4 Best Motorcycle Engines for Go-Kart




Best Motorcycle Engine for Go Kart

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Some of the best motorcycle engines for go-karts include the Honda CBR1000RR, the Benelli 2021 TNT 600, the 2017 Suzuki SV650, and the Kawasaki H2. All of these engines are powerful and provide very reliable torque. They will fit well in your go-kart and give you the best experience ever.

With new powerful motorcycle engines being produced every year, it can be really difficult to get the best one for your go-kart. But we made things easier for you; this post discusses the best bike engines for go-karts.

Let’s get started!

4 Best Motorcycle Engines for Go-Kart

Honda CBR1000RR Engine


  • 999cc, Inline-four
  • Torque: 114Nm
  • Power: 191.7PS

This is one of the best motorcycle engines for go-karts. It is a high-performance unit with great power and torque figures. The engine is designed to last long and give a trouble-free performance.

Honda CBR1000RR has a Power Torque curve that makes it the best motorcycle engine for go-karting needs. Thanks to its even distribution of power output at all rpm ranges, it can be used with any chassis or kart combination.

Benelli 2021 TNT 600 Engine


  • 600cc
  • Torque: 54.6Nm
  • Power: 85.07 PS

The Benelli 2021 TNT 600 is a 600cc fuel-injected inline-four motorcycle engine. This makes it the best motorcycle engine for go-karting. It has a power of 85.07 PS and a Torque of 54.66Nm at 7000 rpm, making it the best motorcycle engine for go-karting needs.

Benelli 2021 TNT 600 is one among those few motorcycles that can provide reasonable fuel economy and excellent performance without compromising on either point. Its throttle response is also very good.

It has an electronic ignition system that gives accurate firing of spark plugs at all times, further ensuring the smooth running of the engine even under extreme conditions. The twin spark plugs also help achieve a good fuel economy while ensuring that the bike doesn’t lose its pulling power at high speeds or when loaded with luggage.

2017 Suzuki SV650 Engine


  • 645cc 90-degree V-twin
  • Power: 75 hp @ 8500 rpm
  • Torque: 47 lb ft @ 8100 rpm

This is another great motorcycle engine for go-karting. The 2017 Suzuki SV650 is a sportbike motorcycle engine that produces the highest torque in its class. This makes it the best motorcycle engine for go-karting. It has the perfect combination of power and torque at all rpm ranges, making it an ideal engine for go-karting.

This engine has a unique 90-degree V twin-engine configuration, which has been used in almost all Suzuki motorcycles. This is the only reason why it produces such great torque figures even at low rpm ranges.

This motorcycle engine’s innovative design helps keep its overall weight very light and makes for an incredibly responsive bike that can be thrown around corners with ease while accelerating out of them.

Kawasaki H2 Engine


  • 998cc, supercharged inline-four
  • Power: 200hp @ 11000 rpm
  • Torque: 99 lb ft @ 10500 rpm

This is a super powerful motorcycle engine for go-karting. It is one of the best motorcycle engines for go-karting needs.

Its high torque and power figures make it ideal for kart racing, as well as any other type of riding you would like to do with this bike.

The Kawasaki H² has a unique supercharged inline-four cylinder engine that makes it one of the best motorcycle engines for go-karting. The bike is equipped with a six-speed transmission and has an excellent throttle response which can be further improved by adding fuel injection to your system.

How to Mount a Motorcycle Engine in a Go-Kart

Here are the main steps to get you started. We do recommend you clean your go-kart off first to ensure a smooth motor installation.

Remove the Go-kart Engine

You want to carefully remove your go-kart engine from its mounts. Take the time to make sure you do not damage any of the important wires or components attached to it somehow, as this will be a major setback for your project if something goes wrong here.

Remove all necessary wiring and replace them with new ones made specifically for use on motorcycles instead.

Design new mounting points for the motorcycle engine

You can sketch the layout on paper first before you begin work. You will want to make sure that the engine is mounted very securely in this position, as it will be producing a lot of power and torque, which could lead to some major problems if not handled correctly.

Carefully assemble the parts.

This includes installing the drive chain, clutch and accelerator linkage, new fuel line, exhaust system, throttle control, and many other parts that are required for your motorcycle engine to function.

Install the start switch

This is a very important part of your project, as the last thing you want is for this engine to start up while it’s not in a go-kart. You will need an ignition switch that can be installed on or near where the throttle control was originally mounted so that you don’t have a lot of wiring running across the steering column and other sensitive parts.

Final Thoughts

Getting a powerful motorcycle engine for your go-kart is going to give you an awesome experience. Once you have everything installed and running, be sure to take your time getting used to this new setup before throwing it into high gear.

It will probably require a lot more precision than with the original go-kart engine that was in place there before. If you are at the start of your go-kart journey we have a list of the 5 best-designed go-karts feel free to check it out.

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