Go Kart Wheel Sizes Explained | How to Choose the Right One

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  • Date: January 12, 2023
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A go-kart wheel’s size is frequently specified in three numbers; one example is 10×4.5-5. You can find out the total wheel diameter, including the rim diameter, by looking at the first number (10). The second number represents the tire’s width from one inner bead to the next. The rim diameter is the last digit.

There are a few factors you should be aware of while choosing go-kart wheel sizes in order to meet your needs. We will go over everything you need to know to pick the proper size wheels for your go-kart in this blog post.

Why Is It Important to Get the Right Go-Kart Wheel?

It is extremely important that you choose the right size wheels for your go-kart for a number of reasons.

Go-Karts Come with Different Wheel Sizes

Depending on various factors such as weight limit, age-appropriateness, and intended use, go-karts will come with different wheel sizes. So it is important to get the right wheel so that your go-kart is able to function properly.

The Wrong Wheel Size Can Affect the Safety of Your Go-Kart

Numerous safety problems may result from selecting the incorrect wheel size for your go-kart. The go-kart may topple over, for instance, if the wheel you select is too small.

The go-kart, however, may be challenging to steer if you select a wheel that is too large.

The Stability of the Go-Kart Depends on the Wheels

The wheels on your go-kart are crucial to its stability, something you may not have realized at the time. You increase the risk of the go-kart tipping over if you use wheels that are too small for the vehicle.

The Wrong Wheel Won’t Fit

If you buy a wheel that’s too small or too big or one that has studs that are too long, it simply won’t fit your go-kart. This is why it’s important to know what size wheel you need before you make a purchase.

How to Choose the Right Go-Kart Wheel

To choose the right go-kart wheel size, you need to take into account the following factors:

The Dimension of the Wheel

There is a wide range of wheel sizes for go-karts. However, the wheel size is typically shown by three separate digits.

Ten times four and a half times five would be a good illustration. So, to break this down for you:

The wheel’s diameter is shown in inches after the first digit (10). The full circumference of the wheel measures so. Each tire and wheel are included.

Here, 4.5 is used as the second digit. It’s a measure of the tire’s internal width. Don’t miscalculate this figure, as various tires serve various functions.

The last number is the most important one. In our example, it is the number 5. This indicates the rim diameter.

This is also an important number that you don’t want to forget since go-karts come with different size rims.

Note that these numbers are all in inches. So, if you see a go-kart wheel that is labeled in millimeters, you can just convert them to inches by dividing them by 25.4.

The Position of the Wheel

Front and rear go-kart wheels differ in size. The front wheels are usually smaller in width than the rear wheels.

This is because the weight of the go-kart is mainly concentrated at the back.

The bigger rear wheels provide more grip and traction since they have more contact with the ground. They also tend to be wider than front wheels for added stability.

However, there are also go-karts that come with equal-sized wheels. These go-karts are usually made for off-road use and provide more stability when driving on uneven terrain.

A good example here is dirt tires. They are usually the same size for both the front and rear wheels. If you have any issues, here is how to remove the rear wheels.

Bolt Pattern

For go-kart wheels, the three most common bolt patterns are:

  • Us or American Bolt pattern: This is a 3 on a 2.5-inch bolt pattern. What this means is that there are three bolts evenly spread out on a circle that has a diameter of two and a half inches. The studs have different measurements so you want to make sure that you get the right ones.
  • Metric Bolt Pattern: This is a 3/58 bolt pattern. There are three bolts evenly spread out on a circle that has a diameter of 58mm or about two and a quarter inches. The studs measure 8mm in diameter.
  • CRG Front: This is a 3/67 bolt pattern. It has three bolts on a circle with a 67mm diameter or about two and five-eighths inches. The studs measure 8mm in diameter.

The bolt pattern is significant because it determines whether or not the wheels you select will fit your go-kart. If not, the wheels won’t line up correctly.

Wheel Material

Your wheel options span a wide range of materials. The most typical examples include:

Aluminum Wheels: These wheels are created from aluminum, a lightweight material. They are not only strong but also sturdy.

They are often less expensive compared to other wheel types. Additionally, they’ll require more care because they rust easily.

Magnesium Wheels: Lightweight magnesium is used to make these wheels. Along with being sturdy, they are strong.

They frequently cost more than other wheel kinds.

Steel Wheels: These wheels are sturdy and constructed of steel. They are resistant to severe misuse and deterioration.

You must take care of them though because they are prone to rust.

Tire Type

Tire types include the following, among others:

  • Dirt tires: These tires are made for off-road use. They have a large tread pattern that helps to grip the ground and provide traction.
  • Slick/dry tires: These tires are made for use on dry tracks. They have a smooth surface that helps to reduce friction and provide more speed.
  • Wet tires: These tires are made for use on wet tracks. They have a tread pattern that helps to grip the ground and provide traction.
  • Off-road tires: These tires are made for use on rough terrain. They have a large tread pattern that helps to grip the ground and provide traction.

The location where you plan to drive your go-kart will influence the type of tire you select. The tires you purchase should be designed for driving on public roads if that is what you want to do.

Choose tires that are designed for driving on tracks if that is what you intend to do.


An integral component of a go-kart wheel is a spacer. Spreading the wheels out prevents them from grinding against one another.

It also contributes to enhanced steadiness and holds.

The width of the go-kart frame and the diameter of the tires will determine the appropriate size of the spacer. Getting the perfect size is essential for a comfortable fit.

How Do I Know the Right Size of Go-Kart Wheels to Use?

Every go-kart comes with a comprehensive user manual that details everything you need to know about operating the vehicle. The appropriate wheel diameters will be specified here.

Consult a skilled mechanic or someone with go-kart knowledge if you have any doubts. Get advice on what size go-kart wheels will work best for your situation from these experts.

Final Thoughts

The size of your go-wheels kart’s is crucial. It’s important to get the appropriate bolt pattern and measurement.

With any luck, you were able to learn something new about go-kart wheel sizes from this post. Please pass this along to everyone who might benefit from it.

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