Four Seater Power Wheels

Warning about Four Seater Power Wheels for Kids 2021

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Yes, four seater Power Wheels do exist but they do not hold 4 kids. They have front and back seats that both appear to be two seats each, however; they only hold 1 kid each. As of 2021, I have found no true four-passenger Power Wheels and I doubt we will since there are limitations on the toy and battery.

Let’s face it, you are not going to want your kids on the same power wheels as they get older. They will need their own space and more importantly, their own battery life.

The 4 seat power wheel is perfect for that situation because it has 2 seats in front of the steering wheel and then another two seats behind that. This way your children can have a little bit of independence without taking up too much room or running out of juice before mommy gets home from work!

Is there a 4 Seater Power Wheels

Yes, you will find a few Power Wheels with four seats, however; they are actually only for 2 kids. They market it as a four seat toy car because it has two rows of seats with each row showing two seats the issue is each row only fits one kid.

If you read the description you will see that most of these are for only 2 kids. The issue with having a Power Wheels hold four kids is the limitation of the battery, and build of the ride on car.

Most ride on cars can hold a max of 130 pounds. For example, check out our article on high weight limit Power Wheels to get a good idea of these.

If you wanted to have a vehicle hold 4 kids they would have to weigh about 32 pounds each and have room in the vehicle for them to sit. As batteries do get stronger this is a possibility in the future but not even the 24 Volt Power Wheels support more than two riders.

I’m sure a specialized shop could create new vehicles that can hold more than 2 kids but this would cost a lot for these products of this type. Not to mention the battery would have to be huge or run multiple batteries throughout the vehicles.

All ride on cars are usually made of strong plastic but this would need to be upgraded along with the tires, shocks, and axle. Most materials that would be stronger than plastic also come with more weight so these products would then need even a stronger battery since the weight went up as well unless you give it more of a rollbar cage look, kinda like the Razor Dune Buggy.

Then you could keep the weight down and still make it out of metal/steel. To increase the battery you could technically run a drill battery conversion and even put it in parrell to have enough juice.

So there are ways to custom do it but I’m still not seeing any products on the market yet. Hopefully, we come across some new ride on vehicles that seat 3 or 4 people.

Is there a 3 Passenger Power Wheels?

There is also not a 3 passenger Power Wheels. If you are looking for a Power Wheels start with 2 seater ride on cars or 2 seater Jeeps.

Things to remember when purchasing a 2 seater vehicle is the maximum weight limit as you would want to add your kid’s weight together. These are nice vehicles as your kids get older because they can drive them longer as your kids grow over the years the two seater becomes more of a one person ride on car.

It’s always recommended to go with a higher weight limit for this reason. Keep in mind battery performance also depends on the weight limit so if you are near the max of the weight limit instead of getting hours of driving time you may only get 30 – 60 minutes.

Are there 4×4 Power Wheels?

Yes, there are 4×4 Power Wheels and they are awesome, if you are shopping for cars like this check out the 4×4 vehicles that we recommend.

Keep in mind these start at a higher price because when you are driving them each wheel has a motor and is spinning, most of these also come with rubber wheels which is a huge plus.


As you read the Power Wheels 4 person cars do not exist at this time. They are always coming out with new products as the battery and cars continue to get updated.

We may get them in 5-10 years but for now, a 2 seater is as much as you can get at this time. The ride with the largest batteries are the 24V Ride on Cars.

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