How Long Do Drill Batteries Last in Power Wheels?




Drill Batteries Last Power Wheels

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A drill battery is often rated between 18-24V at 9 amps. When used in a 12-volt Power Wheel with a DC-DC converter, the battery will last at least 30% more than a 12-volt Power Wheels battery would normally last. So if your normal battery lasts 30 minutes, the drill battery will last at least 39 minutes. 

Did you know you can use power tools batteries in Power Wheels? In this post, we will discuss using drill batteries in Power Wheels, and how long the batteries will last, among other related topics.

Stick with us through the end and learn how best to use drill batteries in Power Wheels.

Can You Use Drill Batteries in Power Wheels?

Power Wheels are compatible with drill batteries. However, the Power Wheels wiring system may need to be modified to accommodate the more common 18V-24V batteries found in drills.

It’s important to know whether or not the Power Wheels toy’s motor can take the greater voltage before inserting a drill battery into the toy. Otherwise, you may wish to invest in a DC-DC converter in case the toy doesn’t come with one.

You can avoid damaging the motor as little as possible by doing it this way.

Alternatively, you could switch to a motor that is suitable for the increased voltage. Due to the high likelihood of parts and wiring needing replacement, this may not be the best course of action if you lack competence with electrical repair.

How long do Drill Batteries Last in Power Wheels?

How long a drill battery will last in Power Wheels will depend on the voltage rating of the toy, how often it is used, and the terrain on which it is used, among other factors.

Generally, if used in 12-volt Power Wheels, the drill battery will last longer than the normal Power Wheels would. Why? As mentioned earlier, the drill battery is rated at about 18V to 24V at 9 amps.

This means it has more power to supply so it will last longer. On average, when used in a 12-volt battery, the drill battery will last at least 30% more than the normal battery would last.

Keep in mind there are different amp values in a battery. Think of it as the more amps the more the battery can store and the longer it will run. If you have an option it’s great to get really high amps to run for a long time.

Alternatively, you can get two of a decent amount of amps that way, you can swap them out when the battery dies, and make sure to give it 5 minutes to cool down first (battery and wiring) so you don’t burn out your vehicle.

If you use the drill battery in 6-volt Power Wheels, it is going to last even longer as there is less voltage to supply.

In any case, the drill battery will last longer than a normal Power Wheels battery would as long as you use it in a toy that has been designed for high-voltage batteries.

Can I Use Drill Batteries in 24-Volt Power Wheels?

Unless the drill battery is rated 24 volts, you cannot use it in 24-volt Power Wheels because there simply won’t be enough power to run the toy. However, you can use two 12-volt or 18-volt drill batteries connected in series in the Power Wheels.

When using two 18-volt drill batteries, you will need to make the wiring adjustments discussed above since the power output will be larger than the normal 24-volt Power Wheels system.

Using two 12-volt drill batteries won’t need too many modifications, but you will still need minor adjustments in the wiring system.

Is it Safe to Use Drill Batteries in Power Wheels?

Using drill batteries in Power Wheels is safe as long as you use them correctly and make the required adjustments where necessary. Also, if possible, avoid using a single battery, say in a 24-volt toy, because then there won’t be enough voltage to run the toy at full speed for a decent amount of time.

Here is a full article that shows you how to do a drill battery conversion safely in detail.

How to Charge Drill Batteries in Power Wheels

Charging drill batteries used in Power Wheels is easy. Just like Power Wheels batteries, drill batteries come with specific chargers that will charge drill batteries of the same voltage.

Just connect the charger to the drill battery by sliding the battery into the charger area and plugging it into a wall socket. The battery will start charging.

The charging time is anywhere between 8 hours to 14 hours, depending on the voltage rating of the battery and the model.

Will Drill Batteries Fit Power Wheels?

Yes. Just like with any other standard-size toy car batteries, drill batteries also fit perfectly fine on all Power Wheel models and brands provided they are compatible with their respective chargers.

However, there may be some slight modifications required to make the battery fit into certain types of cars due to different designs by various manufacturers; but this does not affect charging or usage at all though most times adjusting a few screws does the trick.

Usually, you will not have any issues at all as drill batteries are smaller and lighter than the regular lead-based batteries. This helps give the vehicle more speed as well since there is less to push.

Tips for Using Drill Batteries in Power Wheels

Always ensure that the voltage rating of the drill batteries you use in Power Wheels is at least 12 volts higher than that of your toy’s normal battery.

Don’t mix and match different voltage batteries; it will damage or destroy some parts, including both batteries used, if they are not compatible with each other, though their voltages may be similar.

Most people will see a speed increase when using a drill battery so these make for perfect Power Wheels upgrades, especially if you have one or two you are no longer using.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use, charge and maintain drill batteries. This way, you will avoid any problems that the battery may cause on your Power Wheels.

Though they are easy to use, don’t forget that maintaining Power Wheels is very important. For your safety and the long life of your toy, always ensure you follow all maintenance guidelines when charging or running a drill battery in any electric-powered ride-on toy.

Be sure to check on the battery status before starting your ride. This will help you avoid any surprises mid-ride, especially if you do not have a second regular Power Wheels battery on standby that can immediately replace the drill batteries when they are low or run out of charge.

Final Thoughts

How long drill batteries will last in Power Wheels is dependent on a number of factors, including the battery voltage. However, they will generally last longer than normal toy batteries when used in 12-volt or 6-volt Power Wheels.

Caution has to be taken when using drill batteries in Power Wheels to avoid damaging the toy’s electrical components. If the voltage is higher you may need to upgrade the motor and upgrade the gearbox to handle it.

Please be careful and use at your own risk
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