How to Fix Cracked Power Wheels Tires in 4 Steps




Fix Cracked Power Wheels Tires

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Fix cracked Power Wheels tires by using plastic glue or putty sealant. Prepare the toy car and clean off the thick plastic tires. One by one, fix the cracked tire by adding glue or sealant. Keep the surface area flat before it dries, then let it cure per instructions on the back. The old tires are now new again.

Power Wheel tires are almost impossible to find replacement tires that will fit with no issues. Because of this, I recommend finding cracks and then repairing them with the below different methods.

Don’t worry, you can do this on your own and don’t need to involve a tire shop. Let’s jump in and explain the repair of the surface of the tire to see if it is for you.

What Is a Power Wheel Tires?

A Power Wheels tire is usually a plastic tire on a Power Wheel or kid’s ride-on car. These tires are not like your classic car tires as they are made of different kinds of plastics to try and prolong the length of the tire.

The unfortunate truth is these tires don’t last as long as rubber tires and because of this, they can easily crack. When looking for new Power Wheels, we always recommend rubber tires to start with so you won’t have this issue.

The downside is they are more expensive but having four wheels with rubber will be a much more fun ride. They are made in a way that you won’t get a flat tire which is a really nice feature as they don’t actually have a tire tube inside them with air.

A rubber tire can also go by the name of a pneumatic tire. Pneumatic tires are solid rubber all the way through and really help with rough terrain. They are great for off-road Power Wheels.

Common Downfalls of Power Wheels Plastic Wheels

Here is a quick list of issues that people have when using plastic Power Wheels tires. Keep in mind the only real pro is that they are cheap.

  • They wear out fast
  • The slip and slide
  • They are noisy
  • They have little grip if any
  • Hard to find replacements

Fixing Cracked Power Wheels Tires in 4 Steps

Step 1: Items needed

First, you will need something to fix the cracked power wheels tires with. Here is a list of options that will work:

  • Putty sealants
  • Plastic glue
  • Epoxy

Step 2: Prepare to fix the cracked tires

Now we need to layout something under the area you will be working on like old newspapers as this can make a mess. Make sure you have enough space to move around the kids car so we can easily fix all the cracks.

I do recommend using gloves and safety equipment. Next, flip the car so the tires are facing up so you will have easy access to the wheels.

I personally don’t recommend removing the Power Wheels tires as it just takes more time and should be easier for it to dry in this position, but you do have that option.

Then, wash the tires that we will be working on. Make sure all the dirt and dust are removed before going forward.

We want to make sure the toy car is still level when riding so you may need to sand the tires if you do more than fill the gaps and cracks.

Step 3: Fix cracked power wheels tires

Now it’s time to fix the child’s Power Wheels tires. Depending on what method you use, read the instructions on the back of the glue, sealant, or epoxy and follow them to fix cracked tires.

Keep in mind some of these do dry quickly, so make sure to even them out the best you can so you can avoid having to and the plastic tires later. Double-check and make sure the putty sealant completely fills the plastic wheels.

It will now take time for this to dry and match the thick plastic. It’s important that you read the instructions and make sure the repair of the vehicle is complete and dry before preparing for a test drive.

Step 4: Try it out

Now it’s time to try out the new tire and see if it has improved the kids car. The child’s safety is always our number one goal, so make sure everything is dry and the tools and sealant are all moved out of the cars.

Next, push on the pedal and make sure the wheel will spin. If all looks good let the kid give the toy a spin around the yard to start breaking in the new tires.

Why Not Replace Power Wheels Tires

There are a few reasons not to replace Power Wheels tires. Let’s start with one most common ways people don’t talk about it.

You can’t find replacement tires! Oh, I’m sure you read many blogs that say they are easy to find. Well, they are wrong.

If you do find a site that will replace tires, they are usually of less quality than the current ones so make sure you do your research.

Power Wheels tires have to be a specific size, shape, and connection to fit a ride-on car. If they are not the following can happen:

  • Uneven ride
  • Won’t move
  • Battery burns out faster
  • Won’t fit

That is the main reason we recommend repairing the Power Wheels tires cracks in the method above. Once you fix the issue of the plastic then it’s time to add some traction to the tires.

The best thing about all these ways I’m telling you is you will save money by doing this all yourself. Power Wheels vehicles are a lot of fun but when you start working on them more you will find even more of a love for them.

You can even work on them with your child, missing a part, or take them on a trip with you to the hardware store. Great bonding time and after you follow my guide you will have better traction using one of the several methods I mention.

One of the easiest ones is using liquid rubber!

There is a chance you can find a vehicle that is the same make and model for sale cheaply. People really sell Power Wheels cheap and if you can get yourself four wheels for only a little bit of money, say $5 it’s worth buying a used one.

Once you purchase it just take off the retainer caps and move them over to your current Power Wheels and you are all set!

Final Thoughts

These ride-on car tires are going to wear down and need repair. It’s just going to happen especially if it’s driven on a hard service like asphalt or blacktop.

The wheels will wear down and instead of going the replace route just follow the steps above and the cracks will be gone.

Now that your Power Wheels plastic tires are repaired check out how to gain traction to the tires.

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