Electric Biking Power Meets Motocross Madness: Exploring the Cake KALK

  • By: Kevinsmak
  • Date: June 2, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.
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Electric is the exciting new age reality for two-wheelers. While the dawn of electric two-wheelers is still young compared to its petrol ancestors, it has seen a sharp spike in popularity and demand in today’s time.

With electric bike inventions entering different riding categories, e-dirt bikes were the definitive next step for electric vehicle technology.

While there has been a market flux of these e-dirt bikes, some stand apart from others, whether it’s looks, power, or reliable control. So today, in our spotlight, we have the KALK. 

This unique-looking bike comes from Sweden with a super-unique price tag of 14,000 euros; that’s 14986 dollars! While the price tag is a head-turner, the bike is as well.

But how well does this bike perform? Does it do justice to performance, or has it sacrificed some perks for aesthetics? Not at all.

Here is why the Klak has made its pace in the e-dirt bike category:

Build Quality: Lightweight and Premium 

The Kalk is a lightweight machine, weighing just 174 pounds / 79kg. The Kalk body has smooth surfaces with brushed aluminum.

Also, with a sturdy and unique body design, the Kalk is definitely an eye magnet. 

Battery and Charging: Full charge in 2 hours 30 minutes

Now here’s where it gets really interesting. You don’t need to worry about the setup or huge battery costs to charge your Kalk.

You can use your home’s regular 120V/220V outlet to charge your bike.

This feature of being adaptable with a regular charging port allows for a lot of mobility since you don’t need to frantically search for a specific power station; you can just stop at any location where they can provide you with a power outlet. 

You can also simply carry the battery in your backpack to charge it at your office or friend’s house. With efficiency built into the technology, it can fully charge for a riding time of around 3-4 hours in just 2 hours 30 minutes. 

Multiple rides modes: Explore, Excite, Excel

The Kalk gives you three power mode options. 

Mode 1 – Explore: This mode has a limited top speed of 28mph / 45kph with 3-4 hours of riding time.

Mode 2 – Excite: This mode allows for a top speed of around 30mph / 50kph with 1-2 hours of riding time.

Mode 3 – Excel: This mode allows for a top speed of 43mph / 70kph with 1 hour of riding time.

Multiple brake modes: Freewheel, 2-stroke, 4-stroke

Brake Mode 1 – Freewheel: This mode has no motor brakes, allowing for a sense of riding a normal petrol bike. Useful when you are riding casually and do not require full control. 

Brake mode 2 – 2 stroke motor brake: This mode has a moderate motor brake. As you release the throttle, you feel the bike slowing down at a moderate pace. Useful when you are riding where occasionally braking and control would be required.

Brake Mode 3 – 4 stroke motor brake: This mode has a powerful motor brake. As you release the throttle, you feel the bike slowing down quickly. Useful on tracks where you brake consistently and require full control.

Top speed: 56 mph / 90 kmph  

Since it’s a 125cc four-stroke bike, the motor has a peak power of 13.4bhp and a top speed of 56 mph / 90 kmph. The Kalk has a high rpm and progressive span of the electric motor that also allows for torquing power with a magnetic pull, letting you see your speed gauge flip instantly. 

Mobile App: Connectivity and features at your fingertips 

You get a personal ID with your Kalk that you can use to log into the mobile app. You can fully utilize the feature set of your Kalk bike with the pre-installed connectivity module that comes on all Kalk bikes from August 2021. 


The Kalk is a piece of art as much as it is a dirt bike. With powerful features backing up the set of aesthetics, it satisfies an all-around biker’s needs. 

If you are going to be a proud owner of a Kalk and join the Cake family, consider matching the same design and performance philosophy in your gear. MXstore has the most wicked-looking gear with safety features that even the pros can rely on. 

So step up your motocross game and join the electric gang because, with the right bike and gear, adventures will be a piece of cake.

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