How do you Store Power Wheels Long-term?

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  • Date: July 23, 2022
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Remove the battery. Do not leave the battery hooked up to the Power Wheels car. Be sure to remove it and charge it before storing it. Clean the toy to remove dirt and debris. Consider using outdoor resistant covers. Outdoor-resistant covers come in a variety of shapes and materials. Keep critters out of the storage room or area. 

The question of how to store Power Wheels long-term is one that may not have crossed your mind. However, it should be because it can affect the life of your toy.

Not only will you want to keep them out of direct sunlight and away from water sources, but you’ll also need a spot with low humidity and an even temperature for storage. This article discusses some great tips for storing Power Wheels long-term.

Power Wheels Storage Ideas

In our previous article, we discussed various Power Wheels shed storage ideas. Here are some ideas:

Build a storage shelf

This is perfect for those who want to save money and have the tools necessary. The simplest way is to purchase an unfinished storage shelf kit from your local hardware store, sand it down or decorate it how you like, then install.

You should be able to find one that will fit in any standard shed.

Attach a wall-mounted rack

If you want something more permanent, you can attach a wall-mounted rack to your shed or garage. This is great for those who want the option of storing other items on it as well.

Build an outdoor storage shelf

If you’re looking for something that’s big enough to store multiple ride-on cars at once and easy to access, then this is a great option. You can easily build an outdoor storage shelf on your own and attach it to the side of your shed or garage.

This way, you will have easy access when storing multiple Power Wheels long-term without taking up much space inside the shed itself.

Attach hooks

Hooks are also cheap options for those who don’t want to build anything. You can attach these hooks to the inside of your shed and hang ride-on cars or trucks from them long-term without risk of damage or wear and tear.

How to Store Power Wheels Long-term

Remove the battery

Do not leave the battery hooked up to the Power Wheels car. Be sure to remove it and charge it before storing it. Check out our previous post on the right way to disconnect a Power Wheels battery for storage here. 

You should make sure not to overcharge the battery either, as this will damage it over time. This blog post explains the best way to store a Power Wheels battery.

Clean it up

Be sure to give the Power Wheels car a good scrub. This is especially important after a young child has been using it.

Dirt and grime will start to break down the materials over time, so be sure that you clean up any dirt or mud before storing electric toy cars long-term.

Do not forget to clean the underside of the car as well. After washing the toy, you might want to consider spraying the metal parts with some lubricating oil to prevent rust.

Here are some tips on how to clean your Power Wheels and avoid getting them wet.

Wrap it up

Cars and trucks are best stored in a cool, dry place with low humidity. Be sure to wrap them up before putting them away from long-term as this will keep dust or dirt from accumulating on the toy while you’re not using it.

You can use any type of moving blanket that you have lying around.

Be sure to keep Power Wheels cars in a room with low humidity and an even temperature long-term, as this will help prevent rust from developing on the metal parts or batteries from corroding.

Consider using outdoor resistant covers

Outdoor-resistant covers come in a variety of shapes and materials. They’re perfect for protecting your Power Wheels cars long-term while they are stored outside of the shed or garage but can be used inside as well if desired.

Keep critters out of the storage room or area

Rodents, reptiles, spiders, and other critters can find places in the Power Wheels car to live and reproduce. So be sure to keep your storage area as rodent-proof as possible.

Insects can cause damage to the Power Wheels cars over time, so it’s important that you keep them out of your shed or garage for this reason long-term. You may spray the storage area down with insecticide in the fall and winter seasons to prevent insects from entering at all.

Do not store Power Wheels near chemicals

If you have any fuels or other flammable materials nearby before storing them long-term, move these items away from the storage area. You should also avoid storing Power Wheels cars near things that give off strong odors, including preservatives or paint thinners, to prevent these materials from seeping into the car itself and causing damage over time.

Storing Power Wheels FAQs

What is the right humidity to store a Power Wheels car?

You should keep the humidity at between 40% and 50% when storing Power Wheels long-term. If you live in a dry climate, then it is important to keep the humidity at about 50%.

In humid climates, keeping it around 40% would be best.

What should I do if there are dents on my Power Wheels car?

You might want to deal with the dents and holes before storing the Power Wheels car because, as we said, rodents and other small animals could make a home in the dents and holes over time.

You can fill any dents or holes with some wood glue before storing Power Wheels long-term, as this will keep them from getting worse while you’re not using it.

Is it okay to store Power Wheels cars in the basement?

If conditions such as humidity are appropriate for the Power Wheels car, then you could store it in your basement.

Is there a specific temperature I should use to store my Power Wheels?

Be sure to avoid extreme temperatures when storing Power Wheels long-term, as this can cause damage over time.

You want to ensure that both hot and cold air is kept away from the toy, so be sure to place them somewhere where they won’t get direct sunlight on them either, just before covering up any holes with wood glue if necessary.

The main reason to avoid sunlight and cover them up is that the Power Wheels plastic will turn yellowish in color over time. If you have already done this there is a way to remove the yellow from the Power Wheels plastic parts.


Storing Power Wheels cars should not be a difficult task. You just have to keep certain things in mind before storing them long-term to keep them safe, clean, and protected from the elements while not being used.

Hopefully, the tips we provided here will help you to do just that. If you need DIY storage racks for Power Wheels this will keep article will help!

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