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Ride-on Fire Truck with Water Shooting Function

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Sirens, working water hoses, and a fire extinguisher are just a few of the wonderful features of the Kidsclub ride-on fire truck. A 12V battery for 1-2 hours of operation is included with the fire engine truck. This covers the radio, the push-start, and the remote control. This vehicle, which resembles a fire truck exactly, has a hose that can blast water.

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Kidsclub 12V Ride On Fire Truck Toy with Remote Control

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If you have a little one who likes fire trucks, you can’t go wrong with this! Kids can ride on this fire truck, run the sirens, and even spray water from two different areas.

Lots to cover, but surprise, I really think this is a winner if you can’t tell in this review!


The Power Wheels Fire Truck design has a great boxy look with vibrant colors that are very similar to a real fire truck. The siren is on top of the front area and does go pretty loud while flashing.

The back of the truck has an area to hold the water tank, which then connects to the hose/water gun the kids can pump and spray with. You also get a fire extinguisher that also squirts with water that is in the back of the truck.

It does have one large seat for the child to sit on and appears at the top of the truck.


The wheels on this vehicle are the usual plastic wheels. Plastic wheels do tend to last a long time but don’t can slip on certain surfaces. You can always add a grip later.

This can be used inside or outdoors but make sure the water canisters are empty if you are allowing your child to drive these Power Wheels indoors. The surface of the carpet and kitchen floors will be no issues for these wheels.

With wheels like this, you will be able to drive in grass and gravel it just won’t be as smooth. Both of the back wheels are powered by two motors so they will both move at the same time.

This firetruck also has suspension on both front and back wheels, so the driving for the child won’t be as bumpy.


I’m happy to say this Kidsclub fire truck does come with a seatbelt. You would be surprised how many companies get this wrong but not with this one.

They also give you a firefighters hat to wear that isn’t considered a helmet but it’s more protection than wearing nothing. I don’t believe the speed is fast enough to warrant a helmet with this vehicle, as we will talk about in the next section.

This truck also has radio controls on the steering wheel as an extra option so your child can change the station without taking their hands off of it. This fire truck ride-on also comes with a remote control so if your child is on the younger end of this you can drive them around.

Keep in mind the remote needs 2 AA batteries to run, which are not included. If your child is smaller, the front of the truck has an actual windshield so they can see through.

Overall the design and features of this vehicle make it much safer than others. I really recommend this one.


If you have a younger child, you may appreciate the slower pace relative to other 12V vehicles. You can choose between D1 and D2 on the fire truck’s speed dial. D2 is its peak speed, at 3.1 mph, with D1 offering a speed of around 1.6 mph.

The reverse speed of this vehicle is unknown but is likely to be around 1.6 MPH.


This ride can only hold one child, and recommended age is 3 – 8 years of age. The maximum weight limit of the Kidsclub fire truck is 66 pounds.

Nice long rescue sessions, as the 12V battery will last a lot longer depending on the weight of the child. The closer the child is to the 66 pounds, the more the battery will have to work but you are still looking at a nice run time.


Kids will love playing on this thing all day long, even after the battery runs out. Having the water canisters with a pump water hose and fire extinguisher are the extra things that really complete this vehicle.

This fire engine truck is really nice. They went the extra mile and added a firefighters hat for the kids as well. I’m sure you will hear the siren running for long periods of time.

The siren lights up blue and red, not to mention this also turns on the headlights in the front of the vehicle.

If parents want to play along, just pretend there is an area that needs a fire put out. Maybe some plants you need to be watered, and watch them drive into action. So much fun for the imagination of both the kids and us.

The radio also lights up the dashboard, has a push to start with sound effects, and has 11 saved songs to play. It’s easy to get in and out of this truck as it has fully working lockable doors on both sides.

Running Time

The runtime on the Kidsclub fire truck can reach up to two hours of run time depending on the weight of the passenger but you should get at least 1 hour if they are towards the 66 pounds. This fire truck comes with a 12 Volt battery that powers a motor on each of the back wheels.

Make sure you charge the battery extra long the first time before using the truck.


A 12V vehicle with so many features and accessories is priced quite competitively. Not to mention how perfect the whole theme and aesthetic are.

Only 2 AA batteries for the remote are not included in this package, so keep that in mind.

The features are listed briefly below:

  • Siren
  • Fire Hose/canisters
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Hat
  • Radio
  • 12V Battery
  • Easy to move for parents

Convenience / Install

The Kidsclub fire truck comes mostly assembled. You simply have to mount the wheels and seat. They have a video showing you exactly how to do that on Amazon.

The dimensions of the vehicle are 45.28 x 25.59 x 23.62 inches; 56.2 Pounds.

This vehicle comes with extra wheels on the front and back of the vehicle so it can be picked up and moved like a suitcase easily for the parents. This is a great quality because, as you may know, most of the wheels on these vehicles do not move and are locked in place, which makes them harder to move.

The Kidsclub Fire Truck with Water Shooting Function is available on Amazon.

  • Easy to move
  • Radio/Remote Start
  • 2 Speeds available
  • 11 Preset Songs on Radio
  • Very positive reviews
  • Plastic Wheels
  • Can be a bit loud when moving

Alternative: Kidsclub 12V Ride On Police Car

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If you are looking for an alternative, well, the Kidsclub 12V Ride On Police Car [Amazon Link] will be the one. The best thing about this is it has all the great features above without the water play at a much lower cost.

If you are looking for a toy to keep inside, this is the one for you at a much cheaper price tag.


I really enjoyed doing this review, as my son loves fire engine trucks. Boys tend to love these vehicles but they can be used by either boys or girls.

If you have a girl that isn’t interested in an emergency service vehicle I would recommend something like the Barbie Jeep Wrangler.

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