Affordable BKIRNP Ride-on Cars: Features, Assembly, and Unboxing




BKIRNP Ride-on Car Review

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Thanks to BKIRNP for sending me this affordable 12V Jeep black ride-on which is an amazing starter Power Wheels with many features we will go into detail about. BKIRNP 12V Jeep is available on Amazon.

Let’s dive right into the review.

BKIRNP 12v Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control Review

My son was so excited to jump in and ride this that it kept slowing us down building it. Just to be complete, he is about to turn 7 years old in two months; he is a bit tall for his age.

This vehicle is for kids 2 years old to 8 years old.

Cheap Ride-On
12V Battery Powered Electric Car

Safety measures, like seat belts and speed control, ensure your child’s ride is both fun and secure.

Built-in music, Aux Jack, and sound effects enhance the driving experience.

You’ll be impressed with the innovation packed into these affordable toys.

And the best part? You can control the car remotely to steer your little one clear of any obstacles. That’s convenience and peace of mind in one package.

This vehicle performs very well on the grass, which is a hard obstacle for some of these ride-on cars. Make sure to check the review video out to see it in action.

The BKIRNP Jeep can go in reverse, low gear, and high gear. Low gear is 3 MPH, and high gear is 4 MPH. The speed was a solid one for my son, I think we have about two more years till he wants to start going faster.

There are 2 headlights and a LED bar light on the front of the vehicle. The ones on top and the back are just for show. The seat is genuine leather, and it comes with a 5-point seat belt. If your child is older, he/she may only be able to use the 3-point portion.

The vehicle has a neat thing called swag mode; this is where the electric car just rocks back and forth. To be I didn’t think it was a big deal, but my son loved it and sometimes just wanted to sit in it while it went back and forth.

The tires are made of plastic and have some nice treads on them, not to mention hubcaps which make it so the bolts and screws holding them on are not exposed. Great safety features.

Finally, to put it away, it has a drag handle on the back of the ride-on car. This may not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you without having this these are hard to put away. This makes it very smooth to store away or drag across the yard when your child says…ok I’m done.

12V BKIRNP Jeep Run Time

The battery has an average lifespan of about 1 hour on a charge. It is also very easy to recharge, just take the cord and plug it in under the seat.

The charger itself shows a green light when plugged in. Make sure to charge it extra for the first charge, I would say overnight.

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable
  • Music, USB Port, Startup Sounds
  • Swag Mode (car goes back and forth in place)
  • Remote control
  • The ride-on was loud when moving.
  • Minor issues with installation and instructions were sub-par – We created an assembly video to help.

Overall, the vehicle is at a great price, especially for a starter Power Wheels.

They do have an aux jack and a music player, which plays pre-recorded music. Real sound engines as you hit the power button, so it is realistic, and my little guy just loved getting in and out of it; the seat was a great size and will fit him for a few more birthdays.

The toy’s design was the best part; it really looks sharp and sleek with multiple colors available. Not to mention the purchased price of this vehicle is a really great deal.

The vehicle does also have opening doors with a latch to close them. I feel they do, however, close a little tight; there is a chance a kid can pinch their fingers.

You don’t have to open the doors for the kids to get in the toys.

12V BKIRNP Jeep Unboxing

The kid’s ride-on came all in one decent-sized box, which was nice; we didn’t have to wait for multiple packages to arrive.

Unboxing it was easy, and there was not much to tell that couldn’t be shared in a quick video showing what we received after the purchase process.

12V BKIRNP Jeep Assembly

We did a complete video on the assembly of this product to help if you decide to purchase this ride for your kids.

The assembly of the remote control car did take a few hours. The original instructions were a bit rough that came with the vehicle. We make it easier in the video as we have been through it all.

They did send us different instructions that were not in the box. Here is a PDF of the BKIRNP instructions.


This is a very solid build once you get the full ride-on assembled, and charged up. With the video and extra instructions, it will make this task easier for you.

The great thing about this is any of the cons can be fixed with future upgrades. I plan to modify this car to go faster in the future, but for now, its speed is 3 MPH in low and 4 MPH in high.

It’s definitely worth the purchase price, and the product makes a great entry vehicle for a young child.

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