Are Power Wheels Waterproof?

  • By: Kevinsmak
  • Date: July 20, 2022
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Kids love driving around, and sometimes it may look like rain outside. The question is do you have to worry about that? Let’s find out.

No, Power Wheels are not waterproof. You want to avoid water on the battery, wires, and dashboard. There are also a lot more moving parts near the back wheels that include the motors and gearbox. The coating on the wires is not classified as waterproof, and getting them wet can cause the parts to fail.

Are the Electronics in Power Wheels Waterproof?

Power Wheels and all ride-on cars are generally made very similar. They have a battery that connects to other parts with wires.

These wires are usually covered with the coating, but they are not waterproof, either is the battery. You want to avoid getting any of the internals wet as it can cause the Power Wheels to malfunction or stop working altogether.

Another part you have to worry about is the dash of the Power Wheels. If the ride-on has an electronic dash and waterfalls on it, a short can occur.

There are some troubleshooting steps for water damage you can follow.

If you do decide to go for a drive with the kiddos and it starts to pour, having a kids car cover can really help in a pinch if you are not close to home. The main issues mentioned are with the battery, wiring, and dashboard.

Do They Make Waterproof Power Wheels?

No, they don’t make any ride-on cars, trucks, or bikes that are waterproof at this time. That’s not saying you can’t purchase a Power Wheels and modify it to be waterproof.

There are a lot of people out there that love to do different modifications of Power Wheels, and this is just another that I’m sure people would take on.

Are the Power Wheels Remotes Waterproof?

The remotes are also not waterproof and can get damaged if wet. If this happens, I recommend removing the batteries and letting them sit somewhere warm for a few days to dry out.

You could always try the bag of rice trick as the rice grabs the water out of the air to help dry it faster.

Can You Drive Your Power Wheels in The Rain?

Power Wheels are not waterproof and driving them in the rain will cause them to stop working. This may not take long as even if the battery and wires are inside as the water leaks through it will start to short out the electronics.

As you know, electronics and after do not mix, and this is also the case with Power Wheels. If you get stuck in the rain, try to cover it up. Focus on any of the electronics like the dashboard and battery compartment.

Can Power Wheels be Driven in the Mud Off-Road?

There are some Power Wheels with rubber wheels that can handle this kind of driving as long as there is not too much water in the mud. If you see lots of puddles, just avoid them as it only takes one small amount of water to short out these vehicles, some of which are very expensive.

If you do get one of these, you can always try to help waterproof it a bit more yourself by adding protective layers between the electronics and the environment. You still want to be very careful and if you do buy any of these types and plan to go on these types of adventures with the kids make sure to get the extra Amazon warranty just in case.

Waterproof Power Wheels FAQ

Should you avoid puddles when driving Power Wheels?

Yes, the water splashing up can get the battery and electronics wet, causing a short and stopping your ride right then. It could also cause weird malfunctions to randomly happen down the line.

If it does get wet try to safely dry it off without giving yourself a shock.

Can you use the hose to clean ride-on cars?

No, you need to be careful not to get any of the electronics wet. The only way you can use the hose is by wetting a towel to clean it or by removing the body from the car and washing it that way.

People do this often when they are painting their Power Wheels.

Are the wires in Power Wheels waterproof?

No, the wires do have a rubber coating but they are not waterproof. There are also some places the wires are spliced onto other wires, or the battery and there is no protection at those points.


Now you have your answer about waterproof Power Wheels. Will we see them in the future?

It’s hard to say things are really changing and there are some interesting ride-on manufacturers out there. I would really love to see a Power Wheels that can double as a small boat!

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