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Power Wheels Downloadable Guide

Level up your game from hobbyist to advanced with my 29-page ebook. In just a few minutes, you can be implementing the strategies it took me years to come across.

If you’ve looked around at all the Power Wheels and still have lots of questions, this is the eBook for you.

Getting to the intermediate stage of Power Wheels knowledge isn’t that hard, but it’ll likely take you many years and money making costly mistakes, HOPING you’ll improve.

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Increase Power Wheels Life

Most kids only get to ride their Power Wheels for a few months before it dies, and parents are left with an expensive paperweight. Let me provide you with tips that will extend the life of your power wheels by 4x!


Maintenance Strategy

The problem is that the average family doesn’t have a lot of experience with repairing Power Wheels. That is where I can help! This is written to tell you exactly what need to do in order to keep them running safely and efficiently.


Easy Ways to Fix Issues

It’s not easy to find a Power Wheels repair shop that can fix your kids’ favorite toy. I created this book so you can fix everything about your Power Wheels, from basic maintenance to more complicated fixes, and they’ll help you save money.


Stop Wasting Money

We know how hard it is to buy the right Power Wheels, especially with so many options available. With my help, you can avoid making a mistake and get exactly what your child needs.


Maximize Your Battery

Running out of power while using your Ride On toy is the worst. We’ve got some tips for maximizing your battery life and running time that will help keep you going longer!


Stop Making Mistakes

Power Wheels is one of the most exciting brands in children’s toys, but it can be frustrating to navigate all of the options. We’ve designed this book to understand all about how safe, reliable, and fun Power Wheels are for your little ones.


YOUR Power Wheels!


I purchased this book and feel it’s a good book overall for a beginner. Has great tips and help for a beginner like myself. I recommend it!.”



“I’m a dad, but I really want to get the most out of my Power Wheel.  I’ve watched tons of Youtube videos and still had questions.  Really excited to have this complete guide!.”




There are so many things to learn about Ride On cars that it’s easy to miss the fundamentals.

Beginners make two mistakes that stop them: (1) They don’t maintain their vehicle and it breaks down a lot faster than it should, and (2) They charge the battery incorrectly shortening the life of the car.