with bigger ones. This is because adults are often much stronger than kids (especially when they weigh more), which means that smaller parts aren’t designed to handle their strength, even if it’s unintentional.

Install brakes on each wheel so you can stop more easily when needed

Brakes on each wheel are a must-have. This is because power wheels aren’t designed to stop on command, and it’s often difficult for kids (especially younger ones) to get them turned off when they need to be stopped at times.

So this means installing brakes of some sort so the driver can use their foot or hand to press down on the brake and stop it when they want to.

Add a reverse gear

Just like adding brakes, you should also add a gear that goes in the opposite direction too. This is because most Power Wheels are designed for forwarding motion only, which isn’t enough if there’s something behind them or another car coming at them etc.

So this means adding reverse gear, and it will make your Power Wheels suitable for adults.

Power Wheels for Adults FAQs

Are there power wheels for adults?

No, there are no power wheels for adults. However, as discussed, you may make multiple upgrades to a Power Wheels car or truck, so it’s suitable for an adult to use.

What can I upgrade on a Power Wheels car?

There are many different things you may want to make sure your Power Wheel has if you’re going to drive it by an adult, including bigger seats, roll cages, metal bars in the chassis and so forth – see above section for more details.

Is a 36-volt power wheels car good for adults?

While the power output in a 36-volt power wheels car is good enough, there are still parts of the toy that require modifications to make it suitable for adults to drive.

This includes making it more suitable for rougher roads and tracks, as well as adding roll cages to make sure they’re protected.

How do I convert 12V power wheels to 36V?

Converting power wheels voltages is not hard. Check out our previous post on how easily you can do this.

What’s the highest weight limit for power wheels?

Most power wheels available on the market today have the highest weight limit of 130lbs. However, if you’re upgrading a power wheel to make it suitable for an adult (such as adding metal bars in the chassis), then this weight limit may be increased significantly. 

We have a full guide on the highest weight limit Power Wheels here.

Final Thoughts

While most brands do not make power wheels for adults, it is easy to modify them to make them suitable for an adult to use. The tips we have given here on what to modify should help you get started with this.

Another option for adults is to check out the best go-kart designs. A go-kart can hold an adult easily and is always fun to work on with the kids.

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