How to Make a Go Kart Turn Better in 8 Ways

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  • Date: January 12, 2023
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To make a Go-Kart turn better:

  • Adjust the Front End Toes-In or Toes-Out
  • Make Balance Adjustments
  • Install a Stiffer Rear Sway Bar
  • Adjust the Steering Stop Bolts
  • Consider Adjusting the Wheels Camber
  • Raise the Rear Ride Height
  • Make Some Ackerman Changes
  • Check tires

Making a go-kart turn better is not as hard as it may seem. In fact, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can be on your way to sharper turns and faster times.

In this blog post, we will discuss seven ways that you can make your go-kart turn better. Keep reading to learn more.

Why You Should Make Your Go-Kart Turn Better

The standard equipment on brand-new go-karts may not always be what you require. Your go-kart’s handling may also begin to feel shaky as the race progresses.

When this occurs, it’s essential to examine your go-kart more closely and make any necessary adjustments.

Most people will turn as part of their adaptations. Why, though, would you want a go-kart that turns better?

A couple of them are as follows.

Better Turns Improve Lap Times

This is among the most common reasons people want to make their go-karts turn better. If you can take sharper, faster turns, then your overall lap times will improve. And in racing, every second counts.

Better Turns Enhance Safety

Taking precautions to avoid harm is always a must before hitting the track. If you can improve your go-kart’s turning ability, you can make it safer to drive.

You can get around obstacles and other racers with the help of faster, sharper spins. With this said, we do recommend wearing a karting helmet to keep you protected from any accidents.

Better Turning Maintains Acceleration

Turning is not the time to ease up on the gas. This can put you at a disadvantage versus the competition and waste crucial time.

You can keep your go-kart’s speed and acceleration up through the turns if you improve its turning ability.

Turning Better Means More Control

You can experience a more thrilling and exciting race when you have better control over your go-kart. You can test your limitations and determine how quickly your go-kart can actually move when you have control.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should improve the turning ability of your go-kart now that we’ve covered some of the reasons why.

How to Make a Go-Kart Turn Better in 8 Ways

Here are the best 8 ways to make your go-kart turn better:

1. Adjust the Front End Toes-In or Toes-Out

The first thing you can do to make your go-kart turn better is to adjust the front end toes-in or toes-out. Toes-in means that the front tires are pointing inward, while toes-out means that they are pointing outward.

You will want to experiment with both settings to see which one works best for you. A good starting point is to have the front-end toes set at 0 degrees.

From there, you can make small adjustments until you find the sweet spot.

2. Make Balance Adjustments

If you want your go-kart to turn better, balance is essential. Your go-kart’s weight distribution needs to be adjusted for optimal balance.

A 50/50 front-to-rear split is the ideal distribution.

The wheelbase, or the distance between the axles, may also require adjustment. Improve your go-kart’s balance and turning ability by adjusting the wheelbase.

Wheel track, or the distance between wheels on the same axle, is another thing you can modify. Narrower tracks are better for agility, while broader tracks will help with stability.

3. Install a Stiffer Rear Sway Bar

Install a stiffer rear sway bar to make your go-kart even more maneuverable. More weight will be distributed to the outside tires. As a result, improve your grip in the turns.

Just take care not to overstretch the rear sway bar, as this will reduce straight-line stability.

4. Adjust the Steering Stop Bolts

This is another good way to improve your turning especially when you notice one side turns sharper than the other. To fix this, you will want to adjust the steering stop bolts.

First, find the spot where your go-kart turns the sharpest and make a mark on the frame. Next, turn the wheel in the opposite direction until it reaches full lock.

Once it’s in place, make another mark on the frame.

The distance between the two marks is how much you will need to adjust the steering stop bolts. To make the turn sharper, you will want to move the bolts closer together.

And to make the turn less sharp, you will want to move them further apart.

5. Consider Adjusting the Wheels Camber

The angle of the wheel with respect to the ground is known as camber. It is known as negative camber if the top of the wheel is pointing inward. And positive camber is present if it is tilting outward.

You may increase your grip and traction in the corners by adjusting the camber. Additionally, it prevents the tire from scraping, which might slow you down.

The axle’s mounting bolts must be loosened in order to alter the camber. You can move the axle forward or backward to get the required camber angle once they are free.

6. Raise the Rear Ride Height

Raising the rear ride height is another approach to improve your go-kart’s turning ability. This will aid in shifting more weight to the front tires, increasing your traction and grip in the turns.

You must remove the bolts holding the axle in place in order to modify the rear ride height. Once they are free, you can adjust the axle height to get the ideal riding height.

7. Make Some Ackerman Changes

Ackerman steering is when the front wheels turn at different angles. This is what allows you to turn the wheel and have the tires follow that same angle.

If you want to make your go-kart turn even sharper, you can adjust the Ackerman steering. You can make adjustments such that the front wheels turn at a sharper angle.

This will help to transfer more weight to the outside tires which will give you more grip in the turns. Just be careful not to make the Ackerman steering too sharp or you will sacrifice straight-line stability.

8. Check Tires

Your go-ability kart’s to turn depends significantly on its tires. Your tires should be the first item you examine if you’re not satisfied with your turning.

Verify the tread is adequate and that they are inflated to the correct pressure. Also, think about experimenting with other tire formulations to see if that makes a difference.

These are just a few techniques you can use to improve the turn of your go-kart. Check out a handful of these techniques to find which ones are most effective for you.

How to Navigate Corners Easily?

Brake Sooner

Braking sooner is one of the most effective ways to navigate corners easily. By braking sooner, you give yourself more time to slow down and approach the turn at a slower speed.

This will help you to make the turn more smoothly and without having to make any sudden movements.

Steer Slowly

When making a turn, you shouldn’t apply any rapid steering inputs. You can wind yourself driving off the circuit as a result of losing control of the go-kart due to this.

Instead, enter the turn while gliding your steering. This will make it easier for you to control the go-kart and make the turn.

Don’t Gas It

Gassing is another error people make when taking a turn. The go-kart might spin out and lose control as a result of this.

You should lighten up on the gas and let the go-kart coast through the turn as an alternative. You’ll be able to control the go-kart and make the turn more easily as a result.

Final Thoughts

You now know how to maneuver your go-kart with better turns. In addition to the numerous benefits already described, doing this will put your go-kart ahead of the pack, which is thrilling.

If you have any further inquiries, please look over our entire section on go-karts. I think we have covered all you have to know.

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