Do Electric Scooters Have Keys? | Can You Lock and Unlock It?

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  • Date: September 21, 2022
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After you have purchased an electric scooter, the fun starts! You get to ride around and really enjoy the breeze in your hair as the scooter powers the wheels.

Next, you get to the store, and it’s time to go in and buy a drink but do these scooters have a switch or key to lock them? Let’s find out.

Stock electric scooters do not come with a key ignition system. They come with a push-to-start button that will turn on the e-scooter, not a key. This is true for all models you purchase. You can install an aftermarket key lock. After installation, it has two positions ON (key won’t remove) and OFF (key removes).

What is an Electric Scooter

They can be referred to as E Scooters because they have a battery pack and power the ride so you don’t have to constantly push off. There are two main types of electric scooters.

Kid’s electric scooters

Most electric scooters for kids will be under the price tag of about $300. These are safer for kids and don’t go as fast as the adult e-scooter.

Don’t get these confused with the regular scooter that you use your feet to push off when riding. These will also have a battery and a motor.

Adult electric scooters

An adult electric scooter is very similar to the kids, except it is more expensive and has the following upgrades:

  • Larger battery
  • Up to 15 MPH
  • Some fold up
  • Stronger design

These electric scooters will be over the price tag of about $250 and the more features and longer-lasting battery you want will increase the money you pay.

Do Electric Scooters Have Keys?

Electric scooters have an ignition system where you just push a button to start. Key ignition is very rare to find on a stock scooter though you can install an aftermarket two keys lock.

The main reason people would want a key ignition system is for security. Since a scooter doesn’t have this, it can be very easy to steal if you don’t use the proper security.

Many people will use a ground anchor so the scooter is basically an immovable object and can’t be taken easily.

You can do this by using these types of locks when securing to bike racks:

  • Chain locks
  • Cable locks

The important thing to know is these types of locks can slow down theft from happening but any good thief will still be able to get through both of these locks. Let’s break them down a bit more.

Scooter Chain Lock vs Cable Lock

Chain locks

The chain lock is going to be the strongest of the two and usually requires more long bolt cutters to get through once locked. These are not easy to carry since they are larger.

This will be noticeable if the thieves are trying to take your electric scooter.

Cable locks

The cable lock is going to be a decent deterrent for the novice thief when you secure your electric scooter. A cable lock can however be cut once locked with hand tools that can fit in a thief’s pocket.

What to choose?

I would go with a chain and make sure you get the sold secure: the gold standard. Keep the chain tight and away from the ground. It’s also helpful to keep the anchor and lock portion inaccessible to the thief.

You can even look further and find some locking mechanisms that make loud sounds when they are attempted to be broken. Lots of people that use bikes will use similar types.

Better option?

Yes, there is a better option. The installation of a key ignition system will really help as the thief won’t be able to start the electric scooter.

If they have a heavy knowledge of the key lock they could reverse the installation though so keep this in mind and use this with a lock. These two options will really help from the electric scooter being stolen.

How to Install Keys for Your Electric Scooter

You would first have to purchase a key lock for your electric scooter. These are nice because they also have a power indicator showing how much charge you have left.

Of course, the main reason you want this is to secure the scooter by using a key. Once complete if the key is turned on you won’t be able to remove it and you can use your scooter as normal.

When you are done, simply turn it off position and the key will then remove. Here is a quick idea of how you installed the key lock.

I would turn to the instructions for the model you purchased when ready for the installation.

  • Disconnect the batteries
  • Strip wire tips of key lock kit
  • Cut LCD wires (usually 6-7 bundled inside)
  • Strip tips of LCD wires
  • Connect black wire to black wire
  • Connect red wire to red wire
  • Connect green wire of lock to red wire of controller
  • Make sure to use heat shrink wrap or electric tape on the bare wires
  • Once complete use a wire wrap to cover all the wires
  • Add it to the handlebars and screw it tight

Here is a video to help you do a quality installation:

Electric Scooter Key FAQs

Does keeping the key in the off position lock the wheels on scooters?

No, having the key out of the vehicle will not lock the front or back wheel. It will keep the power from coming on. You will need to switch to the on position for the lights to come on and be ridable.

How to stop electric scooters from being stolen?

The best way is to use a gold standard chain lock with setting up the switch for the key lock. You can even add in u locks as they are similar and can offer some extra protection.

This does cost a good amount and you will need to do some wiring with the setup.

Do I start a scooter without a key?

Correct, scooters have a push-to-start button that will switch on the motor. They do not require an ignition system with keys though they can be added so the scooter is locked in the off position.

This may deter thieves but they could also still take the scooter and undo this aftermarket feature and have it running like the scooter was beforehand. Still, we think this is a great way to stop or slow them down with locking devices.

The harder you make it for the thief the less likely they will try and take it. They will just search for another one that is less secure to take.

What if I lose the key to the scooter?

When you purchase these aftermarket products, they give you a spare key. Check to see if you can find where you have put it.

If you can not find it, you will have to uninstall the modification. If you are already at a location, it is recommended not to use a scooter manually.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a much better idea of how electric scooters work. Keys for electric scooters may be in the near future as the demand for more power and features continues to rise for all customer products.

There are many benefits of scooters, such as a nice way to get around than using a car on public roads and being more environmentally friendly.

Please note, if you are interested, we do have our recommendations for the best e-scooters, of course without a key.

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