How to Remove Spider Webs from Power Wheels in 5 Steps




Remove Spider Webs Power Wheels

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When it gets warm out, and the kids want to ride their stored-away Power Wheels, it’s time to open up that shed or go down to the basement and get them ready since they have been stored for a few months. Who knows what has been living in them?

To remove spider webs from a Power Wheels, use an item to clean the vehicle so you can move it. A stick or wet rag works. Put it out in the sun, the vehicle heats up and the bugs just leave on their own. Next, wipe down the vehicle with cleaning wipes and make sure you don’t miss any spots.

How to Remove Spider Webs from Power Wheels

When it’s time to get the ride-on out of the shed or basement, you never know what condition it is and who has been living in it. Here are some steps to prepare the Power Wheels.

1. Prepare Power Wheels to move

Before you start, I recommend taking a stick to remove some of the cobwebs in an area you can then grab. Usually, this will be handlebars, a steering wheel, or a handle in the front/back of the car.

As you can see, I have a few of them I have to dig out when the weather starts getting nice.

If you think there could be something other than insects living in the ride, you may want to kick the tire a few times to see if anything moves around.

2. Dry it out

The best way to remove the insects is by pulling the vehicle into a sunny spot and letting the heat drive the bugs out on its own. Spiders and insects love wet moist areas, so if you make it a hot area, they will leave to find another home.

If it’s a nice sunny day, I would recommend doing this for most of the day. If you are in a hurry and don’t mind spiders, then you can continue. I skipped this step and ran into a little guy myself (see picture).

3. Wipe down the whole vehicle

Now we want to make sure the vehicle is completely wiped down. You can use a paper towel with water or add some cleaning product like Clorox wipes if you want to take it a step further, depending on what you have on hand.

Keep in mind if you didn’t wipe down the vehicle, you may have something jump out of you when doing this. It is much better to have that happen than have the bugs bite your kid.

It’s important not to use the hose and spray the vehicle as Power Wheels are not designed to get wet.

Steering wheel/handlebars

Do a good job on this as your child will have his hands on this part the whole time driving.


The inside of the car is one of the most important parts to wipe down. That’s where I found my little spider guy hanging out.

Thankfully I found him and not my wife, or she may have thrown these Power Wheels away in the garbage heh


A lot of bugs love to hide under the car so make sure you check it well. I recommend flipping it as I have in the picture for this step.


Lots of room for cobwebs between the tread of these tires. Make sure to also get the inside and outside of them.


I like to wipe the vehicle down completely since it’s out. That way it looks brand new for the kids.

This also ensures there is nothing they may see that might scare them.

4. Fill it up

Hopefully, you have maintained the battery throughout the season. If not, there’s a chance it could be a dead one. Let’s hope not, make sure to plug it in and charge it.

I would leave it charged overnight, depending on the vehicle but make sure not to overcharge the Power Wheels.

5. Try it out

Now you are done. Time for the child to take it for a spin. If it’s a day later, you may want to double-check just to make sure you got everything.

It also doesn’t hurt to have items on hand like a wet paper towel, as you may notice a spot you missed as the child rides.


It’s important to keep your child safe on ride-on cars and this is something a lot of people may overlook. Hopefully, you learned how to properly prepare the vehicle for the summer months.

I have a full article that teaches you how to store the Power Wheels and another that teaches you how to store the battery. I recommend checking these out to make things easier in the future.

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