How to Lower a Power Wheel

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  • Date: June 2, 2022
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You can lower a Power Wheel by altering the leaf suspension or the spring suspension. You can also remove the rear or front shock absorbers. However, you have to take into account the safety of your kid as altering the suspension can be dangerous sometimes.

So you are thinking about lowering your kid’s Power Wheels but you don’t know how to do it? It is actually a lot easier than you think.

In this post, we will be going through the basic steps on how to lower Power Wheels.

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Lower Your Power Wheels in Easy Steps

There are various ways to lower your ride-on car. They include the following among others:

Alter the Power Wheel’s Leaf Springs

This is among the easiest ways on how to lower Power Wheels. You can either do it by yourself or have a professional mechanic alter them for you.

Remove Front or Rear Shock Absorbers

Though this process is not for the faint-hearted, it’s a good way on how to lower Power Wheels. This entails removing the front or rear shock absorbers of your ride-on car and replacing them with shorter ones at about ½ inch less than the original length.

Use Blocks

Blocks are another way that can be used in lowering a power wheel. They are usually made from wood, aluminum, or other materials.

You can place them under the frame of your Power Wheel or use a ramp to make it easier.

Alter the Coil Springs

If the Power Wheels are equipped with coil springs, you can also alter them to lower the ride-on car. This is done by taking out the wheels and then cutting the coils in ½ inch increments until the desired height is achieved.

Why Lower Power Wheels

There are various reasons people consider lowering their Power Wheels. They include the following among others:

They are too high for kids to control easily

Some ride-on cars may be too high for kids to control easily. This may result in accidents or injuries when the kid loses balance while controlling it.

Lowering them provides a stable platform for better traction and easier controls which can reduce chances of falls, slips, trips, and other accidents.

The ride on car is causing back pains due to its height

While this may not sound like a real issue, it is. Another reason people lower their ride on cars can be because they are causing back pains for children and adults alike.

This makes them uncomfortable when driving or riding them, thus lowering them provides a better solution to this problem.

They want more stability

The last common reason why some decide to lower Power Wheels is for stability. When the car is too high, it becomes easy to lose balance, especially when turning corners or going over bumps and obstacles.

This can be a safety issue, which is why lowering the ride-on car can provide more stability while driving or riding.

The kids want a more sporty feel

This is another major reason why some parents decide to lower their Power Wheels. The kids may want a more sporty feel and lowering the car, can provide this for them.

It also helps in making turns and maneuvers easier and faster.

It improves handling

Lowering Power Wheels can also improve handling. This is because it lowers the center of gravity, which gives the driver more control over the car while driving or riding.

It becomes easier to make quick turns and navigate through tight spaces with ease.

Always remember to use caution when altering any part of the car as it could result in accidents or injuries if not done properly. Have fun with your lowered ride-on car and enjoy driving or riding it.

Reasons You Might Not Want to Lower Your Power Wheels

There are a few reasons why you might not want to lower your Power Wheels and they include the following:

It can be dangerous

Lowering a ride-on car, especially if it’s not done properly, can be very dangerous. This is because it alters the center of gravity which makes it easy for the car to lose balance and flip over.

It can also be hazardous when going over bumps and obstacles.

There are safety concerns

This is especially true for children or adults who have not been trained on how to properly control a lowered ride-on car. The higher the center of gravity, which means it’s easier for them to lose balance while driving or riding thus increasing chances of accidents and injuries.

It can also feel uncomfortable as well for those who are not used to it.

It can be costly

Lowering a Power Wheels car might be expensive, especially if you choose to do so professionally and have the necessary tools and parts needed for it. If done improperly, this could result in more costs such as damages or injuries that may occur.

It could void your warranty

Some Power Wheels cars come with warranties. These are usually from the manufacturer and if they find out that it has been altered, this could void the warranty thus making any repairs or replacements expensive.

It can also result in more costs as well such as those for parts and labor.

It may reduce ride quality

The ride quality of the car might be reduced if it is lowered. This is because it alters the suspension and how it functions, which can make for a bumpier or less smooth ride.

It may cause problems with other parts of the car

Lowering your Power Wheels could also lead to problems with other parts of the car. This is because altering the height changes how different parts of the car interact with each other.

It can also lead to issues such as tires wearing out faster or the engine not functioning as well.

Is Lowering Power Wheels Worth It?

Lowering your kid’s ride-on car is worth it if you have done it for one or more of the following reasons.

For better performance

Lowering a Power Wheels car is worth it if you want to improve its ride quality, speed and maneuverability. This can be beneficial especially if your kids are very active with their toy car as this means they will enjoy driving or riding faster which leads to more fun.

For a more unique look

Some parents decide to lower their child’s ride-on car because they want it to have a sportier and unique look. This is usually done for aesthetic purposes but can also be functional as well by improving the speed of the toy car which means your kids will enjoy driving or riding faster.

It can also add a more aggressive look to the car.

To make it more comfortable

Lowering your Power Wheels can also make it more comfortable for kids or adults who are not used to riding in cars that have a higher center of gravity. This is because it lowers the seat and brings it closer to the ground which makes it easier to get in and out.

To make it more stable

Lowering your Power Wheels can also make for a safer drive or ride especially if you choose to do this for the safety of your kids. This is because it makes the center of gravity lower which means that there’s less chance of losing balance while driving or riding thus making accidents less likely to happen.

Final Thoughts

There are several reasons why you may want to lower your Power Wheels car and while there are some risks associated with it, these can be minimized if done properly. If you’re still unsure whether or not to do this, consider speaking with someone who has experience in lowering ride-on cars before making a decision.

An alternative approach is to lift your Power Wheels.

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