How Many Amps Does a Power Wheels Draw?




How Many Amps Does a Power Wheels Draw

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How much amperes a power wheel draws will depend on the power rating of the power wheels motor and the voltage of the battery the power wheels car is using. Generally, the higher the wattage, the higher the amps drawn. The formula to calculate this is below.

Have you ever wondered exactly how many amps your Power Wheels draw? If so, this is the post for you.

We will go in-depth and answer this and a few other frequently asked questions on power wheels amps, as well as power wheels battery amps.

How Many Amps Does a Power Wheels Draw?

The amperage a Power Wheels vehicle uses is proportional to the voltage of the battery it runs on. Wattage is directly proportional to current consumption.

For instance, if the motor is rated 1000W and the battery is a 24V one, you can calculate the amperage as follows:

Power (P) is given in Watts. Our power here is 1000W

Voltage is given in Volts (V), which is 24V

Current (I) is given in Amperes, which s what we are calculating.

So, Current, I = Power, P divided by Voltage, V

I = P/V

I = 1000W/24V

 = 41.67A

So this particular Power Wheels car will draw 41.67 amperes. It, therefore, follows if you want to decrease the amps drawn, you will have to change the motor to one with a smaller wattage rating or change the battery to one with a higher voltage rating.

You can also add another similar battery to double the voltage. Note, however, that this may require that you make a few adjustments to the wiring of the car so that everything runs fine.

How Many Amp-Hours Is A Power Wheels Battery?

To know the amp-hours of your Power Wheels battery, you will need to know the current drawn from the battery and the time it takes for the battery to discharge, say, completely.

So if the current, I, drawn from the battery is, say, X, in time T, the amp-hour C will be calculated s follows:


For example, if your Power Wheels car draws 28A of current and it runs for 1.5 hrs until the battery is drained, the amp-hour of the battery is:

C = 28A x 1.5 Hours

C = 42 amp-hour

Consider Your Battery Cycle

It’s not a good idea to fully drain a battery during each charge cycle. For instance, when intending to use a lead-acid battery for several cycles, don’t run it past 80 percent of its charge.

You want to leave 20 percent in the battery. This not only increases the number of cycles you’ll get but also allows the battery to degrade by 20% before the performance starts to fall short of the design specifications.

The lead-acid battery will be different from Lithium-Ion Battery.

Power Wheels Amp FAQs


Hopefully, you can now easily calculate the amps your Power Wheels car draws. And now that you know how to get the amp-hour of your Power Wheels battery, it should be easier for you to change things around and make the toy more powerful or less powerful as needed.

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